Tuesday, January 17, 2012

# 53

I climbed behind the wheel and fired up the RV, it started a bit hesitantly and then started to purr. I let it run a while, reminding me of so many of the cars I had owned in the past that never ran well in the cold. Funny that an RV that costs more than most houses would be the same way. Leeya was in the back putting things away and i started moving slowly with an eye on the fuel gauge. It was reading below the orange section and dancing on the empty mark. I was sweating it out hoping we would make it to some sort of gas station or fuel in some form. My mind was wandering with the freshness of the foaming knee as I drove to the great beyond of empty highway thinking about the friends we had made and left behind. Despite the situation breaking down and Brent wanting to kill me in disbelief of his friends demise from irrational thinking ,  I truly missed them. I knew that no matter what front she put up Leeya had to be missing them as well, she knew them for years. Yet she walked away so coldly when I had to leave it was a good feeling in a way to know someone was on your side like that.

The highway was like any highway if it was late at night only this was daytime, early morning. No one was around and there was no noise it was like we were all alone in the middle of the desert. I watched like a man possessed for a sign for the next exit and the longer I searched for it the longer it seemed to take to find. I remembered the pot never boils while you watch it. Smirking I looked hard and still couldn't see any sign of an exit. My eyes went from the side of the road to the gas gauge, back and forth back and forth. Where the hell is the exit , back and forth back and forth. I started to worry if there was an exit coming or if I was in a Twilight Zone episode.The exit that never was or something to that end. I was starting to ramp up into the upper phase of panic, but didn't want Leeya to see it. She had been by my side through some rough things and was still sweet at heart for me and to me. I couldn't let that change or let her start to harden. I was starting to realize she was going to harden at some point but not on my watch, she was sweet and should stay that way as long as possible.

Finally the RV gave out and stalled. It crept to a stop and died, leaving us in the middle of the highway. I looked around and for the life of me could not figure out where on the highway we actually were, and I was pretty good at being a human GPS with all the driving I have done. Leeya went into full panic mode when the RV died and started freaking out. I had to put my game face on like it was no big deal and we had it under control. She started to calm down but sadly I was as freaked out as she was inside, I just would not show her. I told her to get suited up with as much coverage as she had , it was cold out after all, and then we sat at the small breakfast nook and started to wind up the weaponry. This took a bit longer than it should have but I suck with guns and really we searched through the ammo boxes to find the proper ammo for the right guns. Once we were set loaded and ready to rock we hopped out of the RV and started heading to the road we were aiming in the direction of with ammo guns and 2 gas cans. I had hopes with these cans and the syphon system I salvaged earlier we would find something with enough gas to make us reach a pump somewhere.

The walk I was finding was heavier than all the walking we had done in the past. I had the weight of both of us on me now and the knee was all but giving me the finger. I was limping along and Leeya was in front of me looking back and forth as if she was protecting me , and who know maybe she was. About a half hour into the walk and we came upon something that made me smile, a bus off the side of the road. That means two things, it has diesel and it was running when it did this crash to the tree line. I told Leeya to wait a second and eyeballed the situation. If that bus had things in it or anywhere in the vicinity I didn't want to walk up as if I was serving the both of us on a menu. I started slowly and told Leeya to keep an eye behind me as I plodded along. I heard a gasp and turned to see Leeya looking down at my feet. I was leaving bloody footprints and a snail trail of blood from the knee. "Funny that doesn't hurt that bad" I said with a smirk. Leeya just shrugged it off and we kept moving towards the bus.

We reached the bus and I moved slowly down the side of it making sure to keep my eyes open to all possibilities. Leeya was behind me and I asked her to check under the bus, as I couldn't bend down with my knee. She said she did and to just get some fuel quickly. I got to the door of the bus and took a peek inside. It was broken glass , coagulated blood and a few bodies, but there was nothing moving inside of it. I moved to the fuel door and got out the syphon and put down a gas can. I got the syphon to start working for about a minute and filled half the gas can when Leeya started screaming. I looked over at her and she was screaming for her life and as I looked down I saw IT.

She had checked under the bus she said but either missed this one or it was not under it yet. The "thing" was biting her in the ankle and she was just losing her mind. I acted as fast as possible and butted it in the head with the shotgun handle , making it stop biting and spit teeth out. Leeya collapsed on the ground and the freak thing started right after her again not even acknowledging me. I turned the gun around and blew its face completely off leaving a garish hole that the brain started pouring out of. I quickly got Leeya off the ground and threw her over my shoulder, the bad one. I started to do a limp run back to the RV and ignore all of the pain that is shooting through my entire body. Leeya was crying and saying she was so sorry and I was mumbling all the things I could come up with to keep her upbeat as I headed to the RV and the chemo. I was praying I wasn't taking too long. In my head I was beating myself up thinking why didn't I take it with me where is the chemo in the RV right now. I wanted to hit the door and grab it fast. We could see the RV in the distance and each step seemed to be coming on slower and slower. Leeya had passed out and I was probably not far from doing the same. Pain was surging through my leg and my face was yelling at me as well with Leeya leaning against it. I wanted to switch which side she was on but my knee was on the other side and wouldn't take the weight on it over there.

I finally hit the door to the RV and we barreled through once I unlocked it. I lay Leeya down on the floor and she mumbled something and was in and out of consciousness. I started a frantic search for the chemo and was losing it quickly screaming to myself where it was. Then I sat next to Leeya and looked at her front pocket of her jacket, she had the chemo with her the whole time and didn't say anything to me. I dumped it out and grabbed a bottle and as I injected an entire vile of it she started to have a seizure and was convulsing. I waited a second and tried to get a pulse but heard nothing. I looked at the vile and grabbed another one and filled the needle. Looking at her I was talking to her telling her to wake up and not let go and then I gave her the second injection, not knowing exactly how much to give . I listened some more and still no pulse, so I started some CPR. I wasn't exactly sure how to do CPR but i was giving it my best and not getting anything I reached over and gave another dose of the chemo.
I was fearing I had lost her and would have to kill the version of her that would wake up that was when she moved and then opened her eyes, the once blue eyes were now silver and hazy, and looked at me. I stepped back a bit and asked her if she was OK I mean she was looking a bit different with her eyes and her skin was pale with dark veins, and she looked back to me and coldly said "Why wouldn't I be". 

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  1. Yay! The story continues!

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