Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Number 28

I watched as Fish barrelled through the crowd of "things", they were flying everywhere. Over the roof, off the side, and underneath the car , it was quite the spectacle to watch them walk into the vehicle and bounce off. The car was sustaining heavy damage and just as I thought about it possibly happening "boom" the airbags detonated. The car swerved left then right and slammed into another car that was abandoned in the wake of what had happened here. I started a crisp run to the car and found Fish with canvas rash all over the right side of his face , dazed and a little incoherent. I pulled him out and said "Thanks for leaving me back there to save your ass and then total the getaway car." He was so out of it he said I was welcome, dumb ass . I reached past him while he leaned on the car and grabbed the bag he had full of everything we needed.

As we searched for another car I could hear someone yelling at us. Turning around I heard the crack of a gun and the car next to me and Fish took a shot from a bullet. Panning up to where it came from I spotted a man surrounded by 3 other people on the roof, the very roof me and fish used for a smoking area. I could faintly hear him and he was yelling " your not getting away murderers" and he took another shot. Damn too ,too, close I grabbed the bag and me and Fish ran off in the direction he ran the "things" down in. It was further away from target practice and the "things" in this direction were already compromised. Just as I had feared they thought that the nurse we shot was an act of murder, and if they continued with the thoughts that a bite didn't change you then they wouldn't be alive for long.

Me and Fish were a good quarter mile away when the gun fire stopped, I half wondered if they gave up shooting at us or if they realized they had brought UN-needed attention to the location on the roof. I know I wouldn't take more than one shot at a time from up there and lastly of all start yelling between bursts. They thought we were murderers , hell they might have just killed themselves. No one would want that much attention to a location they were at , let alone a location the "things" can just wait outside of keeping you trapped. I was now relieved I had left when I did, for all we knew the people upstairs were planning on either killing us or imprisoning us. Now we are free of that place and the people upstairs who obviously don't realize the weight of the situation.

We ran as best we could as far as we could trying every vehicle we came across. Half of them had dead batteries the other half had no keys. My hopes of ever getting to my brothers house were diminishing and so was my will to continue. The more we pressed on the more we both were tired. Each turn we would take would involve hiding from "things" shooting a few that were unavoidable and trying everything and anything that looked like a movable piece of transport.

We didn't have much luck for anything with wheels and it was getting colder and colder as the day moved along. Finally winter was settling in and with it was our chances to stay out in the middle of nowhere without some form of insulation. I talked it over with Fish and we started looking for a place to squat for a while with the end of the day approaching and the cold air coming in. The cold air was starting to give way to a raw air and then it started to snow. The snow started as a few flakes and then a light flurry, but after that it was getting heavy. As it grew heavier the air grew colder and me and Fish were scattering like roaches when the lights turn on for anywhere to go. Finally I found a building that had no "things" near it. We made our way inside and the front desk had the information surrounding it to make me understand that it was an insurance company.

We took a quick look around the building and then we made sure we didn't have any of the "things" hiding anywhere. The building was a good 5 stories high and as I walked the halls I recalled it being a bank when it first opened and then a few more, the banking crisis really had the banks scatter for a footing. But having not payed any attention to it never realized it was insurance. It was a building close to the City Hall and the river as well. I knew when we had the building cleared that finding a decent mode of transportation was next in the cards. The building afforded great views of the highway and their was no traffic on it. Finally a road that wasn't blocked with traffic and this neck of the highway was always a traffic jam. Maybe the military cleared it , I thought to myself as Fish interrupted my zoning out.

"We need to start a fire in here I'm freezing"he said to me in a chilled lip chattering voice. I agreed and we decided to go to the roof and light a nice fire on the top. At least that way it didn't light the inside of the building in the dark and if the top of the building was ablaze it would appear as a fire. The fire would have to be able to burn for a long time because being outside we would be freezing otherwise. Me and Fish carried a bunch of desks to the roof to make a small shelter and then broke up everything made of wood we could find for firewood. Then I did a recheck of every door on the bottom floor and made sure that everyone of them was locked and barred, I didn't want any surprises while soaking in the heat. Fish showed up after I did a door check with a hand full of snacks saying he raided every break room he found and we would be having a vending machine feast in front of the fire.


  1. Well, at least they got away from there. What was worse, the zombies or the people?

  2. I would guess people can be worse if they start panicking and overthinking