Friday, January 6, 2012

# 52

We were on the road and everything was looking up, we had a safe vehicle. We had some food , water , and beer. And we had each other life was good. The road was somewhat clear and still I couldn't figure out why no one was trying to run, where were the cars? where were the mass exodus of people running for their lives? I had to figure it was so fast no one could get an escape together. How the hell could it be so fast. Me and Leeya talked at great lengths about this. What did we eat or drink before it happened. Where were we, what did we do before it all went down. Neither of us had anything in common except for one thing. Right before it had happened I was drinking my fourth coffee, and Leeya said that the night it went down her and the crew she was with when me and Fish found them had been out partying all night and at one point wanted to keep going and popped a bunch of gas station caffeine pills. Could a large dose of caffeine have actually saved all of us? Not logical I thought but what was logical now?

We tried to make sense of it , how fast it came and how quickly everyone seemed effected. If it was caffeine it could explain why my brother left, he drank more coffee than even me. Caffeine stops the trigger chemo stops the effects from a bite , it almost seemed like a virus or infection. I wish we would have figured this out sooner to see if Fish had coffee or caffeine. Thinking about it Fred would have been drinking coffee at the hospital to stay awake while his wife was being treated and she had the chemo and was safe. Could it be something that was air bound? Or in the water? I wanted answers so badly but I was never a book smart sort of guy. Leeya took over driving a while so I could straighten my leg out a bit on the couch and rest. She pulled out her backpack and started putting Cd's in the radio and listening to some weird club music that I couldn't deal with. I leaned back and closed my eyes and started slipping into the dream again, a beach , feet in the sand, waves crashing down.

Leeya woke me up a while after, I have no idea how long it was but she said it was getting dark and wanted to know what we should do for the night. I checked her gas gauge and it was low so I figured we should stop on the next exit for gas and go from there, the one issue we had was the next exit was 23 miles away. We were in the one area of 95 where the exits were spread out. We were going to have to spend the night on the highway. It had been done before but not knowing the area well it was a tough gauge on where to stop. We rolled a ways more where it seemed there were no cars broken or abandoned and shut it down. I locked all the doors and we got some guns at the ready and lay them out all over the RV near every window and door. If something was going to come we would be ready and waiting. We had some food fast while we had light still and we kept noise to a minimum. The bad had a lot of blankets and it was considerably warmer where we were already. As the night rolled in me and Leeya headed to bed and sat a while listening to the night and holding each other. I was more curious but they way she was curling into me had me thinking she was scared of the dark.

The night was quiet for the most part we heard some things but most were things being blown around I had figured. I never heard what seemed like footsteps or heard anything that would drive or anyone. But I kept thinking of the runner. That freaky 'thing" that was different than the rest it ran to us. It was something that stopped me from falling asleep for quite a while. Leeya held out for a while but in the end she was out like a light. I continued thinking about the runner. Fast "things" were just a freak thought to me. Terrifying I thought to be running into the things and have one running fast , how do you get away? We had seen a few of them in Providence but most of them never actually saw us and from what I could remember I never had a lot of experience with them in big areas to see if they could run. Crap what if they all could run when they needed to?

I finally was whisked away to dream land with that beach but it was a darker dream this time. The blue water I dreamt of rolling in with big crashing waved was now black. The sand I imagined between my toes was now blood and the happy people all around me were now undead. The worst part I thought was that the dream seemed to never end, much like our lives now. I woke to a terrible noise and looked around but it was dark and quiet, Leeya was sleeping next to me and soundly. I sat up for a while thinking that couldn't have been in my head could it ? I waited and waited but nothing. I laid back down on the bed and settled back in, maybe that was part of the dream I thought. I started to get cozy with Leeya and was falling asleep again when I heard it and it seemed to shake the whole damn RV. "BOOM" Leeya woke up this time and said in a half asleep voice " what was that?" I got up as fast as my body would allow and went to a window and peeked through the blinds. Nothing here , one by one I checked the windows and nothing was anywhere. "BOOM" again "what is that" Leeya said worried. I grabbed a gun and leaned to the windshield but stayed far enough back to not be seen if something was out there. "BOOM" I could see it that time.

Off in the distance was a huge industrial type building and it was on fire now , the last explosion caught something. "It's some building blowing up about two miles to our northeast"I said. I kept my eyes on it making sure it wasn't the type of building you need to be clear of, but it looked more like a processing plant for a gravel company. I thought for a minute, why would that explode? Those type of things when they aren't running are not prone to nuclear meltdowns its all belts and pulleys and crushers. I stayed for a while watching it burn , another night with more questions than answers. I stayed up for a good two hours watching it burn down and making sure there was no night walking things around. I eventually joined her in dream land again and the rest of the night was off without a hitch. I awoke or so I thought to the dream again, or nightmare I should say of me waking up with Leeya dead by police and the world was fine. I hated that dream and it seemed like whenever we slept on the highway I had the darn thing.

I woke Leeya up and we both got cleaned up and dressed she helped me again with the bandages and she was starting to worry about the knee. The bandage came off with a bit of effort to remove it and the wound was so bad it was hard to tell where the bullet actually went in. Fish did a number on the knee trying to dig the bullet out and I had Leeya get the peroxide for me. She put a towel under my leg and I poured it on.There are few things in this world that feel that bad and let me say I have felt them all lately. The entire wound started foaming like ginger ale in a glass poured too fast so I poured some more. It continued foaming I emptied a whole bottle on it and then had Leeya put some antiseptic spray on it and wrap it. I was wanting to yell or scream but I held it in. After I got up and we started out the new day heading for the next exit and some gas hopefully.

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  1. Way more questions than answers and that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon!