Friday, February 17, 2012

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Friday, February 3, 2012

# 66

I fell to the ground holding my neck, dammit , dammit, dammit she friggin bit me. How the hell could I get sucked into that poor little girl shtick. Damn you Leeya you bit me. I leaned back and aimed my gun at the top of her head. Anger was flowing through me so badly I wanted to squeeze the trigger and end her so much it burned. I fell for her and now I'm food for her , I should just take her head off. I aimed the gun and my hand started to shake, I pulled it down with my other hand. I can't give up on her, it wasn't Leeya that bit me it was the other version that did. If I squeeze the trigger I am no better than the "thing" that bit her. I couldn't give up it was my promise to her , in this world there wasn't much to hang on to or many people to either. My word was all that was left, if I kill her or let the "thing" inside of her win her over I will lose everything that I have left. Everything worth living for. I started to feel so depressed that I contemplated turning the gun on my damn self. Maybe that would be better, I wouldn't kill her I would take myself out of the equation. I thought a long time on it looking down the barrel. I can't say if it was a change of heart or chickening out, at this point it was a blur. I started to see double and then heard branches snapping behind me. I turned to look and the man in the blue robe was standing over me looking down. "I see the snake has bitten you! My friend you will have to see the darkness now before any chance of light". I looked back to Leeya and she was gone. I tried to find her but blacked out.

I started to come to with a buzzing in my ears, my head was hurting me so bad that I wanted to just put my hands on it and squeeze. I tried to pick up my hands but found out rather quickly they were tied to my sides outstretched. I started to open my eyes and it was so bright I had to squint for a minute and let my eyes get used to the brightness. When I finally got them somewhat adjusted I could see the man in the blue robe leaning over me with a huge spotlight beaming into my face. Behind him and the light I could see the silhouettes of people presumably tied in the same position as me. I could see they had themselves tied with their arms outstretched and legs as well and come to think of it I could feel my right leg like that too , my left leg I haven't felt for a while now. The man was leaned over next to my side and then I felt a sharp pain and yelled out. He got up and looked at me "Oh I see you have woken up, well then allow me to show you some of my work" he said in a very easy going voice. I said "what have you done to me? why am I tied up? where are my friends?" He smiled " Ah yes the rebels, no need to fret they will join you shortly, however whether or not your still alive to see them is entirely up to you now". I started to get confused "How is it up to me? you have me tied up what is it you want?" I asked in as nice a way as I could in my present predicament.

"Do you know where your girlfriend is? the half thing? do you know where she ran off to?" He asked in a very quizzical sort of way. "No we had fought just before you found me, I don't know where she went". He started a cocky laugh "Oh it is going to be a long night with those particular answers, tell me something? do you like pain?" He asked in a way that was obvious had no fair answer. "Well I am listening to you so ...yeah I must" I said and I almost regretting being such a smart ass as soon as it rolled off my lips. "I will test your bounds my good man, you will know after this session what you can and cannot handle, I will touch all of your thresholds and you will give me the answers I so desire" he said in a creepy , I know more than I want you to know sort of way. "Wait " I begged off for a moment trying to buy some time before the coming torture. "Why do you want her so bad whats the deal?" I asked in a half ass way of seeming like maybe I knew something I could make a deal with. "You know something?" he asked me in a strange way. " I think anything you say now is to save your own skin, and I don't want to hear lies. I think that the only way you'll be honest is if you believe me so let me show you what Father Whitecross has in store for you".

I heard the humming , buzzing sound again and then could now see what was making the noise. He had a large bone saw in his hand. Wait a damn minute what was he sawing when I woke up I thought. Then he leaned into my side again and started to saw at my ribs right through the skin. The pain was so intense I screamed an unholy hell of a scream and yet I felt it was too soft, and damn near passed out. He then leaned up and said to me "Now you see I can continue sawing at this one rib until i get to the heart of the matter or... I can stop." he said in such a calm manner it was almost like two pieces of footage pasted together. "Now I would rather keep going because the human anatomy has always interested me so, however if you wish me to stop a simple answer gets the machines shut off and the medication applied". I gasped for a breath and looked at the light once more. "Ill never give up on you baby" I whispered. The man leaned in and asked "What was that? are you telling me what I need to hear or what you need to say?" I leaned down to my chest as far as the ropes allowed then murmured again " Ill never give up on you baby". He said with a smile in his voice "We shall see how big your heart really is in a moment so don't say another word, I will let you have one request and it shall be done as for honor" the man looked at me and made sure I had him eye to eye. "What would you like for a last request? hmm? " I leaned over and said "give her my heart and go to hell". He turned the saw on and started to lean in, I felt sick to my stomach and just the light breeze from the saw next to the previous area he cut was more pain than my leg had ever been. I was thinking passing out was a good plan but didn't get the chance.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

