Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 5

Heading away from the mini-mart my attention quickly was diverted back to the task at hand. I didn't want to get caught in that situation again and having a weapon would be a huge plus at this point, any weapon for that matter. If the people in that backroom had decided to bust out shooting I'm dead to rights done, but with a weapon whether I'm right or wrong with my head in the right place I'm at least still alive. With the evening turning out the way it had without any chance of thinking just acting and for survival , it was becoming more and more clear that whatever it takes to survive is what I would be doing. The middle of the road is a place for the dead , and I just ran another one over .

The way to my brothers was littered with many bodies burnt and overturned, or just plain wrecked cars, and on a few occasions i had to use the bumper to push things aside. But as the night was progressing it was less and less the amount of survivors I was seeing in states of panic , attack , and fear. I tried stopping a few times to help people out but not a one wanted to come near me. Kept on wondering to myself,"am I dead?" sheesh people don't want any help .

miles from the 7-11 and I was getting tired very very tired, and it was eye tired not body tired which is the worst kind driving in the dark with all of your attention staring into space. Passing roads and houses on the side roads was giving me the idea that if the stores are ransacked and the shelves start emptying then people were hoarding and trying to hunker down in these houses I was passing. My head started making me second guess passing them and I was finding myself looking for houses that were shelled or blown out, no windows, maybe the front door kicked in. These were houses that may have food ammo weapons , something I could use besides a chunk of reebar and a slim jim.

On the top of the hill was a mansion of a house. It was huge and white with chimneys and no front windows with a side driveway full of cars. Best part for me not the owners was while its windows were all blown out and the front door somewhat separated from the frame it had no lights on. To me this spelled no one home , either they left in a damn hurry or they were not in any shape to run at all anymore.I pulled into the driveway and idled there for a minute flooding the front of the house with my lights, figuring if anyone or anything was inside it would get their attention good or bad.

After a few minutes of waiting and looking left , right, back, forth it was obvious to me nothing and no one was startled or surprised I was there and that was my invitation, I just hoped the house had something for me.I killed the trucks engine and lights and slowly crept out of the drivers side. The house was a fabulous one, the type a guy like me only goes to when I'm called for service of some sort or maybe to deliver a pizza. A marvel alright but it looks as tho the marvel was a little too off the beaten path for the owners own good.

I swung the mag light from my truck out of my pocket and shot a beam into the window frame that once held glass. Nothing to see but a ram shackled house here, I continued to the busted out door and pushed thru with my foot. The smell of dinner was in the air only very faint , it was after midnight now and I could only assume that meant it was in the kitchen or on the table and whatever happened here was a few hours ago, bonus again for me I didn't want to interrupt any ones dinner.

Heading to the kitchen i found the dinner still half cooked but when they lost power they lost ovens, at least the electric ones the gas range was still charring away on something and I clicked it off. No knives no knives anywhere.....To the next room the dining area and nothing some busted table settings and nothing, no one. To the next room and so on , one room after another nothing in them but destruction and debris but no bodies, no things, nothing. Heading to the stairs I found a body of a middle aged woman in well to do clothes , without a head just a neck and body. No one else around no gun no weapon just a headless body. I moved past her to the top floor to find the rest of the family in the main bedroom , nothing I can talk about but a father and seemingly 3 kids that didn't fare well in the final stand he did have a hand gun on him and a shotgun on his side . The handgun was 3 rounds shy of full the shotgun had not been fired and I was thinking "at least I have this going for me" poor schmuck he didn't have a chance." Whatever was in here looks to have been in the master bath and got him from behind while he was fixed on the door to the hall his I guess wife's headless body lay.

Grabbing both guns i searched his general area for ammo and found a box of shells for each weapon on the floor next to the unfortunate souls body. He had the right idea but didn't have the right location. Being barricaded in the bedroom on the second floor wasn't a great option either and i quickly realized it was time I move on as well before I hand these weapons to the next guy finding them in a dead guys hands, moving is winning in my head and I planned on moving right now.

Back in the kitchen I rounded up a few things that were in the fridge, i didn't know where i was going to find power that left anything cold again for a while and these things were only in a dead fridge a few hours so some cold cuts a few odds and ends some bread and a 12 pack I was right like rain. Back in the truck I did my usual sit and listen for a bit making sure not to hear anything from any direction and then, I made a sandwich and cracked a brew. Throwing the truck in 2nd and launching the clutch I ripped out and started down the road, filling my stomach and smiling at the thought that with some guns I had an off chance of making it a bit farther.

I never made it to my brothers that night , I made it about 12 miles further and had a good 12 to go when my truck decided to remove itself from service via a tire blowout. I would love to say "shoot I'm in a tow truck changed that tire and moved on" but tow trucks don't have spares they are too big and once a front tire is launched you are in a world of hurt and i was. The thought was in my head that I could remove a back tire and swap it out and then limp with a flat on the back dually but that would take time and make noise and being on a dark road I wasn't having any of it. I started scanning the area for a suitable replacement hoping it wouldn't me a Yugo or something as useful, and preferably with all of its glass.

My eyes glanced back and forth and I spotted it a Jeep with a rack and alot of off road doodads, it was perfect. Only problem is its in a driveway and now I'm going to have to remove the keys from either the key holder  inside or the owner, and neither way was sitting well with me, how much luck will I have tonight with empty houses full of what I need?

Walking by the jeep I could see an alarm light blinking, definitely don't want to try the door and see what I wake up. I had both guns my mag light a backpack full of vittles and the reebar, what can I say I'm a sucker for old favorites. The door to this particular house was locked and I started to wonder if the people inside even knew what was happening . Maybe they went to bed early and I will seem like a screw job at 2 am banging on the door with my stories of hell on earth. I peeked in a window and saw a dark empty house and figured I would try my luck, and rang the bell. Yep you guessed right no power no bell, I hauled off and started banging on the door hard. I heard stumbling, banging ,swearing and then the door opened and a gun as big as mine was shoved into my face.

"what the hell do you want ?" was all the voice said wearily. Actually had to regroup because with the gun in my face my story would probably get me shot so I said " my truck just blew up and I need a ride". The man looked at my guns and said " alright c mon in".........

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  1. That dude is pretty trusting if he saw your guns and still let you in! LOL