Friday, January 27, 2012

# 62

Fish ran to the kitchens of all of the rooms they had all been staying in and started filling a couple of pillow cases with any food that could stay fresh and whatever we could try and stuff in the refrigerator. Rusty went around and rounded up any and all weapons the dead intruders had left behind and ammo that they had on hand. Deb and Linda took off for the clothing they had and Jenn and Leeya went to help with the rest of the blankets. I started getting everyone of the guns Rusty started dropping on the table in front of me ready with fresh ammo as we had it and having them lined up to grab. The entire time I had my eyes stuck on the entrance to the parking lot just in case we took too long. Rusty came by with  few more clips of ammo and handed me a vest. "Here man you need this with your damn luck." he said handing me the bullet proof vest he had pry ed off of one of the dead men. I guess it only helps bullets but when a missile enters the room your done as done. Leeya headed to the RV and started helping get everything inside of the mobile house we had been using the past few days. Fish came back by me and said "It's good having you back man, we all missed you. Specially when Brent freaked out on the rest of us and started trying to hold us hostage. If Rusty hadn't of done what he did we would all be dead probably." I looked at Rusty doing whatever needed to be done and said to Fish " guys who just get the shit done seem to be the ones you can always trust huh?" Fish smiled "yeah buddy no shit huh".

We got everything we could from the Hotel and climbed aboard the RV. I turned the key and just as I started the RV down the road a bit you could see an old school bus heading towards us with enough heads in it to look like a football team heading to an away game. "That's our cue" I said out loud. Fish looked over and said out loud "O man were dead". I looked back" that was positive , everyone listen to Fish he will lead us in prayer". Fish called out asshole and punched my shoulder. I jammed the pedal down and the RV lurched forward. "We're bigger than they are so we will win if it comes down to it" I called out as we started hammering on to the roadway. The side of the bus had a few windows drop down the way they do on the old bus's and I watched several machine guns and another arm cannon start aiming out of the bus and in our direction. "Everyone get the hell down to the floor immediately!" I yelled and then told Fish "Get that arm cannon and line it up man, It's us or them". He looked more concerned then ever and grabbed for the missile launcher.

"Wait how the hell do I use this thing???" He asked frantically. "Grab the wheel Ill do it Fish". He grabbed the wheel and I jumped into the back and started getting the last missile we had into the launcher. Just as I started to get ready the side of the RV was getting riddled with bullets. They were already firing at us trying to hit Fish. I jumped back up and leaned out the side window they had just blown out with their bullets. " Hold her steady man for just a second!" I yelled to Fish and then checked to make sure no one was behind me. "FWOOOOSH" it was off like...well a rocket and it was a direct hit to the side of the oncoming bus. "BOOM" the bus shuddered in the explosion and even the RV did as well and everyone on the floor screamed. "YEAH YOU DID IT MAN YOU GOT EM" Fish yelled out excitedly. "Good driving man WE got em" I called out to him. I watched as we drove by the burning wreckage of the bus as people were flopping around inside of it on fire screaming. That was gonna leave a mark I thought.

"Everyone OK in here come on now call out when I yell your name, Jenn?" I started doing a check on everyone. "Jenn? " I yelled out again. I turned and looked back and saw everyone huddled around Jenn who was laying still with her eyes open and a hole in the center of her chest. "Shit Jenn? Jenn you OK?" Leeya looked back to me and shook her head no. We all had to have a quick gut check on it. Jenn was gone , she was unfortunate enough to have been too close to the side of the RV when they fired on us and caught one in the oddest place. Deb was crying and Linda too but Leeya just sort of moved past her and leaned over to kiss my neck. It was a bit surreal and I think had Rusty giving us a weird look. "Fish just keep going man anywhere just get us away from here fast." I yelled over to him. He nodded and kept on moving through the blocked intersection. I looked back at the bus that was burning and thought to myself that maybe this was the group that had a hard on for me and Leeya with the woman we had hit. They had a lot of people in the group it was odd and they seemed so hell bent on getting to us. I felt mixed about Jenn. She was gone and it was a hard one to take, especially when she died hiding from the thing that got her. But in a way she was free. She would never be a thing and she didn't suffer. Hell I don't think she even yelled when she was shot, maybe that was the way to go.

We moved down the road and I told Fish to keep making some distance since we didn't know where those freaks had come from and would hate to stop near the home base of these freaks. We had to get a big distance between us and the Hotel and then find somewhere to bury Jenn. To leave her out would be letting the "things" have a free dinner and I couldn't do that. I was more concerned right now with the chance that Leeya would go and take a bite out of her old pal right in front of everyone, then what do I do? No way that was going to end well. I had my gun at the ready for any unsuspecting "things" and pirates while constantly eyeballing Leeya to make sure she wasn't getting any evil thoughts towards Jenn's body. She caught me watching her and gave me this knowingly yet sexy look with a slight squint. It made the entire situation crazier than before after everything we had been through in the past few hours.

I was nervous about stopping to bury or attempt to bury Jenn. Although I never got to know her too well she was one of the original group me and Fish hooked up with and her friends here had known her for a lot longer. She deserved a little more respect than being tossed out of the RV and left for the "things" to feed on. I know if it was me I would appreciate a little respect hell, find a bridge and toss me off and send me down the river. But don't leave me for dinner. We didn't get very far down the road when Fish started asking me for a hand and when I went in the front he pointed to the fuel gauge which was empty. I told him about the switch and when he hit it the other tank read even lower. The attackers at the Hotel had drained the tank on me when we were sleeping more than likely, dammit. I looked around and we were in the middle of no where on the highway heading towards where the rural area was located out this way. I knew if we choked out on this stretch we were in trouble and then as I tried to think of a back up plan the RV died.

We coasted to a stop and Let it sit right in the middle of the lane. I rounded up the guns and told everyone to dress as warm as possible. We got out of the RV and carried Jenn to the side of the road next to the tree line. Then with the ground frozen up from the frost I had everyone hunt for rocks and we would give her a rock grave, basically covering her with rocks and leaving her there. It took quite a while to round up the rocks but we had nothing but time on our hands. After we covered her the girls thought the "things" would still be able to smell her and just dig her out. Fish came up with a great idea but no one else would bite. We could cover her with urine. Maybe like with hunters it would keep them away for a while. No one would go for it so I did the next best thing and headed to the RV and took out some gas from the back for the generator. Covering the rocks with it I said a little prayer for her as best I could not being a religious person and we lit her a blaze much like I did at my mothers house.

Deb and Linda wanted to stay and watch but Rusty had the right idea and we got moving. If they could smell a body covered in stones in the middle of no where they sure as hell could smell one burning. We got moving and fast the next exit was a good six miles up and we had to get to stepping. We started walking down the side of the highway towards the next exit. It was starting to head to sunset at this time of year it gets dark all too early. With the sun going down the temperature was plummeting as well and we all had to get somewhere warm and safe fast or we were in big trouble out here. Down the highway a piece a man came running out of the woods. He stopped in the low speed lane and looked back and forth. Once he spotted us he started heading our way and he wasn't walking he was running. "Holy crap I never seen one run before have you?" Fish said aloud to me. "Yeah I have" I responded as I got my gun ready. Suddenly about four or five more came out behind him and joined in on the run. "Maybe we should go the other way" Linda said in a shaky voice. If she was getting nervous we may be in for some big trouble here.

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  1. Would make an awesome action scene in a movie! Can picture the shock and horror of the bus! And good suspense with not knowing if Leeya was gonna snack on her or not. LOL