Friday, January 20, 2012

# 55

The old Leeya gave me a small spark of what she was like but it was the new version that had me worried. She was sleeping behind me while I started back onto the highway and she was thrashing around, much different then the sleeping Leeya on the ride down. I must have looked in the back over a dozen times every minute or two just to see what was going on. It was like a linebacker was trying to break through the side of the RV. Each time I was greeted to a visual of her rolling back and forth almost fighting the bed to be able to stay asleep. The other reason I wasn't even fooling myself as to why I checked so much was that I couldn't trust her sleeping behind making so much noise. In the back of my head I kept on thinking that she was turning into a monster right behind me and that she would be attacking me at any minute. Had I known then what i know now I wouldn't be so scared of her but what can you do? I was nervous about the whole situation and wondered if Fred at the Hotel had been hiding these little snip its of information from us and that Unice was just as bad or maybe even worse.

The highway was as clear as it was when we headed this way on the way down. We were driving in the wrong direction and for good reason the lanes on this side were clear on the ride down and I wasn't going to find out the side I could randomly not see through the center of the highway was blocked anywhere. I hoped that when we hit the section in the highway that was blocked I could jump back on the side road like last time and scoot through and be on my merry way. About a half hour of driving later and about five hundred spot checks of Leeya later I was well into the state and ran into the obstruction but this time I was past any exit ramps when it came into view. I looked to the median and it was too deep of a ditch to roll the RV through and had to either get out and walk around , abandoning the RV or I would be turning around and heading back to the last exit ramp. Since Leeya was asleep and the RV was such a feather in my cap at this point I started to back up. The RV was a fully loaded beast and through a monitor on the dashboard I could see where I was backing up to. It made it fairly easy to back up but I still had to check over my shoulder in case my paranoia wasn't made up and I was about to be eaten.

A few miles in reverse looking at a 6 inch monitor can make anyone a bit unhinged and I was getting there fast. I continually thought I saw something behind a car or near a tree and would slow down and stare into the monitor and end up seeing nothing but my own nervous reflection off the screen. I brought the RV to a stop and went to the back of the beast to grab the bottle of scotch that was in the cupboard. I didn't even bother looking for a glass as I sat back down and started to back up again taking swigs off the bottle and starting to try and loosen up. The rustling behind me was getting out of hand and half the time I would check the monitor again thinking I had just backed into something only to find that it was the noise of Leeya having an out of body experience in the bed while "sleeping". The RV was almost to the exit behind me when I heard something in front of me. I looked out the windshield which I had been completely ignoring while backing up and saw two of the "things" coming after the RV, only they were running like track stars looking to hand off the baton.

I gasped for a moment and said out loud "OOOOO CRAP!" After which I slammed down the pedal making the RV lurch and started looking at the monitor the things in front of me and Leeya. It was a whirlwind of a three way view but I didn't want anything to surprise me and so far I was being complete crap at it. The things that were running almost as fast as humanly possible only inhuman were right up to the front of the RV and I was seriously wondering what my options were here. If I see the exit and stop to take it they will be all over us and if I pass it they will just chase us as far as I go. I could see the exit coming in the distance on the monitor which meant it was a lot closer than it looked. I looked back at Leeya who was still thrashing but had slowed down a bit and then did the only thing I had in my head. I slammed on the brakes. The things came at me and were completely caught off guard as the rammed into the front of the RV. I waited till it had come to a stop and then rammed the shifter in D and stomped on the gas. The RV jumped at this and the two things that had ran after us were instantly trying to get to their feet as I ran them down. As I passed over them I caught them in the monitor still moving, they just never stop going do they?

At the bottom of the exit I turned to get on the side road and we headed down the familiar road away from the highway as I hoped we had better luck in this portion of the trip. The fuel gauge was still doing somewhat well and we were getting a pretty good amount of traveling done. I knew that once it was dark and with me and Brent's relationship or lack of as well as Leeya's current condition we would not want any attempt to roll in until at least daylight. The night time was slowly closing in and I was trying to think of a place for the RV to spend the night. So far the highway was the best place but out here I knew a few places that were off the beaten path and had room for us as well as a bit of protection. I rolled to the next on ramp and headed by it and through a small gate at the side of the road busting through it and into the lot on the other side. It was an old junkyard that was abandoned by the family that had inherited it when the old man who spent a lifetime filling it with oddities had passed away. It was a bit of a legendary place out here as most people could see it from the side road but not a lot of people knew the story behind it. My career paths had led me many times into it and the old mans graces before his passing so I knew a bit about it as well as the Quonset hut he had in the back that the RV would fit into and be hidden.

I drove through the lot as quick as I could dodging everything from a small child's unicycle to a complete Mustang Mach 1 from the 70's that all had been there for decades rotting away. I thought back in the day the tow truck was tough to maneuver in and out of here with but with the RV it was a whole new world of pain. I made it to the Quonset hut and nosed the RV in. It barely made it inside while it scraped the side the awning hung off of, glad I didn't pay for it. It was nice because it was so tight that you couldn't get to the door or front once I had it nosed it. That meant we were safe from anything trying to get in over night and I liked that. I sat back in my seat and took a long chug off the bottle of scotch and thought what a day indeed. Then a cold hand grabbed the side of my neck gently and an even colder almost ice like pair of lips kissed the opposite side of my neck. "Are we back yet baby ?" Leeya inquired. I said "No we have to crash here tonight before it gets to dark we can make it back tomorrow." She gave me an odd smirk that I think was a smile and the did a "Stagger like I am trying to be sexy" limp back to the bed. "C'mere sweetie" she purred. I got up "Nut up or shut up" Woody Harrelson said in my ear from Zombieland. I got up and staggered to the back as well. Heck it can't be much worse can it?

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  1. Let's hope it can't get worse! Wondering if she is getting better or worse, herself!