Monday, January 2, 2012

# 41

"Bam, bam ,bam" A violent banging on the camper door awoken me. I was completely out of sorts and looked down at Leeya who was half covered in the bed clothes and covered in blood. I looked down at myself and I was covered in blood as well. "Vroommmm" the entire RV swayed at the sound of a passing truck. What the hell is going on I thought. I leaned over to see if Leeya was OK and as I turned her over on her back the banging of someone on the door was echoing in the RV again. As Leeya rolled over her throat was slashed and she had her eyes wide open. Her eyes were so fearful to what must have happened, I jumped and hopped out of the bed. "Open the door this is the state police" outside the door that was banging again. WTF I thought and as I headed dizzily to the door I spotted a large butchers knife and grabbed it. It was covered in blood and laying right next to the spot we had all the weapons hoarded, that were now missing. I sat down on the floor in front of the door that was banging and began to cry for poor Leeya.

The door burst open and a large State police officer had me on the floor while another ran into the back. "She's dead "was the response from him. The state police man over me put his knee into my neck as he cuffed me and said "your a real piece of work huh fella". I was disoriented and realized they thought I did it. "No , no , no I didn't do it who ever has the guns did this I just woke up". The statie dragged me out of the RV and into the cold where cars were rolling by us like a regular day. "Wait , wait ,wait what is going on ?" I asked. The police stuffed me into the cruiser and seat belted me in. What is happening? Why is everyone acting like everything is OK?

"Get up baby" I heard as Leeya woke me up. Thank the chickens that was a dream, and far too realistic. I looked at Leeya and gave her a big hard deep kiss like I had not seen her in years. She returned it and then said " are you OK sweety ?" I looked into her eyes and smiled and told her it was. No way was I going to tell her what was in my dreams. I got up quick after that and looked out the corner of the window just to make sure it was a dream. Then I looked at the floor to make sure the weapons were still there. I then sat down at the table and rubbed my head, what a frigging dream, I mean seriously. But what I did realize was this girl was growing on me big time. Something I had not planned on and that could be a huge disadvantage to survival. But she was on me alright and I had to admit it was nice to have someone who I feared losing.

I tried to regroup but I was shaken by the dream and sat until I had it all wash over me. I didn't want to falter in front of her not now , and not after yesterday. I had to be the rock here and that was one of the reasons I felt she was with me. She leaned over and handed me a short glass with what looked like whiskey in it. "Breakfast of champions " she said. And pointed to a fully stocked bar in the kitchen. "They must have had it set to roll the fridge was even full but not on so its gross". I smiled and downed the whole glass and asked for a double. She poured it but with a shaking hand and asked if I was OK. "Yeah I'm fine, just a long night was all." as I lied to her.

I got my bearings and then got behind the wheel and fired up the beast. Looking out the windows to make sure we were still in the world I went to sleep in I banged a U turn and headed back to the exit ramp we got on from last night. Leeya came over and started to rub my head and asked if everything was OK. I said fine or something to pass it off and she sat down in the booth of the kitchen. We took the exit and headed to the Hotel but I was wary this time of the crowd we ran into twice last night. I had my senses at full throttle looking for anything slightly off or any movement anywhere. We had an easy time of it and the roadways had the snow off the main parts, which had me relieved. The crowd followed tracks last night but now at around noon or whatever time it was they had no more tracks to follow. I hoped they would head towards Providence in search of better things but didn't rule out their chance of attacking in this direction. It was only weeks maybe a month since this all went down,why would they be trying to pirate stuff. Hell we walked into Dick's right next to where they were and it was full. Either they were lazy or lacked basic brains because they were a ragtag bunch of hoodlums.

Pulling the RV into the Hotel lot I made a B line for the back of it to get this RV out of the view of the roadway. I circled around back and parked right next to the car the group was using yesterday. A wave of relief came over me, if they are OK this could be all good now. Fish came out the back entrance and flashed a huge smile when he spotted me in the windshield, his smile would be even bigger when he sees what we came back with. Leeya opened the door and Fish gave her a hug and then me too. "Look what we brought" Leeya said to him. Fish's eyes got huge and so did his smirk. "Awesome you two this is awesome." We got a few more guys Brent and Bob to help carry everything in and I locked the RV up. " Next road trip we travel in style buddy" Brent said with a smile.

Me and Leeya made our way inside and it was hugs , smiles and pats on the back from everyone. Finally Fish asked what we found in Providence and Leeya sat down . "It was all bad man, all bad" I said in a solemn tone. Then I put my hand on Leeya and she buried her face into my ribs. Rusty tried to break the mood by saying " Well looky what we got yesterday". He rolled out two of the carts used for room service full of food and then said they had a ton of stuff and they even picked up beers and some hard stuff. I was shocked and then asked how they had made out. They told us it was basically easy to get all this the local market wasn't raided badly and they grabbed everything they could that wouldn't spoil. After they drove by a package store and said why not and doubled back and raided that as well. Rusty proudly proclaimed "They are all out of beer now". Fred hooked them up with some dry ice in the back for power outages and they stuffed a full keg in it.

Leeya got up wiped her eyes and said " It was New Year a few days ago lets have a party and fun for a change." I smiled thinking that was the best idea I had heard in a while and Fred and Unice even liked it. Bob said "OK everyone bathing suits on be back in twenty minutes and the party is on." As everyone headed to the rooms I leaned to Fish and told him to meet me in my room to talk he headed with me and I told him about the group we ran into twice and he understood. We would have to keep guns at the ready and around the pool for ease of grabbing and not tell the rest or it would be panic. Me and Leeya got suited up and headed out and she whispered " I hope you can keep up with me". I nodded yes , girls drink shots I drink beer I will be fine she will be holding her hair back I thought. We got to the pool and it was a great afternoon of drinking eating acting like fools and being silly. It was a day we all needed and a day we would not forget. A mini beach vacation dream, just what I wanted.

We ate too much , and drank too much, but we relaxed and had fun in each others company a much needed thing to get everyone trusting each other like a team. Leeya had come around a bit but every so often she got this serious look on her face that worried me. Jenn was getting playful with Rusty I noticed and Fish was making moved on Linda to no avail. Fred was happy as a clam with a bloody Mary we made him and Unice was on straight beer with the tap right next to her. She was out drinking me, and most of the other guys. The food wasn't amazing but delicious just the same , we had spam with tuna mixed with a hot sauce and some crackers. Another table had chips, salsa, and cheese twists, and at the end was cake, cookies and cupcakes. It wasn't fancy but it was more food than any of us had seen in a while at once and it was going down good. We partied well into the darkness letting the pool lights be our only light towards the end. Leeya and me got cozy in the corner of the pool and Rusty took off with Jenn. The next day would be a tough one when I made a play to go see how my brother made out. I know people had an oasis here and I wouldn't argue if they wanted to stay, but I had to go and see, like Leeya yesterday and until I knew I felt guilty not trying to go and help.


  1. Good to have some time to relax and enjoy a celebration. I am sure it won't last long!

  2. dreams in this one show how they can be good and bad