Friday, January 6, 2012

# 51

Brent had the shotgun aimed at the back of my head and I knew with so much as a finger wiggle I wasn't going to worry anymore about anything. I also looked in front and thought that everyone was going to be like the front row of a Gallagher concert if he does shoot. Leeya had him in her cross hairs I suppose, I couldn't see what was going on back there but sounded like he was in a spot as well as me. "You put that thing down now or you can have long talks with good old Bob in the afterlife" Leeya said to him angrily. Brent said in a stern voice "Please Lee, three weeks ago you didn't even know this clown and now your like his soul mate , give me a break. Three weeks ago and the last three years in school all you ever cared about was body shots ,dancing and acting like a tramp. Now all of a sudden you found a guy who changed you? Put your gun down and be Lee again, this old crippled freak faced moron isn't worth it." Leeya must have got mad because i heard a spitting noise and then she said "You want to live in the past go ahead , the world a month or so ago isn't like it is now, and this man you call a freak is more of a man than your ass will ever be. Drop the gun or on three you get a major haircut."

Brent must have thought better because he took the gun off my head. Fish came up to him and grabbed it from his hands then gave him a pimp slap. Brent started to apologize to everyone but no one was listening. I looked at him and said "Well don't apologize to me unless you got flowers." He came at me with such anger I laughed. Fish and Rusty corralled him to the other side of the room and I got up and stood on my bad leg. " You ever want to come at me Brent you just do it, no games, I'm right here and don't plan on apologizing in this life or the next for that prick Bob." Then I sat back down. Leeya came over and hugged me and whispered things about us I wont say now. Lets say they were personal and about how she felt.

I got up and headed back to the room , and started packing. It was obvious this wasn't going to get any better and what Brent did now he would try on a more subtle level later. The fact that now Leeya was in his sights was even worse. Leeya came in behind me and saw what I was doing and started to pack without even questioning it. We took all our stuff and a bunch of the ammo and guns we had and the chemo we had managed to get and we headed to the back door. Rusty stopped us and  said "Wait where you both going?" I looked at him and said basically what it was, things weren't gonna change and I didn't want to put anyone including Leeya in a bad spot here. Brent was a loose cannon and then some and no one wanted to make him answer for anything. It was just stress. Yeah that's what it was. Rusty was a good guy and I had no doubts he would be OK in all of this. The rest were being sheepish with Brent who didn't have much in the way of survival skills and seemed to lack common sense.

We shook his hand and left quietly and told him to say bye for us. I didn't want to make a big bye out of us leaving and have Brent do something wacky again.We got to the RV and I fired it up. Jenn and Linda came out followed by Fish they all wanted to know what was up and we told them. Fish was pissed but I knew that the place was a good spot to stay until winter ended and couldn't argue with him about his staying it was a smart move. For me I had been shot 3 times and almost killed on the fourth , it was time to move on. Leeya hugged her friends good bye wishing them luck and we started to drive off. I moved slow and quiet so I wouldn't make anyone or thing alert to our spot here. Despite Brent I wanted the rest of them to stay safe.

Leeya looked at me and said "Just the two of us so now what should we do?" I thought a second and said "We head down the coast to Florida and then the Keys , heck who knows maybe find that island we talked about." She smiled and hugged me and we motored down the road, no winter sounded good to me. The road was mostly clear and we rolled through Providence this time and went to the split and headed south. Having driven so much I knew we would need to find fuel at some point and that required a syphon of some sort. When we reach the Ct state line I'll look for a truck stop , the mechanics should have something there. We rolled down the highway and there were no cars really it was too odd. How does it happen this fast. There were no cars until we hit the off ramp for route 4 which led to Narragansett and then we hit a damn blocked road. I doubled back and headed to route 2 which would lead to a side way to route 3 that ran the length of the highway and to the state line as well.

On the road it was rough leaving everyone behind but that situation was just getting worse. Rusty was good people and so was Fish aside from the dad thing. The girls I would have to take Leeya's word on I never really got to know them too well. Fred and Unice were weird but cordial. Brent was a different version of Bob and that was too much , the hair on the camels back I guess after the week I had been through. We now had a chance to head south and maybe find some sort of life to live, I just wished my leg wasn't killing me so badly. Leeya ended up going in the bed and taking a nap while I motored on. I wasn't the smartest guy in the world but I managed to move around without being killed so far, I just needed to do it without being shot so damn much.

We hit the state line and I pulled off route 3 and into a gas station. It was pretty beat up but around here the population wasn't big numbers wise so my hopes were this place still had gas. I told Leeya to wake up and handed her a gun,she was groggy but followed me outside. We went to the garage attached to the gas station in search of a syphon of some sort. I found a small one usually used on oil drums and about 30 feet of hose. We went outside and looked for the  covers that the fuel truck fills and the workers stick to check the tanks ,I pulled the cover off the middle one. I was not sure which was regular so the middle was always safe. I dropped the hose down as far as it would reach then pulled it and a good six feet of it was wet. Perfect I had Leeya pull the RV over to the other end of the pump and stuck it in the hose again. I started spinning the hand crank and there it went, I was extremely happy and knew we would be taking this kit with us for our journey. I filled both tanks and a reserve on the bottom for the generator, things were looking up.

I threw the pump and hose into the storage area next to the generator and locked it up tight and we were off. Leeya went right back to the bed and I checked the back and bathroom to make sure things were cool. We headed out some more and that was when they came. As I started pulling back out onto route 3 I could see them up ahead next to where the old Tim Horton's was. There had to be fifty of them if there was one and they were coming towards the station. Our attempt to be quiet was not working out so well I thought and started towards them. Between us and them was a side street that led to the exit ramp for the highway, and hopefully after the huge detour the road was clear again. I put the pedal down and headed into the crowd hoping to make it to the turn off before they did and that was when I saw one for the first time, a runner. A "thing" that wasn't just walking but running, like an athlete in a track meet. It was so different I found myself staring thinking maybe it was a regular person running from them. The closer I got the more I realized it was a thing alright. The ghoul had one arm flailing around like it was ready to fall off and was running like a child in a field.

We made the turn off and I swung it quick and Leeya rolled right off the bed. "Hey what the hell!!" Leeya yelled from the back and then I heard "THUMP" to the back of the RV. She looked to me and said "What the hell was that". I said "Oh nothing just a "thing" that was running at us". She said what I had thought "They can run?" Judging by the noise they cant stop too good. I said " You found out just like me, tonight " She came up front and asked where we were she just laid down and we were at a gas station, lol now we were on the highway. I explained what happened and she was shocked. I was glad we found out about the running type now and not when we had no way out fast. We headed down the highway, newly refreshed and full of fuel, I was good to go if the road allowed it, we headed towards the New York line and hopefully clear highways.

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  1. Change is ahead! And heading south is smart! Why stay north when real estate is available EVERYWHERE? LOL