Friday, January 27, 2012

# 61

We were in a room that was safe and yet I felt trapped with them waiting patiently for someone to materialize in a hallway  on one of the floors. I knew it wouldn't be us and they better have some time on their hands if they want to wait us out. I had hoped they would be looking in the woods if they thought we had actually gotten off the roof. I still had to wonder what they had seemingly been waiting for at the pool. They acted like they were in wait for something but what? Was whatever they had been waiting for sitting in the room with them? What or who could it be? Why even wait? The questions were in my head right along side the questions like how the hell did this all happen and so damn fast? And why did it seem like no one was running or trying to escape? None of this made any sense. I wanted someone on a radio or television to just appear and hand me the information like CNN always did so badly. Maybe a newspaper that stated what happened just before the lights went out everywhere.

There were no answers and being just a regular guy I had no idea where to go to get any. I remember movies with this type of situation where they go to military bases, but they always ended badly. I also remembered people running to the CDC and having the same end, a bad one. I wondered if going to the state capital building or city hall would be anything of consequence. Where do you go when nothing is left? The military was straight sticking people like me and Fish in the line of fire, I still don't know if they were running out of men or if they were running out of options. Fish, Fish, I wonder where he is right now? The note in the room said be back in a while does that mean that Fish and the rest of the gang could come rolling in here any minute and be ambushed? If these guys are looking for a girl Fish will have three of them with him and Rusty, and that wouldn't be good. I was making myself ill with all of these thoughts. I should just stop thinking and start reacting , but that keeps getting me shot.

Leeya found some food in the cupboards and we were having a feast of a can of tuna a tube of pringles and a pack of hostess mini muffins. I know your thinking that thanksgiving came early but it was what we had on hand. We were at the table when I heard someone walking down the hallway outside the door/painting. Leeya stopped chewing her food and slowly put her hand down to grab at the gun next to her. I put down the water and listened carefully. I got up and slowly and I mean slowly moved to the floor in front of the T.V. and switched it from one channel to another until I found the camera in the hall in front of us to the side a bit. A man with a rocket launcher type of hand cannon was standing in the doorway to the gym next to us staring at it for a moment. Then he slowly walked past the painting and over to the room after us and stood there looking into it as well. I nodded to Leeya and she nodded back, go time was about to happen, we had a fellow here who did some math.

He looked at the wall and I was pretty sure he deduced that the space between one room and another left a pretty big gap for nothing to be in between them. I watched him raise his gun to the wall of the room next door to us. I grabbed Leeya and tugged her with me to the floor then ripped the mattress over us. "BOOM" the explosion was so loud I thought I lost my hearing for a second. Something extremely heavy landed on the mattress pinning us to the floor. Leeya looked to me and with my finger signaled the shh sign. I heard the man walk into the room and look around and I patiently waited. I saw just the hand cannon on him so maybe he had a hand gun on him somewhere to but I needed to know where he was before I so much as flinched. I heard his feet crunching through the rubble as he headed to the bathroom. A loud crumble and crash was to the front of me and I imagined it was chunks of the wall falling. I used the sound to hide the sound of me moving a bit as I got my gun ready. I peered around the edge of the mattress and to his eyes we must have looked like simple rubble. I could see his back looking in the closet now next to the T.V. and he reached for a two way in his pocket. "All clear here I found a room but it's empty". Some static and then a broken up " O.K. we will prepare to make off then." Odd way to say that I thought are they foreigners?

The man walked to the door that was the painting from the side we were on and stopped. He waited a second and then picked up the radio again "Second thought someone is here the safety latch is on from inside". And I hung my head for a second "dammit we had it locked from inside". He turned slowly and said aloud " I know someone is in here somewhere. If i have to get you I will get you"all cockily. I told Leeya to stay put and started to get up. He drew his gun on me almost immediately. He was about seven feet tall and built like a wrestler. I was pretty sure it was going to end badly here for one of us. He smiled and said"You alone?" I nodded yes and he laughed shortly and said "I guess my guys imagined a girl with you huh? Looks like I have to kill you slowly to get some answers". I looked past him like someone was behind him and acted like I was signaling with my eyes. He turned quick and I slipped out from the back of my belt my sawed off shotgun. He turned back and I dropped to my knee and fired hitting him in the throat and chin. For once I had a good line and kept it he went over shooting into the wall behind me.

