Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2

I started down the road like a maniac but quickly started to calm down . Not so much because I am cold at heart but because the road was littered with everything and anything that could end up in it. When the hell did all this happen? Just as I thought that from the right out of my passenger window I was rudely introduced to the reason.

A mob of people all running , screaming , arms flailing, looking like they were half drunk were running right into me. Chased by the same "things I witnessed at the donut shop. It was mass chaos , they ran into the side of my truck, the back ,the front . Yelling , screaming, covered in blood , some of them even looking mortally wounded. They had looks on their faces of utter horror and complete panic. I tried to lock up my brakes and I believe I may have even run over a few people, they just wouldn't stop . I tried to open my door and had a change of heart when the people being chased just kept running from my right to my left. Not a one of them was trying to get in on or near my truck they had ground to cover and weren't slowing for anyone. It went against all of the things I had seen on T.V. and to be honest I would learn thru time most of the things on T.V. weren't accurate of panic situations and the horror of the moment, but this was just confusing.

I sat there in the truck, idling, with all the flood lights on . Looking around thru all my windows trying to figure out what was happening. Was I the thing they were afraid of? Am I dreaming? Am I blacked out?
Then my passenger door glass shattered and the fog was gone. A man , the type of man you wouldn't normally be afraid of dressed in 50 year old out on the town garb was diving thru my window with blood pouring from his mouth and he was snarling, clawing, and spitting at me. I threw the accelerator down and bam I was off like a shot of lightning and the thing hanging from the door glass was not even a bit miffed. It was like we were in a field and it was sunny out. To a normal man , hanging out of a window you just dove thru in a speeding truck is unnerving but to this thing it wasn't even so much as an inconvenience, until i side swiped a parked car and watched him get sucked out of the windowless frame of the door.

Holy crap this was all happening way to fast and way to heavy to handle with a 20 minute beach nap and a cup of....ooooo crap where did the coffee go?

Heading up the road I was in the final stretch to the hospital and inside I was hoping as it came into view I would feel better almost instantly seeing it normal like always with people walking in and out and a security guard having a cigarette on his break outside. But it wasn't like that at all it was something so much more different and suddenly i knew where the people had been running from and also that most of the injuries were probably from the visit to the hospital and lack of care when the chase started. Windows blown out , a small fire in the ambulatory rotary, people laying everywhere, this was not what I had hoped to see.

I sat in the truck for a second trying to get my head together and thought of where to go what to do, I had no phone so my first step was to try to get to relatives and make sure they were safe. I popped the truck in gear and hammered down the road swerving between the strange obstacles and crashed vehicles and headed to my mothers house to make sure she was OK. i thought aloud "if shes OK we can head to my brothers and then maybe its better up there , he's an hour away maybe its normal there" I kept saying it over and over maybe trying to make myself believe it and make it so, like my end of the world is not here yet rally cap.

I would like to say that I made it to my mothers and everything was fine, i would love to say it was all a dream. But the closer I got the truck to her street the worse the carnage had been getting. Running over these "things " that could barely run was becoming too easy and despite the truck having the bumper to do it each thud was making me scream out loud more and more. These things were going out of their way to step into my path , no known common sense it seemed they just saw me and had to get from A to B and the truck being in the way had no change of heart for them . They had what can be called a fearlessness but the more i got to understand the situation the more I realized it wasn't fearlessness but no thought at all except the basic desire to kill.

I made it to the top of her road and turned down it , driving by all the houses I grew up around, thinking "hey theres Mr Mcdoanalds and theres the Harts" but looking at their houses it appeared they weren't going to be answering the door any time soon.

I pulled into my mothers driveways and killed the truck and the lights simultaneously. I say there for a second getting a tally on whatever I had that could suffice as a weapon and wait for my eyes to adjust to the utter darkness in front of me.

I opened the trucks door and slowly and slipped out into the driveway and started to make my way to the side door. Every tick and clack rang thru my ears , suddenly every noise was so important , I could never have imagined having my senses so honed in on just nothingness. But I never did get inside of the house , it had become painfully obvious what the situation was at my mothers house and for respect of her and my memories i will only say that it was a harrowing night at my childhood home , leaving me with a better understanding of what needed to be done to these things, and also a mental breakdown that probably helped me thru the beginning of this whole thing that  could have held me back had it not all poured out.

 I made my best efforts to say good bye and then burned the house down, I knew i couldn't take time to try and dig a grave  with the activity in the area and it seemed the only way to send her off . It was also a  send off  of my childhood, a piece of my innocence burned that day with my mother, some people over time may think I was cold for doing what i did, but if you don't become hardened you become dead. And that was a lesson I was learning fast , too too fast.

Before I lit the house ablaze I made sure to take any canned goods and then round up anything else that could be of use. I made sure i could get all I needed while i was in a house that I knew well and had a good safe perimeter around me. My mother left too many openings and probably answered the door to something banging on it. I would have probably done the same thing , if you didn't know what was happening it would be real easy to get bamboozled by the "things". I learned fast and by luck , for all I knew the woman under the box truck could have been heading towards me when she was slammed by the box truck , I was asleep half out my window dreaming of beaches and beers.

Walking towards the truck with the house warming my back ablaze I knew life was forever different and as i wiped a tear from my cheek and climbed into my truck I vowed that none of the people like my mother would die in vein.

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  1. Well, that is unnerving! Good, realistic take on it. Dark times!