Tuesday, January 3, 2012

# 44

Down the road we headed and Bob shut up for the most part. Leeya was stroking the side of my arm, she must have thought I was having a rough time after my brothers house but i was happy. All signs pointed to him leaving on his own accord and that means there was still hope. That was all I needed, that or to find them hiding in the basement. The hospital signs were leading me further down the road, I had no idea where it was exactly so the signs were the only chance I had to find the damn place. I turned another corner and almost drove into a crowd of about forty to fifty "things" that were seemingly wandering around in the middle of the road.

The brakes were locked up and the screech coming from the tires got every single one of the things attention. "Holy sh@@" Bob yelled and the back corner of my seat seemed to bend back from his energy. Leeya started screaming and I slammed it in reverse. I backed it up into the street we were just on and took off further down the road. No doubt the Hospital was around that general area so this one was a no go. Leeya started to cry and then turned into laughter of a nervous style. Bob took the moment to profess his hate for me once again. " See Leeya he is going to get us killed he isn't gonna protect you!" Leeya glanced back at him and then gave me a big kiss on the neck. "My baby just got us out of it, you screamed like a bitch" she retorted to Bob in the back. He calmed a bit and sat there muttering to himself. I took the moment to let Bob know how futile he was in the situation. " Hey Bob good job with the gun there buddy!" He just gave me a look and sat back even further.

We were heading down the road and were next to a giant building that was some sort of clinic heading the back way into route 146 and the minivan had a light come on the dashboard. I looked down and it was an engine light, not good and nothing I would be fixing this thing was all computerized. I didn't tell anyone and pushed on hoping the van would make it back to the Hotel that was now a good hour away on a clear day, let alone in the apocalypse we were in. We made it another thirty or forty feet and the van stopped running. I rolled it to a stop and then it died. Turning the key it would turn and turn and that was it , the van lost either fuel or spark not sure which but it was dead. I let it roll back and slammed it in park and listened. Nothing, it was out of gas the gauge was broken. Bob started pooping and moaning and Leeya cut him off saying at least it hadn't happened in the crowd of zombies.

I got out and popped the hood, least that way no one else tries using it in an emergency. Bob climbed out of the side door and instantly started complaining about my "leadership" and ability to keep them safe. Leeya gave him the talk to the hand sign and we gathered up all the things we had brought with us. Looking up at the building beside us it was indeed a clinic, a clinic for cancer treatment. I would rather be lucky than good I thought, this place has to have some chemo. "We go in there they have chemo I bet". Leeya grabbed my arm and we headed to the door and Bob complained some more following behind us.

The door was glass and impact resistant and as I approached it i thought it would be a tough nut to crack. I looked it over and as I was about to shoot it out Leeya pushed it open. "It isn't locked " she said. I smirked , guess I should check next time. Walking into the building it was the reception area and I moved to the back of it and to the treatment area. In the back there were rooms like a hospital ward but I was more interested in where they kept the treatment so I continued looking. Leeya was with me but Bob wandered off looking for god knows what. Me and Leeya made our way to a lab of some sort and found a big room that was locked with key card access only. No power no access, damn I thought.
As soon as I noticed this we heard a yell from Bob down the hall. I ran to the door and saw Bob running from three of the "things" and heading this way leading them to me. "C'mon out , ole painless is waiting " I quoted from Predator and Bob ducked down as I unloaded into the lead "things" head. He dropped and the other two continued towards us. The furthest one back fell over the one I dropped and then Leeya shot four rounds into everything around but not the Monster.

I grabbed her arm and said " just squeeze baby". She looked at me then down at her gun then back out and "boom" the head of the thing coming at us disappeared. I cocked my shotgun and took out the last one as it got up from it's fall . Just  then Bob took aim at me."What the hell are you doing Bob" Leeya said in shock and anger. "BOOM" his shotgun discharged and I flew backwards about twenty feet and lost my breath. Everything went fuzzy for a minute and my chest was on fire. I heard two quick Bangs that came from Leeya's gun and then she ran to me and leaned over me crying for me. "No,No, your OK right baby, your OK, please be OK." She was crying and shaking and all I could do was try to breath. In my head this was it, no doctors around no medical help, I am done right here. I looked at Leeya and tried to talk but could barely speak, air was an issue. I finally mouthed the words "RUN" to her, and she shook her head no and then started crying "I won't leave you no, I'll die too I won't leave you not ever." I lay there for a while just watching the ceiling and Leeya , wondering why Bob wigged out so bad. And if I was going to make it another minute. Leeya said she got Bob as soon as he shot me she put her gun to his head and he was down.

I leaned up and could see Bob laying there with most of his head gone. Leeya was a foot away when he did the shooting and she shot twice. She was no marksmen but she didn't have to be at that angle. So much for Bob being the smart one. I looked down and could see I was losing blood and had what looked like.....wait a minute that wasn't shotgun blast....it was rock salt. Damn Fred gave Bob his gun and it was loaded with rock salt. Holy crap I was relieved thinking if anything I wasn't digging lead or buckshot out of my chest. I leaned to Leeya and said to get me rags and water from wherever she found it and to take the gun in case. While she was gone I started peeling layers of clothing off to see how bad I got it. Lucky he didn't hit me in the face I thought as I started to get my wind back, boy was I wrong. He must have knocked the wind out of me that's all. I leaned against the wall and tried to get myself straight.

I could hear Leeya in the room down the hall searching for something and wondered if rock salt was fatal like this. I reached to my chest and realized it hit me in the face and neck as well. I touched my neck and it had little holes in a scatter on the side and my face was what felt like ground beef on the right side. I thought I was the new Jonah Hex and smirked which hurt badly to do. Leeya came running to me and her face was telling me all I needed to hear while her mouth told me a much more upbeat story. I grabbed the towels and had her spill water on them and then ....WOW I blacked out.

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  1. Well, better than bullets! And yay, Bob is gone! Things are already better!