# 65

We started out the doorway and headed down the hall with the desk we had already dealt with. I had Leeya leaning against me and with my leg and her it was all I could do to keep upright. Fish was leading us and I had faith he wouldn't lead us into a trap or group of bad folks. We reached the end of the hallway and Rusty peered out the doorway and could see it was clear. He turned to us and whispered his findings and we all got ready. "As soon as the door opens everyone run straight ahead fast and stay low, no looking back for anything just haul ass" Rusty had a good plan I just hoped it wouldn't be for nothing.

He opened the door and we all started running as fast as we could. The air was full of the scent of burning wood and the darkness in front of us had a strange glow from behind us that made shadows of us all as we ran to the trees. Despite what I heard from Rusty I managed to peek behind us while helping Leeya run. The building we were inside of was what appeared to be an old hunting lodge in the woods and just past it was a bonfire surrounded by people. I honestly wish I never looked back because in the crowd of people was a man in a long blue robe next to the fire with white long hair and a beard, and he was staring directly at us. I could hear him say something and then point, the entire crowd of people with him started running in our direction. "Move everyone we've been spotted" I yelled.

The rush into the tree line was quick yet once I could see the crowd after us I felt like we had our feet in molasses. I was running past the pain and Leeya was leaning so bad that I stopped and threw her over my shoulder caveman style and continued running. She was swinging around on my bag murmuring something but with my adrenaline screaming and my heart rate through the roof I wasn't able to decipher what it was. Rusty and Fish were what seemed like a mile ahead of me and Deb who was probably the fastest of all of us was out of my sight already Linda was just ahead of me and as much as I wished I could see how far behind us the group was I couldn't take another second to look with Leeya on me. My chest started to get heavy and my leg was in so much pain I could barely feel it , to the best of my knowledge I was going into a weird form of shock. I knew it was in bad shape but to go numb to the point of me feeling like I was running on a foot that was asleep was just brutal.

I could start to hear something behind us and it wasn't anything I was going to stop and check out. I kicked it into overdrive and started to haul even more ass. Behind me the trees limbs making cracking sounds and the snow and ice that was remaining over the leaves was making a crunching noise, I knew we were losing ground on the crowd behind us. I was starting to run out of steam and with all of my injuries and Leeya on my shoulder I knew we weren't going to be able to outrun them. I started to see a glow to the trees in front of me and it was a wake up call that they were even closer than I suspected. I started looking around while running and spotted an old tree that was rotted and leaning over quite a bit. I headed that was and darted behind it and collapsed to the ground and then put Leeya down on me so the leaning tree hid us. I watched in horror as a group of about twenty people with flames on torches ran past the tree and they were in full sprint. They were wearing next to nothing and appeared fine in the cold and snow it was very odd.

I wondered if the rest of the group I had lost view of would be able to get away or if they would start slowing down but I wasn't going to dare and move just yet.We waited a good half our and when I was sure no one was coming and the flames had long vanished I tried to wake Leeya. She was in rough shape the guys that had caught her worked her over pretty rough. I got her to come to a bit and she went right back to a kind of sleep if you will. I did my best to get her back on my shoulder and whispered to her " I'm not gonna give up on you" and I started to go in the direction heading to my left figuring behind me was the bonfire and in front of me was the group of people but to my left and right were unknown and to my best ability the left of me led to the area that we ditched the RV and the "things" were.

