Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 3

Turning out of the driveway my thoughts were deep for my brother and his family and wondering just how far this had spread. I was thankful for the car charger for my phone but still had no signal at all. I headed down the road towards the highway hoping that the highway would be clearer than the side roads and that I could make some time up and get to my brothers house before anything else or anyone else would be victims.

My hopes didn't pan out as i neared the entrance ramp for the highway it was already a visible parking lot.  Quickly i turned a U and headed back the other direction and start towards the side roads, I was always pretty good with directions and finding my way but in complete darkness with everything and anything in the roads and anybody as well it was going to be a long night.

First thing on my agenda was to find some sort of vehicle that wasn't missing a window and had a better miles per gallon than the tank i was in. The tow truck was like a battering ram but had no maneuverability and got 8 mpg. Not knowing where to get diesel with no power was a bad thing as well, I headed to the nearest construction yard in hopes of a hand pump and some red fuel ( red fuel is common for construction equipment its dyed red for easy ability to tell for DOT as it has no road tax on it per gallon for construction use only) figuring the last thing someone is going to do is stick my tanks and fuel is fuel, hell i would run this on smurfs ground up in coffee if i could , I just needed to get to my brothers.

Heading down the road I locked in on the notion a company I worked for had a giant diesel truck out back in the mining pit and it ran its own pump off the trucks engine like a home heating oil truck, which is what it once was. The only issues with going there were 2 things , one its in the middle of nowhere in a mine and two its about 9 miles from me. While I was heading that way I kept my eyes peeled for not only possible spare fuel tanks but also for anything resembling a gun or weapon, I had never used a gun in my life before but at this point its all I could think of.

On the way there a disturbing thing happened , a child , but not just a child a child of about 2 years old sitting in the middle of the street staring directly at me and crying but not moving . Locking up my brakes it was all I could do to keep the truck from running right over him, I was becoming aware that going this fast when possible still was dangerous. The door to the truck made a loud crack as it opened, I was supposed to grease it a week ago but lost the time. The child as I approached was not crying as initially thought but actually drooling, and was covered in some dark matter that I didn't want to imagine what it came from. Starting to back up to the truck the child was right on my toes trying to keep his balance stepping over the rubble in the road and was keeping up pretty good too.

Now was the time I had to make a huge jump and it was wether or not I was going to slam this toddler or step away, but after what had happened at my mothers it occurred to me that this child while it almost caught me could very well trick someone else. For all I knew this is how my mother got caught, and as soon as it ran thru my mind I hauled off and destroyed the child with my boot. But not like imagining kicking a toddler in the face this toddler hit the ground and was already getting back up like he fell over nothing more. No tears , no whimper, nothing , just back to getting its teeth in me.

I hopped into the truck and slammed the door only to find myself sitting side by side with a thing that had got into the passengers lack of window and was already on my neck. Quickly I shoved him away and slammed it in gear , and while fending him off i ran down the toddler who was nothing but a speed bump that made a crunch . The thing on my right was all for giving me a hickey but i was all for getting him off of me, and the will was strong but its flesh was weak,( one thing I have learned about them is while they have no fear of weapons or any common sense and are very tenacious, they have half the strength they once did and its a good thing too,) if only there jaws were weak as well, the biting is where the hell starts.

Keeping the throttle to the floor I was swerving back and forth trying to keep the thing off balance but funny thing was my balance sucked as well and more than a few times i thought I had almost rolled him teeth first into my shoulder. Not really knowing yet what was going on I had relied on my zombie movie knowledge for my safety and as far as I knew the biting I was watching them try was how this was spreading . I didn't want to be dinner or the next walking whatever they were.

Luck would have it as i swerved one time to my left and the thing slammed the passengers door it popped open and the thing went sailing out the truck. In my excitement  i yelled out " yeahhhh buddy eat it" but was so excited i drove straight into a tree. Not one of my better moments and I ate the steering wheel and a bit of the windshield . While I was trying to get myself back to the land of the not too bright tow truck drivers the thing I had just celebrated launching into the street was walking right up behind me. Taking the ignition and trying to fire up the stalled out truck i heard a crunch and spotted the window hopper staggering behind me and couldn't get the truck started quick enough. Boom the truck fired and I slammed it in reverse, running the thing down and hard.

Limping the truck to the mining pit i slammed thru the gate that protects the entrance and drove down the hill towards the fuel truck and hopefully a moment of peace where I would actually look forward to fueling the truck and seeing if i lost any teeth on my wheel. As I headed down the dirt road towards the darkness and the fuel truck i wondered if the truck or even I would make it to my brothers.


  1. Ack! Scary stuff... Wonder how things will be at your brother's! LOL

  2. beating a child isnt funny , killing a zombie child