Friday, December 30, 2011

# 37

The night was long and no matter what we did , it was like me and Lee were trying to outdo each other. If you are ever in a competition with a gorgeous brunette I bag you to make it a sex contest, there are no losers. We woke the next morning and it was nice to wake up when you felt like it and be in the arms of someone you were this close with. I still didn't know much about Leeanne but what I did know was good enough for now. As we got up we were both a bit too sore to start the attack mode so we had quick showers and made out a bit but I was thankful it ended there, and I believe she was as well. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing I guess but I still say no complaints here. We headed out and wandered a bit, Lee had not seen the entire bottom floor. The Lobby was nice and don't ask me how they did it but Fred and Unice made waffles for all of us. Hell I didn't even know we had waffle mix but they were very good. Lee was feeding me and I felt like a king lol it was a nice morning and I even tried feeding her but syrup fell on her cleavage and well we all know what went on next.

Fish was noticeably angry over the whole bit with us but hey we were into each other and what I had said the night before was true. If a hoard of "things" came in from the main entrance right now we have little options so why not enjoy each others company. If you aren't enjoying every moment you have for yourself at this point you are truly a miserable S.O.B. We all headed over to the pool area and Unknown to all of us Lee had indeed picked up bikinis when we were at the store and Lee,Linda ,Jenn and Deb were all making me and Fish glad to have picked this group up. Fish was a bit obvious who he had eyes for as anything Deb did Fish was on it. Sad to say she was cold on him for whatever reason , maybe even at the end of the world poor old Fish couldn't get laid. Jenn however was seemingly making some time with Brent who was the jock of the bunch and had pretty much everyone of us beat on the abs. Anytime he had a chance Brent's shirt was off , he was like the gay dude in that vampire movie.

Sitting with Fish and we had Fred and Unice right behind us they did truly look happy to have us here and the food as well. Just down the road was a humongous Wal-Mart and despite my hatred for the place if it had food we were game and maybe this afternoon me and Rusty would do a supply run , we picked up food but it was just for the road trip and being here partying we had burned through a lot of it. I just had to inform Rusty of this lol and Lee who I think would have a melt down with me out of her sights at this point. I do have to say watching her in the pool frolicking with her friends was surreal , thinking she was even into me. I wont get all low self esteem on you but she was the type to get whoever she wants and I wasn't the stud of this bunch.

Fish asked me about Lee and what the hell was going on. I just told him straight up she was younger and gorgeous but she was scared and whatever she sees in me got her going. I told him i would call it rape at Target but I was too willing , we both laughed at that and I even heard Fred giggle. I then talked to him about a run to the store and he agreed but he also said we had at some point had to go to Providence and see what was what. We worked out a plan where I would find another vehicle in the lot and take Lee to Providence and Fish and Rusty would run to the store and try and do a quick food and supply pick up.

We excused ourselves from the balcony and slipped outside to see what we had for options in the lot. I found several cars that ran there which shocked me, the people here never got far maybe a hoard came through or they just ditched the car and tried getting back to the hotel. Not many bodies in the lot for the amount of cars I thought but what can you do. I found a small VW Bug that was a stick and ran good with a half tank of gas and Fish had a little pick up that was a stick and ran good with three quarters of a tank, neither of us wanted to use the bus for a quick run anywhere. That was better for the whole group and saving it's fuel was a good idea.

I got grabbed by the back and spun around and the smirk on Fish's face was priceless. Lee in her bikini was pissed and started ripping me a new one. "Wtf where were you I look up and your gone!" Then she started crying, god dammit my soft spot every time. I calmed her down and promised to keep her on my side every inch of the way. She made me promise about ten times and then I explained the plan and she hugged me like a bear and thanked me for doing it still. I wouldn't back down now and besides I wanted to get to my brothers still and that was her chance to step up. We went back inside and got ready for the trips ahead. Fish made me promise we were coming back and I told him we were brothers in war and one way or another I was coming back. Then we would go to my real brothers and he agreed. We stocked up on ammo and weapons and said our goodbyes, and I told Fred if we weren't back by sun down do not unlock the doors. We will wait it out till the morning so if anyone or thing is knocking ignore it at all costs.

WE got in the bug and fired it up. Lee leaned into me and started kissing my ear, she was far too good at this I thought, a damsel in distress that was like an anime comic. We headed out onto route 6 and headed to East Providence then the bridge that leads to the big city we had a way to go and a lot to avoid but Lee had family near Brown University and although the area is very heavily settled  we would know soon how it would be. The clock on the VW radio read 1:23 pm and the stations were all static. I popped a cd in that was a burned one and instantly Pearl Jam's first record was on, It doesn't get much better than this I thought. Then a rock the size of a watermelon bounced across the hood and people were running from both sides at us. I leaned over and handed Lee a gun and said "buckle up sunshine were about to hit some turbulence".

I shoved the pedal down and we started moving at a good clip. I don't know who these insane people are but if they don't move they are gonna be like the zombies only screaming. The back window shattered and Lee started screaming herself, she really was afraid of what the world was becoming. I had a feeling these people wanted to loot us for whatever they could, I had feared these things were bound to happen but so soon? Shoot just go get stuff you need it wasn't that bad yet. Some people just lack imagination I thought to myself as I clipped a woman who thought she would get me to stop. Sorry lady in this situation I won't stop and have me and Lee get killed for a car and whatever is in our possession. The crowd quickly backed off after I whacked the lady, maybe they thought that we would stop but all rules are out the window, now you attack my car with me and Lee in it and your as good as a zombie. We came out the other side and I felt relieved and also feared that that group could head towards the hotel and our friends. I didn't dare voice my thoughts to Lee who was clinging to my arm sobbing. We headed down the road and towards the bridge to Providence, I just hoped it was OK to cross , the exit for Brown was halfway through it.

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  1. Doesn't seem like the best idea, going off just the two of them.