I started to get a bit of a sprint and the numbness in my leg was now heading to the hip and waist area. I also started to feel a sting in my neck and that was when I realized I was being bitten by Leeya. I stopped and put her down and she went into full attack mode on me. "Leeya what the hell you were biting me? Why would you bite me?" I asked her in a panic. She didn't even acknowledge me and started trying to jump on me and bite me again. "Baby this isn't kinky it's just bad , I don't want to hurt you" I pleaded but she continued to try and bite my and she was snapping like a dog trying to get the mailman. I leaned back and knocked her to the ground with a left hook and she started to cry. "Why did you hit me baby" she said while crying. I leaned down " I'm sorry Leeya you were biting me I didn't want to" I said and she turned and bit me on the neck hard. I hauled off and knocked her out. Dammit she bit me am I going to turn now?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

# 64

We started climbing up the hill and being about as quiet as a group of people running for their lives in the cold could be when they were all equally out of breath, Linda was having a full blown asthma attack it seemed and Deb was redder than an Irish man on St. Patricks day. I was hobbling up behind everyone with my leg leaving a nice bread crumb like trail of blood. Leeya was just in front of me and was walking up the hill with such a relaxed posture it appeared she had just joined the group. We were all completeley wasted physically and she looked like she just started walking. Rusty was at the top of the hill now ahead of all of us and Fish was right behind him. They both stopped and stared at something as if they were in shock, I could hardly wait to see what it could be. Leeya stopped moving and I bumped into her while staring at my footing climbing up. "What's the matter baby you tired already?" I said to her as I regained my footing. She didn't say anything and started moving backwards brushing against me in the other direction this time. "What are you doing?" I asked "were going this way!" She looked at me for a moment then right back at the top of the hill. I wheeled my head around to see what was at the top of the hill and watched as Rusty , Fish and the girls were putting their guns down and their hands in the air. What the hell was up there?

I turned to look to Leeya and caught her in full sprint mode going down the hill. "Baby where the hell are you going?" I asked loudly so she could hear. Then I felt a sharp pain in my back and the feeling like I was hit with a stray foul ball. "What the hell?" I said out loud. In front of me Leeya looked back to me for a second then mouthed the words "I'm sorry" and disappeared behind a tree. I tried to turn around and see what the hell hit me and got kicked right in the face. That was all I remembered until I woke up.

I started to come to and looked around me. My knee was hurting so bad now I was probably awakened by it. The only thing that hurt as bad was my back in the right kidney area where the baseball type of pain was that slowed me down. I started to try and rub my head and realized my hands were behind me tied to whatever I was leaning against. I started to take a better look around and get my bearings. In front of me was what looked like fencing , almost like a dog kennel at the pound and to my side was another area where I could see Fish and Rusty. Across from us in the makeshift hall were Deb and Linda. I asked " Is everyone OK?" Fish cleared his throat and said "Yeah but any idea where your girl ran off to?" I thought for a minute then just muttered "NO" and started trying to move my wrists. "It's no use man I been trying for an hour we got tied up in cables, you'll just end up cutting yourself." I tried a bit more until I started cutting myself, shoot Fish was right. Deb called out"Why are we here ?why are you doing this to us? what do you want?" Her questions were unnoticed and I could here people talking just out of the doorway next to my "pen' I was tied up in. We were captured by someone and why is a better question. I yelled out " What the hell is going on give us some answers you dumb son of a bitches" I figured subtlety was best. It worked too , at the end of the room in the doorway a man appeared. He was dressed like someone who raided a camouflage store and wanted to look like Rambo only he wasn't pulling it off.

"Why don't you degenerates shut the hell up before I start putting my foot in your asses one by one". I looked to him and said " Sorry no disrespect intended sir, I was trying to just get someones attention I...." The man cut me off and said "Shut the hell up, do you think I don't know what blowing smoke up my ass feels like? Well I do. You people are trespassing on our land in the middle of world war 3 and want us to honor your every request? I will say it like this and only once , The next time you get my attention I will take a chunk out of your ass and hand it to you got it?" I looked to Fish and he was shaking his head no, so was Rusty but I had to try something, sitting in here waiting for whatever this moron was trying to do was no plan at all. "So what your highly educated camo wearing ass is saying is if I get your attention even one more time  that you will come in here and attempt to make me impressed with your lack of physical ability to even make me notice you throwing a stiff breeze at me?"

The man headed instantly for my cage and started to fish out the key to the lock. While he was doing this I was still trying to get my hands untied and managed with a great degree of pain to myself and fear as my motivation to get my right hand out and as soon as I did that my left hand with what tied them together still around it slipped out from the fence links behind me. The man came in and spit on my foot then kicked me in the knee that was dark and wet with blood. I said in a pained voice "you lean down to me and so much as smile I will rip it off your face". He looked astonished and then removed his hat and leaned down and said "you mean like this dead man?" I leaned in as if I was going to kiss him and said " yes just like that dummy" I swung my hands from behind me and grabbed his ears then pulled them down to my uplifting knee giving him what I always referred to as a stop sign. The crack of his mouth on my knee hurt me as well as some of his teeth dug in. He fell back almost instantly and I leaned into the fence behind me to help me get up to my feet.

