Friday, January 27, 2012

# 60

We sat and waited , Leeya had her eyes glued to the television. She was staring intently. I am not sure if she was nervous of being found or if she was waiting to get a chance to fight , she had me completely confused. Usually she was an easy read, but now it was harder almost like a poker face. Great Lady Gaga in my head just what I need now, there was something that could have stayed dead with the old world. The group of men that had arrived were searching but the actions as they searched , the little things like body language and order of things they looked at made me think they weren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. All the people we had lost , scholars, scientists, leaders, and these dumb asses had to make it. They would walk by something ten times then finally check it and only half ass check it. I watched thinking "wow if he had hid there we would be fine right now" they just continued their assault on the dumbest things. They punched walls and kicked beds, I was well aware that injuries and infections can kill you in this world without hospitals, these dummies were looking to injure themselves on purpose.

Finally they made it to the staircase and although the Hotel had a security camera aimed up from the fourth floor it was so dark the only thing I could see on the monitor was a crack of daylight that the brick made available as it held the door open. Leeya looked at me with a certain calmness and relaxingly said "They are coming ". It was odd to see her seem so mellow but she was definitely having her troubles. She was starting to scratch at her arms an awful lot as well and they bared the signs of it. I looked around the room for anything that could be used as a weapon in case of full scale war if the guns became ammo less. I could use the shotgun like a bat but otherwise we were out of weapons at that point. I counted seven guys if it comes down to it I could maybe handle two but that would mean we clipped five and if not that is three and no one, I mean no one was getting to Leeya.

In the small bathroom that was attached to the room we were in was a shelving unit that was standing over the toilet. It was made of steel and was quite sturdy for a bathroom storage unit. I started breaking it apart as quickly and quietly as I could and ended up with two six foot long metal pipes that were the main supports for the unit. I threw them on the bed behind Leeya and started making sure we were fully loaded and ready to rock and roll when the time came, if at all. Leeya said in almost a whisper " They are in the exercise room next door if they see it like you did they will be here soon". I looked with her at the television and whispered "maybe not these guy are sloppy , they could come back to the painting at anytime, they are morons tho".

The men were throwing down exercise bike's and kicking over treadmill's. It was almost comical to watch , like we were hiding behind them. They really were dumb, tiring themselves out trashing every room they went to and to top it off when they had an idea where we were hiding they left to get more guys and just waited. With a gun in his lap the genius who was left to watch the closet never thought we could harm him. These guys were priceless, and even tho Leeya waited with almost anticipation for them to find us I had it already figured these men weren't sharp enough to. They continued the assault on anything that was stationary and useless the entire time we watched on. Leeya was starting to harden again somewhat and I wondered what was going through that head of hers.

I want to say they found it and we had an epic battle with me and Leeya killing them all and walking out the Hotel's front door unscathed but it wasn't the way things went down. They searched high and low and then moved on to the rooftop and from what I could gather must have thought we went up there and escaped some how. They were up there for an awful long time. Probably trying to figure out how we got off that roof. I know one thing , seven men went onto the roof and only six came off. They pulled the brick when they left the roof, which meant they thought we could still be up there hiding or something and locked us outside. Not only that it also meant the seventh man wasn't up there waiting to surprise us. I didn't know if he jumped, was pushed, or slipped off the roof. Maybe he even found some weird way off the damn thing and was trying to somehow track the roof escapee's they thought we were. Whatever happened up there only those six men and number seven know about, I just know we were down to six and they were heading back to floor number three.

They spent an awful lot of time on floor three and I assumed they thought after floor four they didn't check it thoroughly but they were on it for a good hour. Leeya had gotten some water out of the fridge and was sitting on the edge of the bed sipping it while eating crackers from the nightstand. When your this hungry you don't even question food you find in a nightstand  you just eat. I was actually grateful she was chewing on food and not a corpse for once. The thought of what she had done in the pool still lingered in my head and I was hoping she would bring it up so I wouldn't have to. If she was the softer Leeya she would make the conversation easy , if she was the harder Leeya she would make me feel like an ass for even mentioning it. Maybe even take a bite out of my damn arm who knows? I did know she was pretty hardcore when she was bitchy and that was what I was feeling out for before the pool incident made it's way into the conversation.

Eventually she passed out, either due to the lack of activity anywhere near us or the fact that she was sleeping a lot and hadn't in a bit. I was tired myself as well but managed to stay awake as long as it took. I dreaded the men finding us let alone the thought of it being while we both were sound asleep. I finally submitted to the sleep demons when i could see the men taking slumber at the side of the pool on the lounge chairs. They had dragged out blankets from the rooms and pillow and were having a miniature hoodlum slumber party down there. It almost seemed to me that they were waiting for something, or someone the way they refused to leave. I started to wonder if the RV still being parked there was why. Maybe they figured if we had escaped we would have took off in it and because it was there we must be too? It was hard to figure what they were thinking they seemed brainless enough. I also noticed the seventh man never reappeared and had to assume he was no longer among us. I curled up next to Leeya and closed my eyes hoping for at least a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Feet on a beach , toes in the sand. Umbrella overhead and a cocktail on the side of me. In the distance I could see someone wind surfing. A cruise ship off even farther in the distance , wow it was like some sort of postcard. I felt the warm breeze across my face and the waves crashing in to the shore , but mostly rolling in. Behind me I could hear someone playing a reggae tune on a radio. People randomly laughing as they talked somewhere off in the distance behind me, ahhh I miss the simpleness of life before all the B/S. The dream sure was a nice break. Funny how when you dream now it's of some huge adventure and when your in the adventure the dream is the simple life. I guess the grass is always greener.

Me and Leeya slept for a good solid three hours and it was well deserved. When I awoke the men were no longer in the pool area and after careful scanning I could not find them anywhere. I looked at every floor and every room the camera's could peek into but saw nothing. In the back of my mind I smelled a trap, almost a set up like they were in one of the rooms waiting for us to come waltzing by. I needed hard proof they were gone before we gave up our little "panic room" we had here. I moved over to the small vent that looked like it was for an air conditioning system and peered through the slots to see if there was anything outside that would give me a clue to their whereabouts. All I could see out this side of the Hotel was tree's and woods. Leeya started to move around and when she came over to me I explained the situation. She looked down at the monitor and started staring intently while switching from one camera to another.

"They are in that room right there "she stated emphatically. I looked at the T.V. and saw nothing but the room's half open doorway. "How do you know from that?" I asked. She pointed to the T.V. in the room that was one of the old big back style T.V.'s "You can see their reflection on the T.V. screen if you look closely, their on the bed see?" Wow she was right i don't know how she caught that but she was right but the worst part was that they were in the room next to the office, and probably had the other T.V in the backroom and were watching the same monitors we were. They were looking now too. I panicked for a second and looked around. They don't have one in here do they? Looking around the entire room I got the answer I wanted , No they didn't this room was safe in so many way's but one. It was too far up , we were stuck on the top floor.

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  1. Quite the buildup of suspense! Can't wait to read what happens next.