Thursday, December 15, 2011

19th Entry

I jumped out of the truck and immediately looked at where we were. Looking up I was standing in front of the hospital in my city. It wasn't the older one I was at earlier in the week when this all went down it was the newer bigger more capable hospital known as Charlton. The soldier's who drove us to the location came to the back of the truck and started to inform us what was expected , as they handed us guns , magazines, grenades and such. The first soldier who I assume was in charge said to us "We need to keep this hospital safe and protected at all times and that means by any means necessary". He continued with a stern and booming voice to say " we have already lost control of three area hospitals and we cannot afford to lose this one." He then added " we have soldiers already on point who have used extreme prejudice several times and we need you men to assist them". He then turned to the other soldier who was pretty much acting as his security , eyeballing the landscape and having his gun in the ready the entire time. He then looked back and said "If you find yourself overrun with the "people" who have been infected by all means use whatever means you have to extricate yourself from the situation or to extract yourself from the equation". The men then got back into the truck and drove off leaving us there.

Fish looked at me and then back at the other and said in a panicked way " what the hell are we supposed to do shoot them and then ourselves??". I calmly said "look he said they only had to shoot a few of them right? well maybe this area isn't as bad and we can just hang out plug a few monster and eat in the cafeteria." Then I added "who knows maybe we get a hot shower , some down time, and be the hero's right?". He seemingly calmed down and nodded and then I went into a role of leadership I am used to shying away from but in these days someone needed to nut up and the panic and fear on these men's faces made it easy for me to see I was the man. I glanced at the pen and said "OK I need to get an idea what were dealing with I will head to the nearest nurses station and look for who is in charge in the meantime I need everyone to patrol the perimeter and if anyone looks like they are infected in any way you know what to do". I then added "It's a hospital for people that are sick or injured but not the infected , don't listen to begging or crying , the infected stay out and keep eyes in the back of your heads 2 men a team watch each other". One man took exception and said in a rebellious way" who made you commander?". And I quickly snapped back " The "things" did, if you have any better ideas on how this should be handled then by all means go ahead I will sit and listen". He fell back and got silent and I looked around "anyone else want to throw their hat in?". Everyone was looking anywhere but in my eyes and I answered" then let's get to it and keep the innocent people being treated safe". And with that everyone started to scatter pairing up two to a team and scurrying off. Fish looked at me and smirked and we both headed to the front to see what we could do for the men in charge of this.

Walking to the front door we encountered a security guard who instantly aimed his 9mm at us. I said " we are here to help keep everyone safe , maybe you should point that elsewhere". He put his gun to his side and nodded and me and Fish could tell he was a nervous wreck, I wondered how many regular people he had shot in the past the way he was reading us as infected and we looked perfectly normal. We walked past him and pushed the sliding door open, the Hospital had power but I was guessing they killed the doors to help safety wise. Walking in we were greeted by a nurse I would assume by her outfit but then again people would assume we were soldiers and I started to wonder who was really what they say anymore. She guided us to the front desk and sat down and asked " what is your visit regarding ?". I looked at Fish and then looked back at the nurse and said" actually were here to stop the "things" out there from eating everyone in here is there someone in charge we can have a discussion with on the matter ". Fish started smirking and the woman turned white and answered as she cleared her throat "I will get the head of the hospital wait right here". She got up and started to the hallway and I slowly followed her with Fish in tow.

She rounded the corner and we were behind her like bad private eyes and were sticking out like sore thumbs. She walked halfway down this new hall and turned into a room and halfway into it leaning in we heard her say " sir there are two soldiers here to help could you spare a moment?" Then a reply of " get out of here and stick them at a doorway or something I don't need this crap ". We moved right up and as the nurse tried to close the door I pushed it open revealing a grey haired man smoking a pipe behind his desk and startled as well. I said "if it isn't too much trouble were here to risk our lives to keep you from being zombie food but if you want to stick us somewhere because we are beneath your station maybe well just go turn the sirens on like a dinner bell and watch from the sidelines". The man cleared his throat and I thought hmmm dry air, and then said " You will have to excuse my rudeness I have had a spell the pat few days no one is getting any sleep and we are all on edge but I do appreciate the risk you men are taking please don't think we don't".

I stepped back a bit and said " thanks I'm sorry as well stress everywhere I guess , does the hospital have any area that's a little more susceptible to an attack?". The man looked out his window and said maybe the dock for deliveries and the ambulatory center otherwise its locked down pretty well, The weak spots would be those two". I thanked him and the nurse and me and Fish went to the map at the entrance and started to figure out what to do next. Just then two of the men we came with walked up and said the front was pretty dead if we had any other ideas. I told them the two areas the head of the hospital had mentioned and asked which they wanted to stand and guard , I didn't care and they chose the loading docks so me and Fish agreed and started heading to the ambulatory center and wait for anything to happen or maybe nothing at all.

Me and Fish stood outside the ambulance parking area for a while and the sun started to come up. It was nice to feel the sun on my face and the glow of it warm me, it was a warm December thus far the Farmers Almanac had been off by a mile this year. I had just mentioned a few weeks ago how the trees had not dropped any acorns, a sure sign of a mild winter. Now all this time later and it still felt like fall not December but maybe September. In my head I was thinking of Christmas trees and stockings being hung and presents being wrapped . What a glorious season it could have been. My thoughts went quickly in the gutter however as I thought of all the children , parents , and people now laying dead in their houses next to such decorations. I fought off the negative thoughts and started to think of Christmas songs. Walking in a winter wonder land was in my head and I started to sing it out loud but in a whisper. Fish looked over and joined in and before we knew it we were singing loud as can be the song we wish had a better audience. As we were in our festive best to my left a "thing" appeared and was in my blind spot heading to us. Unknown to us we kept singing and smiling and "it" was getting closer. Just as we hit the big finish we got covered in the grey matter that once gave the "thing" the ability to think "BOOM". We both turned and watched it drop and right behind it was one of the men from the truck that came with us. "sorry guys I didn't even see you there".


  1. Not a very Merry Christmas. Going to be hard to keep an entire hospital safe and secure, though, isn't it?

  2. The last one didn't fare so well .