Saturday, December 10, 2011

The 14th day

I was standing there with my gun by my side , half of me wanted to just start emptying rounds like a commando but the other half didn't want to make any sudden movement, as if I was invisible. At first it seemed I was and I was staring into the "things" eyes wondering what I should do. I had only seen a few here or there and the biggest rush of them I had seen was near the hospital and I had the truck to protect me. Some part of me feared if they weren't all slow movers and if they could run how far would I be able to go. I started to almost reflex driven starts slowly moving backwards to try and get down the hill, maybe if they really didn't see me I could get away. Inch by inch I was barely moving my feet and going slowly backwards when I felt something. It was the kind of feeling you get when someone is in the room with you or in this case right behind you. I turned my head as slow as I could and found directly behind me a soldier in camouflage with one of the biggest arm cannons I have ever seen.

He put his arm to my shoulder and moved me behind him with one swipe of it. Then he proceeded to lock and load and just obliterate everyone of the 'things" in his path. I was still staggering backwards almost relieved and shocked as well. I had not seen military at all to this point and it was a bit comforting, they would know what to do right? He continued to mow down the "things" with an accuracy i dream of , he was not wasting round on the scenery just the "things". While he fired away he had his other hand getting another clip and as soon a he was empty he was out in locked and going again , he was so smooth about it he seemed to be at a target range. I spun around and looked at the area he came from it was the edge of the top of the hill to the left the opposite side I was walking thru the woods of , maybe he was watching to see what I or they would do.

Before i got too deep in thought about seven or eight more soldiers came out of the woods line and started emptying there magazines into the crowd of "things" it was something out of a Schwarzenegger movie. Further into the woods and I could see some sort of military personnel transport like a deuce or something. And there was a man sitting on the edge of the hood with something in his hands that made these soldiers guns look like cap guns. I looked back and continue to watch the "things" cut down as they all just kept coming without any realization what was happening to them or fear of it, these "things" were just savage by nature.

Heads popping off ,chests exploding, limbs disintegrating, it was insane what I was watching . I jumped to the side and started wielding my shotgun and emptying it into the"things" side by side with the soldiers. The man to my right looked over at me then back and just muttered "get some". I felt like I was in some hardcore movie for a second as I continued shooting things and reloading. Behind us the man who had the mega gun that was on the hood of the truck stepped between the crowd of soldiers and said"fire in the hole" they all went to the ground and continued shooting while he let off a rocket launcher type cannon and took out an entire building on the horizon. The building went down and so did about 50 of the "things" that were next to it.

 He dropped to a knee and continued to reload and the men in front of him continued firing, one said "out" and headed to the truck another yelled "out " and dropped the gun and the firing was slowing. The soldier returned and started dropping clips of ammo on each of the men and then laid down and continued as well. The soldiers were making some sort of stand here and I had a small glimmer of hope that maybe this whole thing was contained to this small area of the world and maybe after a few more battles such as this life could be normal again. While it was running thru my mind I ran out of ammo as well and yelled "out" like the men did figuring its what I was supposed to do. The soldier to my right said" back of the truck take what you need and come on back". I said cool and headed to the truck , in mid stride I heard " fire in the hole" and another sonic boom, these guys were hard core....I liked it.

Getting to the rear of the truck took a minute it was buried in the woods and the rear was wedged into a bush. I made my way to the rear of the truck and swung around to get a look in the back. I was shocked when I got to the back , there were about five people like me in there at the nose of the back and in front of them was every type of weapon needed for a mini scale war. I nodded to them and grabbed a gun like the men had then I said to an able body looking guy "gimme a hand sir". He curled up further into the back of the truck it was obvious these people were scared out of their mind. A woman said "isn't anyone here gonna help".  A guy in the back who looked to be sleeping was kicked in the foot by one of them and woke up . He looked at me and I said " a little help bud?" he got up immediately and grabbed the other end of the ammo box. I said " you ever fire a gun?". He shook his head yes and I handed him a gun like the one I grabbed, we both headed with the ammo and guns to the firing line as it were and sat the box down in the middle of the men. " who needs some ammo?" I yelled and we started tossing clips to the men ,then we took the end of the line and started target practice as well.