Wednesday, December 28, 2011

# 33

We had the heat blasting and we were cruising down the road it was pretty sweet. If anything could kill the buzz we were all on it was the hoard of"things" smack dab in the middle of the road about a quarter of a mile up. I slowed to a stop and we all leaned forward to get a good look at the situation. Jenn said to me "just plow through them it wont be too bad will it?". I looked ahead and muttered " It's too thick with them , we could drive right into a car and not see it". None of us wanted to be stuck in the middle of a pack of what looked like fifty or so of the "things". Fish leaned over and asked me " is there a way around all of this"? I settled back into the seat and thought for a moment. " Yes , I could go down to 103 and follow that up to 136 , it's a long way around but doable". Everyone agreed and i started to turn left on Maple Street and head to 103. The only thing I hoped was that it was clear as it was mostly a one lane road, but ahead of us was no option either.

Heading down Maple we had a better scope of the magnitude of the epidemic if you will. Houses in various forms of devastation only being surpassed by the most vicious of tornado / hurricane effects. I swear i witnessed a car sticking out of a roof and with no hills around I was puzzled. Strange things can go down when it is a complete nightmare in such a peaceful neighborhood. Cars in various states of destruction with bodies pretty much laying everywhere. Some with mortal wounds prevalent and some with wounds that appeared inflicted post mortem. I was no expert as it may sound it was just painfully obvious to anyone looking. I could hear crying in the back seats somewhere and had a feeling one of the women was looking at what was here and projecting it to where she thought her family was. To be honest I thought the same about my brothers place.

" It may not be like this everywhere" I said reassuringly. "We have no way of knowing just how far this stretches so don't get too beat up" then I added " It could be fine just an hour out of this area we have no way of knowing". That seemed to calm the back of the bus down a bit and make the ride down Maple a little easier, despite the view out the windows. A mile down Maple street was the local nine hole golf course and in the back of my head I had envisioned a zombie in a golf cart chasing his last shot. My mind had a weird sense of humor and I had to smirk as I passed the parking lot for the course. Fish said aloud while staring out the window " Wanna go play a round?" Some of the guys in the back laughed at the comment, but I noticed Linda did not. It was hard getting a read on some of these new additions to the mix not to mention Fish who was his own book of oddity.

We reached the traffic light for Route 103 and I took a slow and sharp right. Heading down the road was not as bad as Maple Street because 103 is wide open. Not much traffic was on this road for whatever reason or perhaps the military had to clear this one as well at one point. It made me a bit uneasy and my stomach started to get vocal. It was getting later in the day and we had been going pretty hard so far on empty stomachs. I mentioned to Fish and everyone else to keep an eye out for anything that remotely resembled lunch. I knew this road pretty good and it was not exactly layered in diners, restaurants, or even a coffee shop. It was mostly a residential area and until I reached 136 we were going to have to tough it out. My stomach was making its point clear and my foot got a little heavier on the throttle. "Finally" Fish said as the bus broke over forty miles an hour and I had to admit it was a relief. The road was clear nothing around and we were trucking.

At route 136 we turned right and did the quick left then right near the package store and headed to the big intersection two miles up that i knew had a few choices for food. At this point I was just hoping they still had some form of food still inside of them and had not been cleaned out during this disaster.
We came down the road and passed yet another golf course only this one was a full eighteen holes and once again i smirked thinking of the zombie golfer searching out his last shot. We rounded the corner finally for route 6 and I slammed the brakes on. The entire intersection was covered in "things" the crowd we had seen that led us on this detour were moving in this direction and beat us to the route 6 exchange. I put the bus in first and let the clutch fly, there was no going around this anymore.

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