Thursday, January 5, 2012

# 48

We had a good day and everyone got plenty of sleep. I never even checked the road for the group of people, maybe I was slipping or just so damn tired I didn't remember. Waking up I noticed Leeya was in a state of zombie herself with a night snore. I got out of bed and headed to the window to take a peek and see what I could see. Nothing again nobody , nothing , just silent. I got dressed quick and headed tot he back of the Hotel where our main entrance was. I hoped that the bus would be back there and everyone would have pig piled in the RV over the course of the night. Looking out the window through the boards blocking all of the windows and I could see nothing. I had a bit of worry for a second there thinking they had been taken by the group of wacko jobs. Or that they had encountered a large group of the zombie things like we had only they never got a chance to get it in reverse. My head was throbbing again, it seems I was going to be a migraine machine with all the worry of this crap. I turned around and Rusty was right behind me.

"Hey man your up early , any sign of them yet ?" Rusty asked me with a chipper attitude. "Nope no one and nothing out there this morning. Maybe they just shut it down on the road and they will be back this morning at some point." Rusty shook his head and then pointed at me and had the " I have an idea look " on his face. " Maybe they all died yesterday and they will come back to eat us." He said in a weird thinking he was funny sort of way. "Not too funny there Russ." I replied. He shrugged it off and then asked if I wanted coffee. " You have coffee? Well shoot yes I want coffee ." I said in a shocked manner. I had no idea this mother eff er right here had coffee. He waved me to follow with his head nod to the side and I walked with him into the kitchen.

"Your face feeling any better ?" He asked while his eyes were on the task of coffee. "I'm sort of getting used to the pain. My teeth are hurting a bit but it's just some pain." I commented in response to him. He smirked "Real tough guy huh? Well tough guy you want to tell me what exactly happened with Bob so I can see if this story is on the up and up ?" He asked. " Sure thing man but I have to warn you after the shooting it was all a bit of a blur". He nodded and I told him word for word what I remembered as it had happened. He listened and nodded and at one point during the moments leading to Bob shooting me stopped what he was doing to pay full attention. When I was through he started the perculator on the stove and then said " Sounds like what Lee said so I guess it is what happened. Unless you worked the story out." I looked at him and then said "I got no reason to lie to you or anybody here. Truth is Fred gave him a shotgun loaded with rock salt because he heard the dumb ass talking to you about me. Is there anything you want to tell me red ?" I said sarcastically. He looked like my eyes were melting him and nodded no and said squeamishly " No I don't and I didn't know he was gonna do that to you , I swear ." I nodded and said "Well with him dead I guess I have to take YOUR WORD now don't I ?"

Rusty sat down and waited for the coffee and then put his face in his hands and wiped it like he needed to wake up. Fred and Unice came in moments later and Fred commented how Rusty was getting good with the coffee maker he showed him. Piss me off , how the hell do you have coffee and not say anything. This new world we are living in is full of butt heads I thought.I sat down and started to think of a way to get oil to the Hotel for the heat and hot water. Trust me you don't want to lose the hot water it was king around here. We had about ninety gallons of fuel for the generator and Fred said it would last a good month so I wasn't concerned yet about that but the heating oil for the water and heat was epic , and needed to be done now. Winter was settling in and we didn't want to freeze. The Hotel was about a mile from a company that did heating oil and car sales. A weird pairing but it worked for them for years. I just had to hope they had two things. An oil truck that was full and that also ran.

I had coffee, actually three coffee's the creamers were OK but not like half and half and talked with Rusty about my chance for oil for the place. If the truck was full it could supply us the rest of the winter and then when the weather broke I would make a dash for some sort of escape. That dream I keep having makes me think the tropics were in the cards. Leeya finally woke up and came out of the room and down to where we were all sitting and poured a coffee. She sat on my leg and kissed my bandaged face and asked what was the conversation. We filled her in and she said she needed a half hour to get ready. I tried talking her out of going but she told me I was never going anywhere without her. Chic' I kid, it was beyond cool having someone want you in their life that bad that going out in a frozen zombified landscape was a better choice than waiting for them to return.