"Now what was it you were gonna do to me again? What was it deadman?" I said as I skulked over to him . He held his hand out in a wait or no movement but I buried my good leg steel toe boot first right into his groin while he had his other hand holding his mouth together. The sheer force of it made him gurgle and cough and then proceed to throw up. From the looks of it he was eating well in this little area we were trapped in. Fish said loudly "Holy crap man get the keys quick." I reached down and the man made some effort to stop me. I grabbed his hair and did a wrestling version of the "bulldog" and rammed his head face first into the concrete. Instantly the fight was over as the man stopped moving all together. He was either knocked out or dead, either way I won and had the keys and looky here a new gun too. I made my way to the cages of the girls and unlocked them then untied them and then they helped me with the guys.

"What happened while I was out?" I asked the group. "They searched us all and started to talk about testing something on us." Deb said to me, "I could hear everything real good from where they had me tied up so I heard a lot of the plan". I looked at everyone "what plan?" Linda looked at me " They want to inject us with something and have a zombie bite us to see if we become one or were fine". "Are you kidding me ? What the hell is this redneck science lab time?" We needed to get out of their and fast. Rusty said there were about thirty of them and that the place was set up like a military base. Only he had not seen anyone who looked military. His thought was they took this place over when the military ditched it. I took the gun and started to move slowly to the end of the hall where the doorway was the man came from. "Shhhhh everyone stay back and be silent" I whispered. We made it to the door jam and I could see that from one side it was the end of the hall with nothing to it, I peeked to the other side and could see someone at the table just to the side of our hall and they were reading something. I swung around the doorway and aimed the gun at the mans face. "Move and I will end you" I said sternly. "Hands where I can see them and real slow" I ordered as I signaled for the group to follow me.

We took the man and I had Fish and Rusty tie him back to back to the man i had beat down and then gag them both. We locked them in the pen and started making our way down the hallway to see if we could get out of here. Fish had the new gun from the guard at the desk and I was already feeling better about our situation. We got to the end of the hall and the only place to go was through the door in front of us. I did my usual lean into the door as I pulled it to control its movement as slow as possible. At the first crack of it being open I could feel the air hit me, it was outside and that was OK by me. I looked into the distance and could see two men heading this way and they were carrying Leeya. I shut the door and yelled "everyone back in you cells and act like you tied up fast". We all ran back and I went into the cell I was in that now housed the two men and took the beret and coat from the man we got at the desk. I turned them so the man I knocked out or killed was in the corner and then ran back to the desk and acted like I was the man we had grabbed and faced my back to the door the men would be coming in from.

I heard the door open behind me and the cold air blast in. The men came behind me and I could hear Leeya's feet dragging. "Hey Jim got the last one and boy is she a fighter." I nodded and kept my face down. They moved past me and I got up behind them and followed them inside. One man turned to open Debs cage and said "Hey why is this one unlocked Jim?" He turned as he asked and looked at my gun. "You boys put her down gently and get in that cage right there  after putting your guns on the floor using only your index finger and thumbs, fist one to disobey me gets to look like the big dude with Jimbo over there" I pointed to the cage I was in. The men did what I asked and everyone got up and came over to help tie and gag them. "You wont survive out there" one of the men said. "Father Whitecross will find you and then youll wish you were bitten". I looked at Fish and we both smirked " Father Whitecross will get you and give you a wedgie" Fish said mimicking the mans voice. I smiled and said "they make too much noise" and slapped the guy in the face with the gun. We got up and I said to everyone "We have to get out of here and fast and not look back, whatever this father crap is lets be gone before it gets to us". Rusty helped me get Leeya up who was sporting a blackeye and split over the bridge of her nose.

"Which one of you hit her" I said to the men that dragged Leeya in. One man with his eyes signaled the other one was the culprit. I said "OK it was you hey tough guy ? well hitting a woman is about as bad as you can get so here is my response" I leaned back and kicked him in the face so hard with my steel toes that his nose was into the back of his head. He started to wiggle and spaz out like he was seizing. "Lets go" I said and walked to the door way.