Monday, December 19, 2011

Entry 25

We managed to get to the top of the building and had a good look around at not only the view but first and foremost the roof itself. It was clear with gravel and tar and had no real escape ladder of any kind which was fine with me. No way down means no way up and I was cool with it. Fish was in the middle of trying to light another smoke and appeared to be deep in thought so I let him be. I still was not sure what to make of Fish , whether of not to trust him and if he had all the bats in his belfry. Who is to say a complete nut job made it out of all of this and we handed the quack a gun? I was hoping it was just a personal conflict i walked in on but it seemed to be more. While he had his smoke I started to look at the landscape. I could see smoke far off in the distance , maybe 2 miles away. It looked like something was burning pretty good and it was odd to think that there is no one fighting the fire , no one there. It was just going to burn until it ran out of stuff to burn. Odd even more was the tower for retired and disabled off to the northeast. It had a bunch of windows knocked out and the top was burned out . The people in that place really didn't have much of a chance in all of this. Half of them need a few assistants and wheelchairs or beds with wheels and an elevator , just to get out of the building. I wonder how many of these types of situations were happening or had happened.

I rubbed my head and sat on my feet for a moment letting the entire scope of the situation sink in. It was another layer of sinking in I was biting into with the view before me. Sometimes in the moment you can forget what the whole story is and I just got the cliff notes. The world was taking a giant poop on everyone that was still alive and the thoughts of where to go and what to do were spinning wildly in my head. I tried to think who would be able to help us? The police are gone , the military is drafting people like me on the spot, the CDC? I don't even know where they are. I started to get a depressed feeling and hoped that it wasn't showing, the last thing I need is pity , the whole world needs it not me.

Fish woke me from my emo day dream and yelled " over here check this out". I ran to the edge he was at and there he was , the head of the hospital running to his car. "where the hell is he going?' I asked Fish like he had some magical answer. We watched as he ran to the trunk and opened it and started digging papers and things out and stacking them on the ground next to him. Just beyond the grassy area behind him we could see a few "things" making a B line for him, once he was spotted they wanted that dude. I yelled "hey they are behind you get inside". more pissed than anything because now he was bringing them this way. He looked around his trunks lid and waved me off like he couldn't be bothered. I yelled again loud as I could "THEY ARE RIGHT BEHIND GET IN THE DAMN HOSPITAL!" Once again he waved us off this time he didn't even look at us the hand just waved us off from behind the trunk lid. I looked at Fish and said "this is what you call Karma biting you in the butt....literally".

A moment later and he was screaming for help over and over. I just looked away, it wasn't something that can be helped now he was already bitten multiple times and by the time we got down there to help he would already finished off. Should have listened, but his position on the pecking order made him feel too important to listen to us. Why do people make the mistake of intelligence being more useful than street smarts all the time. In this instance whatever he was going to get in that car cost him his life and any lack of sympathy. he wanted it he got it simple as that.

Fish asked if I was hungry and my stomach was answering for me. We both started to head down the stairwell while the creams in the background slowly grew silent, it was time to get some grub and find out who was now in charge of the hospital. We were halfway down the stairs and we heard a nurse yelling, me and Fish started to move out fast and when we reached the third floor we found a "thing" climbing on a nurse in the middle of the station she was at. Damn head left the door wide open when he ran for his car. I put my heel to its forehead and then put the nozzle of the shotgun against the side of my foot , "BOOM". Head was gone and the nurse was covered in neck geyser juice. I helped her up and asked if she was OK and she pointed to a bite on her forearm. I hated to have to inform her but she was dead and didn't know it yet. I asked her if she was alone or had anyone here with her she said she didn't and then Fish blew her head off.

Everyone around us started screaming and one of the makeshift soldiers drew his weapon on us. He said authoritatively "drop your guns and get on the floor". I pulled my gun while he had his aiming right at Fish and cocked it and said without so much as a quiver in my voice "you drop the gun he did what he had to and I will too". we stood there trying to see who would flinch and to be honest I was getting tired of people being overly macho , the world was ending and if this guy shoots Fish I will remove his haircut from existence. Fish held up his hands and said to the man "do what you have to , I know I did , she didn't feel a thing, if we left her alone she would be biting us next". The man looked at Fish then me and said " how do I know you haven't been bitten?" I said casually "if we had do you think we would shoot her"? He slowly lowered his gun and as soon as he had it down Fish to his credit mauled him and started giving him a good what for. I pulled Fish off the guy and said " the head of the hospital just got eaten and left the door open for this attack , stop fighting each other or we all die". They both let each other go and the man looked at me and then away, I looked at Fish and said "lets go eat".

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  1. Yikes. That is getting the job done, that's for sure.