Tuesday, January 3, 2012

# 45

I remember a shotgun and a girl but why am I on a beach sipping umbrella drinks. The wind blowing over me , still warm and calming. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach down before me. The beauty of that water so crisp and blue like eyes on a brunette...brunette...brunette. Where is the girl? what girl? I look around but it's all smiling faces of people enjoying the day. Why am I thinking of a girl? As I look into the sun it's a bright clear day. The sun begins to darken though and turns to a face, not clear ,fuzzy ,but a face. I looked into the eyes on the face but couldn't make them come into focus. Blue I think , maybe blue. I hear "baby, baby, you awake? please be OK". soft and echoing.

SLAP across my face and I woke up fast from my fog. Leeya dove in for a hug and then whispered in my ear to never leave her. My face was on fire from the shot and now the slap but I was coming to my senses.  I told her to see if she could wipe away the shot and blood and get me a mirror. She ran for a mirror first then started wiping at me. The coats I had on no doubt saved my life I had a few pieces that were really in there but for the most part not bad. The neck was another story I had so much carnage there and a jugular vein somewhere in it that I didn't want to mess with it too much but I think I lucked out and Bob missed my main vein. The face well lets say the Hex comment wasn't far off. My cheek down to my chin on the right side was like raw road rash and shrapnel from the salt and my ear was missing the tip up top. So much for beard of the year, I thought. My sick humor knew no boundaries.

I tried wiping gently in the neck area and Leeya was trying to wipe the side of my face but between her fear of hurting me and crying I think she was just upsetting herself. I tried to keep her mind off the task and asked her if she came here often. She smiled and then I asked if she knew Bob was that nuts over her. She said she went on a date with him once a year ago but he was too controlling and she bailed. I didn't see it personally, he seemed so together. I smirked thinking of this. She asked why and I lied saying I smirked because of the beach dream and described it to her. She kept on cleaning the wounds and asked about the dream. She thought what if we found an island that was clear or we cleared of the "things" they cant swim can they? We would be safe to be on the island. Imagine Tom Hanks in Castaway actually wanting to be there. Now it seems like a good idea.

Definitely something to think about I told her but we would have to get to wherever it was and that would take some doing. I didn't know anything about sailing and if it had an engine it would be thirsty. Limited gas resources were available and what was around was in demand for generators and such. I had a new thing to focus on, how to get somewhere safe that we could call home for a while, least until this all blows over. Banana's , coconut's, go to the mainland and bring back booze and food and just wait this whole nightmare out.

Leeya said "OK see how that is" and she handed me back the mirror. It wasn't good but then again I was no poster boy that was certain. I leaned on her and had her help me up and then I headed to the room with the key card door and blasted it open. Inside were chemo in pill form and liquid and also bandages and gauze and gel to keep clean. I grabbed as much as I could and so did Leeya. We packed it all in the backpack that we had emptied in the car and were loaded and I felt better having proper clean wounds to make me feel a little like I was OK.

" We have to find a new ride" I told her and we walked out the opposite side to the parking lot and started trying doors. A few hundred feet away was a house with two cars in the driveway. I pointed it out and told Leeya whoever lives there had keys inside I bet and we headed for the house. I booted in the door and to my immediate left was a key rack. Leeya grabbed the keys and helped me to the car. We loaded it up with our stuff and ourselves and headed for the Hotel and hopefully beating curfew.

Leeya drove and told me to sleep and I didn't argue at all. I mumbled wake me if you have any troubles and passed out. It was a ride back but I don't remember any of it I awoke in the RV bed. The guys left a note on the back door saying RV unlocked see you in the morning. Thank god they gave us an outlet, I don't remember what time it was when we got back but I awoke on the bed naked with Leeya sponge bathing me and the wounds had already been redone. I looked at her she smiled and I blacked out again.

I didn't come to until almost the break of dawn. I looked over to my left and Leeya was sound asleep with makeup run on her face. She looked like she had been crying and I only hoped it wasn't anything I had done. I went to get up and had such a sharp pain in my neck from the strain of getting up to sitting that I dropped right back down. The pain was more than I was ready to bear, I felt weak and tired and probably lost too much blood. I looked over at Leeya again but she was out like a light. I wasn't about to wake her she was too good while it all went down. She clipped Bob then helped me out of the car and into the RV here then cleaned me up and probably watched over me until she crashed. I laid back into the pillow and rode the pain out until falling back asleep myself.

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