Monday, January 30, 2012

# 63

The idea of going back to the RV was tempting but not a solution. Windows had been blown out of it and we were in the middle of no where here with a few miles to go in either direction. Each side of the highway was wood lined and no matter what I thought of running into the woods, not knowing what was in the woods was stopping me from heading in that direction. "Back to the RV everyone!" I yelled to the group and we all started to run back to the motor home. I trailed behind the crowd and and had my eyes and gun aimed at the oncoming demons. We had a huge head start and would make it back no problem but I wasn't going to take any chances. We got to the RV and I climbed in behind the wheel. I flipped the dual tank switch and turned it over a few times. It finally caught and the gauge read almost empty. I figured it ran out on one tank but never on the other so maybe it can go far enough to not leave us in hell.

Throwing it in gear it started to chug along, and we started moving to the crowd of "things". I bared down on the wheel and buried the pedal accelerating into the small group. The "things" did what they always do and ran right into the front of the RV trying to get at the people inside. The thud and bang were stomach churning but necessary. I looked over to each side checking the mirrors and could see the beasts trying to get to their feet and turn to come after us. Leeya was standing to the back of me holding on to the CB above my head for balance. I glanced at her for a quick second and she looked back with a glimmer of her old self. I was suddenly in the RV with just her and we were on our way to a southern plane. It was a nice moment but the thudding in the front of the RV made me turn back to the roadway. My eyes widened when I looked ahead of the RV. Hundreds if not a thousand of the "things" everywhere you looked and an airplane,  a large one like a 747 broken apart across the highway. It must have brought them all out to feed with the noise of the impact whenever that was. I yelled out to everyone "Hang on it's about to get real bumpy!" I shoved the throttle down and started cutting through the massive crowd.

 I continued through the group and at first it was smiling each time I made eye contact with one of the "things" and then ran it down but a funny thing started to happen. The more I ran them down the more the sound and feeling of the RV rolling over them made my stomach turn. I was thinking one of these "things" was in the same boat as Leeya. Would I run her down this easily, do any of them deserve this? Then I started to think about all of the people who have been killed , bitten, or eaten by them. Memories of my mothers house went through my mind, and then memories of Leeya biting Brent a few times did as well. I started to wonder if Leeya was Leeya at all or if the "thing" she looked like was using parts of what she was and who she was to fool me, and all of us. What if Leeya really was gone and the chemo I had given her only kept part of her alive for it to use and I hadn't really saved her at all. I had only cursed her with a life of being half trapped in the hell of the "thing" and not being able to be free to move on to whatever was next , if anything. I was never much of a religious man but with everything that was happening in the world it was hard to think "god only gives you what you can handle". If that were true the world was pretty weak.

"Thump, Thump, Thump", the bodies across the front end of the RV went flying as I continued through them. I felt an ice cold pair of lips on my neck as Leeya reached down and kissed me and then whispered in my ear, "Kill them all baby , kill them all". I smirked and kept on trucking through the crowd more and more of the thudding started to roll off me like water on a duck's ass. You can push yourself through a lot in this world when you have a woman behind you, even if shes only half alive. The RV started to surge a bit and I realized we were going to run out again but this time in the middle of a crowd of the things. I cut the wheel to the RV sending everyone in the back flying around and shot into the woods towards the side road we were almost to the exit for. "Were going to either run out or get stuck in here so get ready with the guns and legs, we need to run and start shooting!" I yelled to the back. The RV was chugging when I hit the water run off culvert and it sent us airborne for what can only be said is way too long for an RV of this size. We crashed down so hard I thought I may have broken my tailbone and the RV pummeled through a large grouping of trees before getting hung up on the last few.

"Everyone get you stuff and run come one quickly their on their way" I yelled as I got Leeya back to her feet. I glanced out the door as everyone started coming up behind me and could see a sea of "things" coming towards us. They mostly were moving very slowly and not running this time and I felt a bit better despite the fact that it looked like a concert just let out and we had free T shirts. I grabbed Leeya's hand and started out of the RV with everyone right behind us. "We have to get moving and find somewhere to either hide or better transportation". Leeya said to me in a regular voice like she wasn't scared at all "No baby we need to just keep running". I looked back at her and could see she was serious as a heart attack. We continued running with Leeya's words on my mind, she knew something and maybe she was right but it was getting dark and colder by the minute. We could run until we were out of energy and then what? I started in gasping breaths to talk with Leeya about what she said and she just insisted we keep running.

We ran until I had heard enough bitching and moaning from the rest of the group and trust me they did a lot of it. I didn't want to run at all my leg was screaming at me and my boot was feeling warm with the blood starting to fill it. We were in big trouble if those "things" had any of the runners in the pack with them. "Hang on a second man, let's just wait and listen are they still behind us?" Rusty asked in a panting voice. We listened and I couldn't hear anything. I looked around and we had run pretty far into the woods not, we ran right past the side road and into the woods on the other side of it and deep in. I could see a pretty decent size hill off to the left of us. "Come one lets get up top and see if they are still back there" I said to everyone. We climbed up the hill and I hoped there would either be nothing in the distance chasing us or something in the distance to head for that was safe.

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  1. Not fun, running in the dark, in the cold, with them chasing. Not getting what Leeya wants you to run for, a car would be so much better!