Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 9

The road was desolate and sporadically littered with various things , and people. Time and time again driving I would see a thing either coming towards the truck as I drove by or seemingly feeding on a body, it made me wonder if all of the zombie movies from my past were accurate, and if these were the actual equivalent to a zombie. What did happen and why? How did it spread so fast and is the whole zombie thing whats going on or is this an infection or flu type of thing a bug if you will. It was hard to imagine a sudden cure and then trying to just go back to life as we know it with everything that had already happened and so fast. How do you go to the drive-thru and get a happy meal when you remember the things I had seen in just the past few hours.

I just kept on driving and heading to my brothers house in hopes everything was safer a bit farther away from my location. No matter how bad of a day I am having I had to imagine maybe things were better just a few miles further. Mile after mile and it was one bad scene after another, cars on fire, houses burned out, people laying in various states of distress. My hopes were diminishing as I made progress to my destination.

Rounding a turn the roadway was getting narrower and no matter how slow I was going the truck made attempts at running off the side. Wrestling the wheel was becoming tiring, the tires were starting to bite the debris off the road and I was realizing having huge tires wouldn't pay dividends tonight. As the turns started to get smoother and the road got wider I started to relax , maybe sleep deprivation was catching up I wasn't sure but I knew the road opening up was making it easier, as my head nodded.

Mile after mile ticked by and the rural area opened up into a bigger more open situation with big box stores, apparently the route I was on had hit a point next to a major highway and I was in shoppers land. Not being used to seeing all the neon signs there but not glowing was strange but then again not much lately wasn't strange. Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Toys R us, the stores just went by and some of the lots had plenty of cars still in them, making me think about the poor people doing their early Christmas shopping and being caught up in whatever the hell this was.

Coming to the middle of a huge intersection there was a lone figure standing in the middle of the road,my eyes caught up to him and I locked up my brakes . In front of me just past the headlights was a man walking towards me, and unlike the past few things I had seen this was something , something different. He had a way about him , as if he was walking to a store in one of the malls no hurry, no panic , just a casual walk, I sat there awe struck almost at the calmness of the figure.

His shadow seemed to move as his hand searched behind him and as the shadow returned to normal a sonic boom echoed thru the night. "BOOM BOOM BOOM" he was shooting at me, at least I thought he was until the things started collapsing into the side of my truck , mortally or immortally wounded I wasn't too sure.I had my gun out and aiming right at him but he didn't waiver he just kept walking calmly towards me but the gun stayed locked on one of the things that still had some movement. He was close enough now to see his face, he had a straggly goatee and long hair almost biker like or metal head from the 80s. He spit on the thing and unloaded a final round into it. "blam" its upper body and head took the shot.

"They were sneaking right up on ya" he said casually and turned like he was going to walk away. "woah, woah, woah, where are you going" I said loudly, "who are you man and thanks". He turned back to me and said "I am the mother effin President of the world, least at this point I am". He was a bit dirty and had the look of a guy who had been thru as much B/S tonight as I had. "well hell man where are you headed Mr President" I fired back . He smirked and said "you hungry man I got some eats a ways off if you give me a lift soups on". I leaned over and popped the door on the passenger side, and the man got in. "Be my GPS and lemme know where I am heading" I said, and we both rolled off the path into the darkness.