Saturday, December 17, 2011

22 Entry

I found myself face down in the muck , my jaw hurting, nose bleeding, trying to figure out what just happened. It didn't take me long to figure out what the hell happened, a "thing" came up from behind me and started to pick me up by my hair. It was in actuality the reason I was down here , it pulled my down by my legs. I tried to twist around but had little luck as a handful of my hair was twisting in its paw and no matter how much I struggled I was making its grip tighter in my locks. I reached a point of panic and desperation as I didn't know if it was about to bite me or what and not being able to get a good sighting on it I instinctively swung my head back as hard as I could smashing it in the nose. You know you hit hard when your back of your head starts ringing and mine was a school bell.

As soon as I did the reverse head butt my hair was free and despite the release of the grip I was still a bit dizzy and out of it. I finally managed to turn around and found a "thing" bobbing all over the place with blood pouring from its nose. News to me was that they can be stunned with a face shot maybe I hit the brain with that one. The "thing" looked like it was going a few rounds with Tyson as it started flopping on the ground and sloppily trying to get up. It was a moment that you probably had searched on YouTube for and here it was in front of me. In a different situation I would be on the floor laughing at the site of it but in the present situation I was readying my gun for a final close-up. The "thing tried to get up one more time and fell on its face, that was when I emptied about 2 rounds in the back of its brain pan. Immediately the "thing" stopped moving.

I got back up to my feet and cleared the cobwebs, and started to look around. I made a solid effort to get back up to the top of the hole I was pulled thru but just couldn't reach the edge to pull myself through. I bent down and felt around in the muck for my flashlight and finally dug it out of something that was on the same plain as road tar. Wiping it off as best I can I clicked it on and too a gander at my new surroundings. Not exactly what I would call the Ritz but it was fine for the "things". Speaking of "things" I grabbed the one I had just recently relieved of his hard day of thinking and dragged his body under the opening. Maybe just maybe he could give me a boost, it was the least he could do after my sending him to a better place. Not heaven or the afterlife but better than this rotting sinkhole of a sewer I was standing in. I climbed aboard the SS zombie train and took a stab at jumping for the edge of the hole again. This time I grabbed it but just barely, it made me wonder how the hell that thing got such a damn good lead to reach my ankles. Christmas cookies sake what was it Michael Jordan.

All kidding aside i was now hanging by the edge of the hole I fell thru and didn't want to let go. God only knows how many of these "things" are down here and I wasn't going to have much strength to pull myself up again if I blew this. As I struggled to get myself up though the hole I realized that my cardio and strength training were completely lacking. I struggled to pull myself up and thought I may have pulled a muscle just to get my shoulders up through the hole but wouldn't give up that easily. As I got my waist even with the opening and was almost halfway through I had a feeling of complete relief come over me. As if the basement was some sort of "goolsy" in a child's game that I had reached and being in that basement made me totally safe. The fact that I was still in a world that appeared to be flicking humanity off its ass like fleas was besides the point, I wasn't in that damn sewer and that for now was darn good enough.

 Just as I got my legs up into the basement a "thing" was underneath me swinging for my butt. I guessed I had dodged a bullet that time , if I was yanked down now there would have been two of them down there and I would most likely be some form of a breakfast burrito. I got up to my feet and slid the lid shut on that darn "thing". Whatever it had as a reason for still being animated I wasn't going to start feeling sorry for it or waste a bullet on it. A "thing" trapped in a sewer is as good as a dead one to me. Looking around I found a few heavy objects and dropped them all on the grate- like lid. That will keep these damn things at bay.

Walking out of the area I headed back to the staircase and then it dawned on me that Fish went after the other "thing" that was cruising into the hospital. Surely if he had no issue he would have been back by now to see how I was making out. My walk turned into a full on sprint and I Hauled up the stairs hoping that everything and everyone was alright. I had the muck covered flashlight beaming at the footprints that Fish had followed and I was right on the trail of both of them. In the back of my mind I had envisioned Fish being overtaken and maybe even the whole hospital and how my slip rather than just sealing the sewer could be costing people their lives right now. My sprint turned into a panicked run like I was heading to a house fire with screams inside.

Floor #3 and the footprints head into the doorway and disappear under the door and my stomach tightens up. I am not getting puke sick anymore just knots and realize my ability to handle this stress is becoming stronger. I pushed the door open with the flashlight and looked around , it was dead quiet and the footprints went down the hall and around the corner. I walked slowly after the footprints and had the gun aiming in front of me. Turning the corner I found in the dark part of the hall ahead of me was a man on the ground and another man leaning over him. I feared that Fish was down being eaten and started to slowly approach the situation before me. As I got close I heard Fish say in a quivering voice " sorry dad you left me no choice".

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  1. Ugh, disgusting but apt, I suppose. And that sucks for Fish. Them's the breaks.