Monday, December 26, 2011

# 31

We started out on a long walk across the Bridge connecting our city to the small town on the other side of the river. Before we had headed out we made sure we were as bundled up as possible and that we had weapons at the ready. Not knowing what lay ahead we were determined to be ready for whatever came. Surprises can make you have mistakes and mistakes make you dead. Getting the group together and cohesive was a challenge in itself. Making sure they understood what we were trying to do and that anyone bitten would be removed from circulation was hard at first. The group of younger kids didn't want to accept the rules of travel with me and Fish at first. But after some discussion they were OK with it having realized we were the best chance for survival. Me and Fish were never much in the world but in the new one we were regular Mad Max type's.

We started out at first almost in an infantry like division. We would split me and Fish to the front and back of the group. One would lead then when clear wave the rest of the group to follow. I felt like I was in some classic military movie, at least until me and Fish switched and I was in the lead. Stress doesn't quite cover the feeling you get when your the eyes for the group and what you are leading them into. I would make a break for a small area but big enough for all of us to squeeze in. Then wave them over ,after that start looking for the next area to head to. Some times it would seem in the wrong direction to where we were headed, but it was all for the sake of our group. I knew halfway into the endeavor I could have covered the area in half the time but I didn't want to have anyone on the group give up where we were to anyone. All this responsibility added to the thoughts of what a wrong move would mean to my own personal safety made me about as stressed as I could get.

We made it to the edge of the bridges entrance where the on ramp would lead traffic to the right lane and cross over the river. The bridge was a long one and was all highway but in the situation we had found ourselves in it was abandoned with various cars and trucks stopped or crashed all over it . I leaned back once we were safely on the bridge and reminded everyone of the obstacle before us. " Everyone listen this is a bad spot to be in because if we run into anything we have a long way to go either way to escape and jumping is not an answer but an end." I then continued "Move quietly we need to be safe not make time, we have no idea what is in store for us and making a racket will only wave a flag to where we are". Then jokingly Fish added " yeah don't make us shoot you". It got a lot of stares but I knew he was kidding and broke it up with laughter.

We started across the bridge and moved one car at a time in the same formation as before. I would move ahead gun aiming in front of me and then wave everyone to follow. In the movies this always looked easy but in real life you got very tired fast from the stress of it all. Fish swapped out with me and started the lead which made it easier taking up the rear. He would run ahead and then wave us to follow and I would take the caboose while watching behind us and keeping an eye as each one of the group made there way to him. We were halfway across when Fish held up and then signaled for me to catch up to him. I ran past the group and told them to sit tight and made my way over to Fish. I got up to his side and didn't need to hear what the hold up was. A "thing" was feasting on a body in a car just in front of him and it didn't appear there was a way to get past it.

I said to Fish " I don't want to use guns here we have a long way to go and I don't want anything interested in the bridge". He agreed and then did something only in imaginations not in real life. He grabbed the thing from behind and heaved it off the bridge. I was in shock watching the "thing" flail and wiggle the whole way down off the side of the bridge to a thunderous crash into the icy water below. It was so surreal I didn't know what to say but the fast act of it all not only caught me off guard but the "thing" as well I suppose. It didn't fight back I think it was as shocked as we were. Looking back at all of us he said "O yeah Merry Christmas". We all busted out laughing at him. Sometimes a gift can be a moment in time and he gave us that. After a good hearted laugh that can only be described as creepy we continued on our way and to the small town bordering the river.

One at a time we all wished each other a Merry Christmas and traveled as a tight pack the rest of the way, I don't know if it was overconfidence after what Fish did or that we felt safer now, but we all stayed in a tight formation and shook each others hands and gave merry wishes. The rest of the way across the bridge was uneventful except for one "thing" that was pinned under a car and couldn't move. We walked by it and just looked down, the poor bastard was in for a long time of rotting and waiting. We made it to the other side and started into the woods off the side of the highway. Eventually we would hit route 6 and that leads all the way to Providence. If only we could find some wheels we could make up some distance with smiles on our faces. We pressed on trying random cars and trying to keep a positive outlook.

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  1. Never thought of crossing that bridge that way. But at least the made it across!