Thursday, February 2, 2012

# 65

We started out the doorway and headed down the hall with the desk we had already dealt with. I had Leeya leaning against me and with my leg and her it was all I could do to keep upright. Fish was leading us and I had faith he wouldn't lead us into a trap or group of bad folks. We reached the end of the hallway and Rusty peered out the doorway and could see it was clear. He turned to us and whispered his findings and we all got ready. "As soon as the door opens everyone run straight ahead fast and stay low, no looking back for anything just haul ass" Rusty had a good plan I just hoped it wouldn't be for nothing.

He opened the door and we all started running as fast as we could. The air was full of the scent of burning wood and the darkness in front of us had a strange glow from behind us that made shadows of us all as we ran to the trees. Despite what I heard from Rusty I managed to peek behind us while helping Leeya run. The building we were inside of was what appeared to be an old hunting lodge in the woods and just past it was a bonfire surrounded by people. I honestly wish I never looked back because in the crowd of people was a man in a long blue robe next to the fire with white long hair and a beard, and he was staring directly at us. I could hear him say something and then point, the entire crowd of people with him started running in our direction. "Move everyone we've been spotted" I yelled.

The rush into the tree line was quick yet once I could see the crowd after us I felt like we had our feet in molasses. I was running past the pain and Leeya was leaning so bad that I stopped and threw her over my shoulder caveman style and continued running. She was swinging around on my bag murmuring something but with my adrenaline screaming and my heart rate through the roof I wasn't able to decipher what it was. Rusty and Fish were what seemed like a mile ahead of me and Deb who was probably the fastest of all of us was out of my sight already Linda was just ahead of me and as much as I wished I could see how far behind us the group was I couldn't take another second to look with Leeya on me. My chest started to get heavy and my leg was in so much pain I could barely feel it , to the best of my knowledge I was going into a weird form of shock. I knew it was in bad shape but to go numb to the point of me feeling like I was running on a foot that was asleep was just brutal.

I could start to hear something behind us and it wasn't anything I was going to stop and check out. I kicked it into overdrive and started to haul even more ass. Behind me the trees limbs making cracking sounds and the snow and ice that was remaining over the leaves was making a crunching noise, I knew we were losing ground on the crowd behind us. I was starting to run out of steam and with all of my injuries and Leeya on my shoulder I knew we weren't going to be able to outrun them. I started to see a glow to the trees in front of me and it was a wake up call that they were even closer than I suspected. I started looking around while running and spotted an old tree that was rotted and leaning over quite a bit. I headed that was and darted behind it and collapsed to the ground and then put Leeya down on me so the leaning tree hid us. I watched in horror as a group of about twenty people with flames on torches ran past the tree and they were in full sprint. They were wearing next to nothing and appeared fine in the cold and snow it was very odd.

I wondered if the rest of the group I had lost view of would be able to get away or if they would start slowing down but I wasn't going to dare and move just yet.We waited a good half our and when I was sure no one was coming and the flames had long vanished I tried to wake Leeya. She was in rough shape the guys that had caught her worked her over pretty rough. I got her to come to a bit and she went right back to a kind of sleep if you will. I did my best to get her back on my shoulder and whispered to her " I'm not gonna give up on you" and I started to go in the direction heading to my left figuring behind me was the bonfire and in front of me was the group of people but to my left and right were unknown and to my best ability the left of me led to the area that we ditched the RV and the "things" were.

I started to get a bit of a sprint and the numbness in my leg was now heading to the hip and waist area. I also started to feel a sting in my neck and that was when I realized I was being bitten by Leeya. I stopped and put her down and she went into full attack mode on me. "Leeya what the hell you were biting me? Why would you bite me?" I asked her in a panic. She didn't even acknowledge me and started trying to jump on me and bite me again. "Baby this isn't kinky it's just bad , I don't want to hurt you" I pleaded but she continued to try and bite my and she was snapping like a dog trying to get the mailman. I leaned back and knocked her to the ground with a left hook and she started to cry. "Why did you hit me baby" she said while crying. I leaned down " I'm sorry Leeya you were biting me I didn't want to" I said and she turned and bit me on the neck hard. I hauled off and knocked her out. Dammit she bit me am I going to turn now?

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  1. Uh oh... that is NOT a good thing. And that running horde of a cult is kinda creepy.