Leeya climbed out from under the mattress and I reached down to help her get up and we dusted each other off. We walked over to the hulking man that was fighting for air and the ability to swallow. I summoned my best Clint Eastwood line and aimed my gun at his face "Why don't you lay there and bleed a while , before you get up and taste some real pain". Leeya looked at me in shock at the line, but I was always good at quotes. He gasped a few more times and I pulled his gun off the floor next to him, as well as the hand cannon. I grabbed another missile from his mini duffel bag he had and loaded it. Leeya leaned over and took aim spitting on his face and making me smile , what can I say it was cooler than my line I thought. We waited and eventually he stopped trying to breath and went still. I grabbed his two way which was constantly being clicked with questions like "should we come up" and "did you get them" but never a hint they had the cameras working. I looked at Leeya and smiled "they cant see from that room they are in". She smiled back and we headed to the stairwell. We went to the first floor and slipped out into the hallway.

I told Leeya that I was going to go room by room down the hall and get close to them with the hand cannon and she said she would be one step behind me. I looked down the hall and then ran over to the small two foot section of privacy wall between room doorways. Leeya peeked out and followed. One room at a time we would dart into rooms that had doors open or behind the privacy walls between them. We were close enough now where we could hear them talking in the hall now, we were about one room away. I placed the two way inside the room we were about to leave and turned it back on full blast and we darted to the room diagonal from it. We made our way to the room across from theirs, if they hadn't kept the door half closed they could have seen us. I waited and then heard it, they said on the two way "Cm on are you OK where are you?" The door started to open as the men heard the two way down the hall and one of them was standing in the door looking down the hall. He glanced in the room we were in for just a moment and could see his final act. It was me with the hand cannon aimed at his doorway. He barely had a second to digest the information his eyes were giving him "Lookout guys" he shrieked.

I squeezed the trigger and watched the man , doorway, and room become a plume of smoke and fire. Leeya ducked down and we instantly were covered in debris again. " That is one bitching gun" I said. Leeya said "Hells yeah" We got up and with my gun drawn headed into the room we removed from the directory. Bodies were everywhere and a few guns, amazing what that gun just did. I counted nine bodies so apparently when we were asleep more people came. The carnage was astounding and I felt a little bad in a small sort of way for doing it this way and not giving these people a fighting chance. It was short lived however as they were looking to kill me and do god knows what with Leeya. The damage to the bodies was even worse, chunks of people missing, and I mean chunks. In the corner I could hear movement and Leeya was on top of it in a heart beat. A guy maybe 20 years old sitting in the corner when the cannon went into the room was now sitting on the floor with no legs or right arm. He was just struggling to move and looked in shock staring at his lack of legs. Leeya aimed her gun at him and asked "Is this all of you?" The man nodded no and mouthed the words "many more coming". Leeya said "Good I haven't killed enough assholes today", and shot him in the head. She put her gun in her belt line and walked away cold like a real warrior, I was impressed.

 Then we heard something out near the RV. I moved to the doorway of the room and peeked around the corner to the hallway. "Hey you guys come back?" A familiar voice called out. We got this issue resolved just in time I thought. Me and Leeya headed down the hallway to the opening to the lobby. Rusty was walking into the Hotel and stopped , dropping the bag he had with him. I thought at first it was because of the pool in front of us with Brent floating in it or the dust and debris coming from the hall we were standing in that made him stop but it was something else that I wasn't even noticing any more. He pulled a gun out and yelled to me "Get down I got her" aiming at Leeya. I moved in front of her "No man shes fine trust me" I said realizing he had not seen her like this yet. Matter of fact I would have done the same thing in his shoes, she did look like a thing a little bit . Leeya looked at Rusty and said "Put that thing away before I get mad". Rusty looked at us confused and slowly put the gun down. "She can talk? " He asked confusingly.

Fish came in behind him with Linda, Deb and Jenn behind him. "You guys are back, I wish you would have stayed Brent freaked again and we had to pollute the pool with him. Lee do you need to do some tanning?" Fish said without missing a beat. I looked at everyone and told them about Fred and Unice and about Leeya and the bite and also about the festivities that had just gone down before they had gotten there. Rusty ran past us to check thinking we had lied to him. "Holy crap man they ain't lying" He said in a weird southern almost accent. Fish looked at me and said " This place is wide open and now under attacks, what do we do now boss". I looked at everyone and I was guessing that Fish was out of plans and I was being stuck in leadership again. "Well one of the guys just before he died had told us there were many more men and they were on their way here so grab whatever you can blankets , clothing, and food and get to the RV, we gotta move and move fast".

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  1. Wow - Talk about violence! LOL Carnage abounds in this installment! And big changes appear on the horizon.