I went to the room with her to get geared up and she took a long shower and got dressed. We wore heavy clothing with scarves and got the weaponry and ammo straight. We got everything together and headed to the doorway. Rusty was there with a shotgun and a beer, I have to say I really like this guy lol. He wished us luck and opened the door for us and locked it behind us. Leeya was on my wounded side because she insisted I would have trouble seeing with the bandage and she had my blind spot. We walked on the edge of the treeline to the roadway, I was convinced that the group of wacko jobs were around somewhere and didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. Slow movement on the treeline was what was best. Leeya was being a regular tactical soldier walking with her gun barrel aiming down slow and steady, it was impressive how far she was coming along so quickly. Then again a little over a month ago I was having a coffee in my tow truck so I was no measuring stick.

The road we called route 6 was empty as far as I could see with cars scattered randomly. No dead , no alive , just emptiness. Leeya sighed and I asked what was wrong. She thought we would spot the bus coming but no luck it wasn't in the distance anywhere. We stayed along the treeline at least until it ran out and we were crossing the parking lots of various business's. We were tracking well and then we heard something off to the left of where we were heading. "Get down " I said to Leeya and we squatted down and started shuffling to the little hut in the parking lot that house a cell phone retailer. We stayed against the side of it ducking down and listening. Leeya looked nervous and started getting me nervous looking at her. I peeked up over the ledge where the side windows were and looked through the interior of the cell phone place to the street across from it. I couldn't see anything and pulled out another gun in my left hand. Something wasn't right and I was getting a bit antsy.

We headed around the back of the little shack we were along the side of and headed to the edge of it. I peeked around the corner but still nothing. And the noise persisted, sounding like a whining of some sort. I looked ahead of us and we had a good fifty yards to go to the next building, one of the chain sit down restaurants Applebee's. I whispered to Leeya to stay right with me and stay low and quiet and we ducked down and while hunched over and guns down and ready scampered across the lot to the side of the restaurant.

The noise was still happening and I finally spotted what it was. A car was rammed into the Burger King across the way and was revving and randomly spinning it's tires trying to drive while slammed against the building. I smelled a trap of some type and told Leeya to keep her eyes peeled for anything, because this wasn't some weird accident. We slid around the back of the restaurant and to the other side. When we reached it I too a slow peek around the edge and that was when I saw it, The group of people from the week before and they were hunched down staring at the car as well next to the Donut shop just past the Applebee's. Thank chicken I didn't just run that way. I told Leeya to follow me and we went back to the cell phone building. My idea was to go far into the woods and behind them to the other side. Passing them from a safe distance was better than trying to sneak right by them. I counted at least thirty of them and they were pissed at us for the lady we clipped no doubt.

We headed diagonally away from where the were with Applebee's as our blocker from their view and into the woods. Me and Leeya snuck deep inside but not so deep we lost eye contact. I wanted to know where they were at all times. We snuck through the woods and watched them finally start hunting around the Applebee's , thankfully we didn't stay there, and then the cell phone place. I loved it the further they went one way we were going the other. The bad news was they were heading one place at a time towards the Hotel and if everything works out it will look abandoned to them as well and they will move on. Either that or if we get fuel we will have to run more people over , and kill the rest.

 We made it to the destination Columbus Oil and they did indeed have a truck out back. I ran to it and checked and it had a full tank, must have been ready for a new day when it never got started up. Hopefully I get some keys for this beast. Leeya came over to me and said "Hurry". I looked and for whatever reason the group was heading this way and were about 200 yards away. I ran over to the building and kicked the door in and did a mad dash for keys. Dammit I couldn't find them. The group was only a hundred yards away now and I grabbed Leeya " quick get in the ceiling" I said and gave her a boost as she lifted the tiles and climbed in. I made sure she had a good spot with a ledge to stand on then followed her into the drop top. We were curled up in the drop ceiling like I had been before with Fish and the group started rummaging through the lot and four people came into the office and started rooting through the desks. I'm not sure what they were searching for but they had something specific in mind.

Outside I heard the truck we came for start up and one of the guys under us said " forget it hes got it running." You have got to be kidding me, they wanted the same damn truck. Leeya pointed her gun downward and I put my hand on it and nodded NO to her. And gave the shhhh sign with my finger to my lips. Then a woman who was apparently in charge came into the office and started shuffling through things. Leeya's foot slipped a bit and made a scuff noise. The woman under us from what I could see through the lighting stopped everything and looked up. Crap I thought we were dead, and I aimed both of my guns downward as well.

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  1. Guess getting oil would be a priority, but seems risky! And now they are facing danger from people instead of 'things'! Ugh!