Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Entry 27

Being stuck in an office and unsure if there was a way out or if the "things" could overtake us made me get extremely anxious. I had not been this nervous in a while about my location but this was about as unsettling as it could get. The thought of the "things" tearing me apart or eating me live was now more real then ever , and ever single noise outside of the locked door was making me get more and more irrational. The worst thing you can be in this situation is unglued and I was almost there, fortunately with Fish in tow I was somewhat anchored and was already glad he was here. We looked at what the room we were in had in it and if there was any possible escape plan. No windows and only one door it was an office that was apparently built in the middle of the back of the counter and had no access other than where we came into it. My head started racing and thoughts of making a break for it filled my head. Just then Fish said to me in a low voice " I think I can make it to the door from here if I move fast". I said "what then I become supper?" He smiled and said " No I get a vehicle and you stay here they chase me and I run them down and get to the door then you run for it". Maybe this was a good plan but for now I thought it sucked bad.

Without as much as a negotiation or a conversation Fish busted through the door and screamed " c'mon you meat bags" and ran for the door to the parking lot. I heard a few gunshots but in his haste to do his plan quickly the door stayed open to the office I was in and I hurried to the door to close it. As I shut the door and locked it I could see a few "things" eyeball me and start coming. I looked around all I had was a desk and filing cabinet, I was screwed and to top it all off the way Fish hauled butt out of here I was pretty sure he was off like a prom dress leaving me to become the appetizer. I looked everywhere and finally up. The lowered ceiling was my only shot and as I hopped up onto the desk to see what was up there the door started banging, they were right outside of it and the lock would only hold for so long.

I climbed up finally to the top of the filing cabinet and was halfway into the ceiling when the door started to give way. I jumped on top of a heating duct and covered the tile back up behind me and that's when I heard the door pop open and the things crawl around just underneath me. I was stuck in total darkness and these "things" had me pinned down like Bruce Willis in Die Hard or some sort scene. I pulled out my flashlight slowly and clicked it on and looked for any sort of exit. In the far corner of the top of the office I could see daylight peeking through a small vent type of thing. I started to shimmy over to the light and the duct I was on top of was holding me very well.

As I got to the vent I could plainly see if was a vent for I was guessing excess heat and maybe the mildew that could form but otherwise it seemed out of place. I took the end of my gun and whacked the vent and it opened enough for me to see through it to the parking lot. I could see Fish way out in the distance with about twenty or so of the things in chase and he was still trying car doors and then running some more. Crazy bastard what the hell was he thinking I thought. I then did my best to try and pull the vents grated cover off and see if I could possibly get out thru it. I yanked it off and got my arm out of it then my head and as I got my head out I looked around and could see I was about ten feet off the grass with nothing and no "things" around me. I pulled my other arm through and then my legs and fell the ten feet on my back. Luckily there were no "things" around because it took me a good minute to get my breathe back , I did knock the wind out of myself and was gasping like a man drowning. I got back up from the ground and rounded up my things and then looked around me , at least I was out of the damn room Fish stuck me in and I was starting to feel a little guilty about taking off without warning the others. But it was every man for himself in this world and they had about 20 of the so called soldiers like myself up there. I don't think they would have came with us and with the looks they were giving us after the nurse we had to put down we probably would have been shot our damn selves.

I looked for Fish where I had last seen him but that area was clear now , no Fish and no "things". I started to wonder if he ditched me like we ditched the whole hospital and in a way I couldn't feel bad if he had , it was what we did to the people upstairs. I wondered if they were looking out the window at me and then wondered if they might shoot me. I gathered everything and started hauling, if they didn't see me they would assume I was dead and that is fine with me. I started doing some double time into the parking lot and that is when I heard the yelling. I looked in the distance and could see Fish that crazy bastard , yelling at the "things" and running them down with a car he got. Maybe he didn't run after all.


  1. Huh, any escape is a good escape! And I thought Fish was history, too! LOL