Friday, December 30, 2011

# 35

Holding up the box of condoms the young possible party girl wasn't fighting fair. We could possibly be killed today and eaten, we were likely two of maybe a few hundred people left in the area , let alone the world for all we knew. And I had not been with a woman in a long, long time. Contrary to what you think my line of work didn't get woman to fall all over me. As all of this was running through my mind my body took over the situation and like a couple of kids shopping with their mom we found the nearest coat rack that was full and went into the middle of it. Game was definitely on and if anyone was keeping score that was their own problem. I imagine we were not as covert as we had thought but luckily none of the other group was in the area to see it . I think the coat rack looked like it was having angry sex with the floor at some point, but I would digress.

Meanwhile the rest of the group was off on their own missions and who knows what they were up to. I would figure Rusty would be all about the weapons , he looked like the type of guy to hunt and fish and fix things like me so he wouldn't be swayed by too much in his quest. The other group who knows they seemed a bit lackadaisical in their attitude. I mean the world seemingly is over as we knew it and these zombie like things were everywhere trying to eat us. I don't know about you but I wouldn't spend day after day in that reality and still act like someone should pinch me it must be a dream.

Leeanne was unreal in that coat rack I must say. If there is such a thing as angry or make-up sex being good , well let me say end of the world survival comfort sex has it all beat hands down. Either that or she was a porn star/ stripper at some point in her young life, which ever way you slice it I wasn't bitching. After we were done I had a feeling she would act as if it never happened but I was way off on that one. She was all over me the entire time we were finishing up the shopping. Hands on parts that are not normal in public , tongue in my ear and trying to force my hand in various predicaments whenever I reached for anything. In a normal setting this girl had red flags everywhere, but in this one she was mighty cool.

We had enough stuff to fill the two carriages and started heading back and she was making up cute names for me and grabbing me down the aisle. I almost felt ashamed or embarrassed by it , thinking the group would look down on us or something for it. It was a different world you don't get congratulated on having a girlfriend you get slapped lol. We headed to the front end to wait for the rest and when we arrived there was no sign of them. Lee said we should head to the food and see if we can find anyone else. I agreed and we left the carriages and headed that way. On the way Lee grabbed me and dragged me into the customer service department area and then to the backroom. We started going hot and heavy and then I thought for a second and in mood kill fashion asked if the security cameras were still working. Lee assured me they weren't the place had no power and then proceeded to do something that made my eyes cross and her to only hum.

 A bit later we headed out to find the rest of the group waiting near our carriage. I said in a rather unbelievable voice " we were looking for security cameras but couldn't find them". Rusty started laughing and Brent said " did you find them in her bra?" I hadn't noticed but Lee was a mess and hadn't straightened up from our activities. She jumped behind me and started getting fixed up and Fish was standing there just shaking his head with that damn smirk on his face. Hey whats a guy to do it was what it was, and I wasn't the only party in this. After she had fixed herself up we headed to the front and started getting everything in the van. Rusty had procured a few arrows and bows and also a thing that looked like an evil lawn dart that he said he was going to sharpen up.

We got the van almost fully loaded and Lee came to the front of the bus as I was starting it up, and thank god it did. We hadn't thought about it not starting when we shut it down and it was on flat ground this time. The drive here must have charged it all up because it fired like a champ. She leaned into me and whispered "look what I picked up." Looking at what she was hiding under her shirt was an outfit made for a hooker to feel slutty. And i liked it , I have to admit. It wasn't like we were going to hold hands on the beach or get married and have kids it was physical and that outfit was as well.

We got the truck up and running and started back to route 6, the whole time Lee sat right behind me with her hand on my shoulder. I still didn't get why she was so into me, maybe she was deep down afraid and saw me and Fish could take care of things on a certain level. Maybe it was when she wanted to check her family I was the one to say OK. I was not too sure but whatever the reason it made me feel better about the overall situation. Fish piped up and said "It will be getting dark soon enough we should stop ahead somewhere, I wouldn't want to be looking in any neighborhood for your family in the dark". Lee shook her head in agreement, we were only maybe seven miles from the area she said to head to and it would suck in the dark. In my head I thought maybe the city was safe it had a bridge you needed to cross and for sure the army would hold up there and keep it all back from them right? Maybe it would be a tough one to cross for us but if so at least Lee would know her family was safe.

We headed up the road and came upon a giant Holiday Inn. Fish waved me to pull in and as we did there was one "thing" in the lot coming for us. Lee's hand tightened on my shoulder as I ran it down and we continued on. I pulled in under the overhang for airport limos and cars and we all started unloading. Me and Fish headed in first and left rusty with a gun to watch everyone else. We did a quick look around then headed to the rooms facing the lot the bus was in. We would have to check every room on the floor and then bar the doors for the upstairs so nothing possibly up could come down. In our travels I ran across a switch for emergency lighting in the office, I hit it and the halls at least had light. We moved in further and found a pool indoors with the lights on and heat going. My stomach was sinking this is no accident what the hell is this?

The lights in the pool room kicked on and I could hear a shotgun cock. We turned around and found an elderly couple standing on the upper balcony with a bead on us. The man said "Who the hell are you and why are you here". I responded"We were just heading to find family and thought we could stay the night ,me, Fish here and a few others, and we have food". The man lowered the gun and smiled " why didn't you say so send them in were safe here mi casa su casa". Me and Fish smiled finally people who I don't have to hate and run over.

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  1. Good to find some companionship during all the horror! And a Holiday Inn and new friends, too. I'm sure the good times won't last long, tho! LOL