Friday, December 16, 2011

21 Legal Drinker

We hauled so much ass on the way to the basement , we were continually turning into dead ends , wrong ways, and so on. Right now would have been a good time to have someone with us who knew this hospital, because we sure didn't. Finally we found a staircase and started going down one flight at a time and finally reached the B level. Looking at each other it was time go time and we got ourselves ready for what could possibly be behind that door. I whispered to Fish to cover me and turned to the door with a mag light in one hand and a gun in the other. Fish was right behind me with his drawn as well and I put my weight into the door and slowly cracked it open. The sweat coming down my face was making my eyes sting and I half wished I could close the door and clear off the sweat, but I was too far in and no turning around now.

The door cracked open enough for me to peek in and I could see a dark hallway with what looked like a fenced in cage at the end of it. I pushed it open just a hair more and started to peek around the edge of the door praying to whatever is out there that didn't cause all of this to keep the backside of the door clear. Nothing there but an even longer hallway and a few doors off of each side and at the end it looked to go left. I closed the door and wiped off my forehead , whew finally then told Fish what was the layout and we both agreed the fenced in portion must be the sewer access.

I leaned back into the door and slipped thru with Fish behind me and as we slowly crept down the hall the door shut behind us making a loud click and echoing in the basement our arrival. We both looked at each other with another "oh man" look and then stood silent listening to anything that may be coming , looking for the thing making that terrible clicking noise. A few seconds and nothing, nothing except our own heartbeats that at times like this seem to be louder than bass drums in a marching band. In the deep recess' of the corridors of that basement I swear I could hear something, something in that basement but what ? Nothing in that basement could have made me any less disturbed than I was right then , or at least i thought but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

We started to slowly standing up crawl down the hallway to the fenced in area to see what we could find , and hoped we didn't run into any of the "things" and keep the hospital safe. Moving closer to the fenced in area it was really difficult to see , it was emergency lighting only so it was only beaming ceiling high and downward in your face and more or less enough light to make everything visible but I was guessing in the basement it wasn't a priority as much as upstairs to keep everything well lit. I had my mag light out and was using it to get more detailed looks into the darkness we were walking into , everyone knows that with a flashlight you only see where it aims everything else is still shrouded in the dark and we were moving low enough to make sure we weren't overlooking what we didn't see.

We reached the fenced in area and it wasn't what we had hoped it would be , it was more the electrical panels for the entire hospital and not the sewer entrance. I looked at Fish and said "well looks like the hunt is on" he nodded and we turned and started heading back where we came from. I figured it was down the hall either right or left but we were definitely getting closer. After passing the way we came into the basement I slipped and lost my footing and looking down me and Fish were staring straight into muddy foot prints that headed up the stairs we had just come down. Whatever left them had walked right behind us and up the stairs. I said to Fish "either you or I have to go and see what that is and stop it, and the other has to see where it came from". Fish nodded again and headed up the stairs with his gun at the ready. Crap that means I'm going in the basement following muddy footprints.

I started in the footprints direction and had a bit of a scare thinking this is the first time a in a bit that I was on my own again. Maybe I could just turn and walk right out of here and start heading to mt brothers. That wouldn't be fair to the people here would it? Should I even think morally when the whole world is lacking them? It is a tough spot to be in but I was guessing the tougher spot if you got overtaken by these "things' so I really should just shut the eff up. I followed the footprints around the corner and looked down the hall in either direction and saw nothing. How could we have let that thing creep right behind us, that could have been our ass I thought as I followed the prints. New lesson I guess, no matter how much you have a task at hand pay attention to the surrounding area because the " things" will be paying attention to you.

At the end of the hall the door was open a bit and the footprints went under it. I got in the ready put the flashlight in my left hand and the gun in my right. Its funny I suck at holding the flashlight in my left hand because I am right handed but I need the gun as well. I just hope I don't miss something with the light , or the gun for that matter. I push the door open with the flashlight tip and looked around. Seeing nothing I looked down to the footprints and found what appeared to be what was left of the janitor. Poor bastard probably went down here to check this sewer outlet out and was a little too confident. Either that or he was hiding, which ever way it went the end was obvious. I went further into the room past the body and finally came upon the entrance it had used. It was a manhole cover that was pushed open a crack but a manhole cover that was grated for venting and just above it was a giant gravity fan leading to a stack thru the roof I imagined. I looked up the stack and saw a bit of daylight and then I was grabbed and yanked into the manhole cover falling a good ten feet to the muck below. I had just said I would pay attention to my surroundings and here I am face planting in a sewer.


  1. Uhg, that is not good. And pretty disgusting. And probably not the worst of what he's gonna find down there!