Friday, December 30, 2011

# 36

Fish decided to go and get everyone else inside with all the loot from the Target while I stayed and got to feel out the folks in the hotel a bit better. The man looked to be in his late sixties to early seventies and the woman was trailing behind by maybe a year or two. They were dressed like vacationing elderly people with Hawaiian shirts and visors the whole bit. As I walked up the staircase to the top balcony overlooking the pool it came into view the table they were both sitting at. It was loaded with pina coladas , smokes and what looked to be an alarm clock from a room that was playing a Cd from the forties. It looked like a couple taking it easy with no hint of what was going on outside the doors, except the giant gun he had by his side.

"My name is Fred and this is Unice were from here originally , where are you all from?" He asked with a caring voice. " We are from basically here " I said. Then added " we were just heading to Providence to check on other people in the groups family members then head up north to check on mine". The look on his face led me to believe it would be a hard day tomorrow when it changed at the mention of Providence. I leaned in and said " Look don't say anything about Providence if it's bad , my girl is trying to check her family there OK". He nodded and got quiet while Unice asked if I wanted some tea, it was after all fresh she said.

The crew came in just then and broke an uncomfortable silence between all of us. We had seen some real stuff the past few days and the way Fred had acted I wasn't sure how to take it. Lee ran up the stairs and bear hugged me...This trampy gal was getting awful clingy, red flag waved again, but I ignored it. I had to admit it was nice to have someone care about you even if it was what this was, I still felt good about it and as a matter of fact couldn't wait to find a nice clean bedroom to try some real odd stuff with her in a bed. But my perversions aside we did have a nice place with what looked to be a heated pool, possibly the last one we could ever see, and some gracious thus far hosts.

Fish cracked open a bottle of wine from i would guess the office because I know Target didn't sell any, and we proceeded to have a good party with food , wine , some old music and some good pool time. We were all jumping in and goofing around it was like spring break. Even Brent appeared to smile for a moment as well as Jenn, that was a rarity. Water fights, Marco polo, side to side races, who could hold their breath longest, it was like a vacation scene. I was up top looking down with my gun. Fred asked " why don't you go and have some fun with the others"? I just shrugged and said" I don't swim too well and I would rather keep a guard up on the place just in case". He responded reassuringly with " This place is tighter than a steel drum, I was a manager here and when this all went down we jumped in the bingo wagon and head over". I asked " Was there anyone here?" He nodded yes and said" not much left of them we killed the ones that were attacking and threw them down the incinerator chute , we haven't seen one since been a few days but thank god you showed up our food was running low." I told them we were happy to share and grateful for the place to sleep and sorry if we were any burden what so ever. Unice said we were welcome as long as we wanted they were riding it out here no matter what they were ready for it. Must be easier to just think "o well if it is time it is time", I bet there is less stress when you don't have to fight every inch of the way.

I also noticed almost immediately that Unice had a bandage on her forearm, a wound I had missed when her sweater was on. I think she noticed me looking at it because the sweater went back on over the shoulders with the sleeves covering it. Fred looked at me then her than smiled and not so confidently stated " Oh that she fell yesterday that was nothing she's fine, she's fine." But Unice wouldn't make eye contact with me or look in my direction. As they say the eyes always give it away. I knew there was more to this than they were letting on so I decided to keep this info to myself and an eye on Unice.

Fish climbed out of the pool and signaled for a drink so I started to pour him another pint glass of wine. As he came up the stairs for his drink I looked down and caught Lee staring a hole in me in her bra and panties, using them as a bikini. She was definitely easy on the eyes and that made me ask Fred if they had hot water in the place. He said of course like it was odd to ask, and stated the generator downstairs running emergency lights also ran the electric hot water tank. That was all the news I needed as I waved Lee to come on out and  told everyone I bid them adieu and took Lee and her clothes down to room 108 and locked it behind us, night night kiddies time for some alone time.

Lee was all for getting into a hot shower and smelling like chlorine and sweat I agreed, however she dragged me in as well and for what it is worth we had hours of amazing and odd sex , the type you have on vacation not in an apocalypse. We both lay there after a few hours looking up at the ceiling and then it happened , Lee broke down. Crying and sobbing I thought "great this is how I thought this would go" but it wasn't me it was her. She cried for a while and I asked her finally what was wrong and if it was me or us. She said " No, no ,no not you at all I'm afraid , afraid of tomorrow , afraid of everyday after that". I held her tightly and rocked her, that was all I could do without lieing. Then said in a soft voice " tomorrow is tomorrow , all we really have is right now". She turned and kissed me, saved I thought to myself and back to an X rated movie we went.

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  1. Well, the impending doom of Unice aside, that was a good night!