Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1

If you can read this you are one of the people who have made it out or have at least made it somewhere safe. And I can only assume you have some ability to a functioning version of the Internet which right now appears to be non-existent , and I hope for your sake weapons and food. This is a collection as I have the time to type it out of what life has become for me. I wont speak for everyone everywhere in the world as travel has become dangerous and downright impossible to do further than a few miles a day by foot if I have the strength and nerve to do so. I guess if you are reading this i shouldn't have to explain what it all means except that the world as we know it is gone. So I have started writing as much of this down on paper scraps mostly and when I actually get to any functioning Internet , transfer it all over to this blog , hopefully I will be around when you read this to answer some questions , if not just know that the last update will probably be why .....Lets get started

Day One

I work alternating shifts and having never had the ability to further my education my job list reads like the type of list you hear on down on your luck stories. But for once it may have saved my ass, or at least gave me the ability to stay somewhat alive. On this particular evening i was working for a local tow truck company and as usual it was Friday night , meaning if it was my night and Friday i was covering the entire weekend. Not a bad deal all in all but not great if you have any sort of social life, and I don't really.

It was funny at first that the calls coming in were non-existent and when it is that quiet I normally find a coffee shop to park at and sit in the truck waiting for a call. It never pays to go home , as soon as the boots come off you get a call, its easier to stay in the truck and not get your hopes up of any chance to relax. And aside from this evening it was very busy the past week and to be honest I was enjoying having some down time.

Having run out of coffee from my last trip inside I made my way back into the Dunkin Donuts and ordered my usual large regular. While the lady behind the counter started making my coffee i glanced at the flat screen on the wall and the news channel on it was showing what appeared to be riots or something but seemingly in different areas of the world, words on the scroll at the bottom saying things like "widespread panic" and " mass hysteria" were being shot across the screen. But nowadays with the TMZ's of the world its all too common and most of the time the next day you cant even find a clipping of the b/s. I did what anyone overworked and under rested would do and shrugged it off. I remembered so many times seeing these "news" scrolls and never finding any news afterwards, almost like custom b/s news for donut TVs or something.

Having a fresh cup of coffee i took my place back in the truck and had a big moment of sigh. Long day, long week ,and a long year , but things could always be worse right? Man I couldn't have been more right, after my coffee I must have nodded off and had a great nap , dreaming of sandy beaches, a beer in my hand and a cool breeze. But an alarm clock in the form of a massive car crash woke me up only feet from my coffee shop lots entrance. It took me a second to get my bearings almost like shell shocked a bit, I half expected it to be a dream , way too surreal. I shook my head I think, I am not too sure now in my memories ,as i was hazy then as well being half asleep and started up the truck and hit the flood lights.

What i saw was more horrific than most fatal car accidents I have seen on highways. A car that looked to be a Hyundai Accent from what was left of it was mounted under a box truck and a woman was laying under the box truck .....wiggling.....Like she was trying to get up and shake it off. But she was so badly mangled and disfigured ...I ....I....couldn't believe it. I have heard of adrenaline making you keep going but this was some Horror movie stuff. Towing and doing accidents with fatalities you get used to the gore the blood but not seeing the injured in such a terrible phase of wound trying to move at all let alone manage to what appeared to be a foot and an ankle bone , where the left foot used to connect.

As I opened the truck door and grabbed my mag-light and rubber gloves and started to put them on the lady from the coffee shop came up behind me and said  she hoped everyone was OK and tried calling the police but she couldn't get her phone to work. I asked about her cell she said that was dead too, my stomach was sinking , I wasn't in the loop yet about what was happening but i fished my phone out and looked as it read "no signal" . I never have no signal , something very bad was happening and the news clips of "riots" and "hysteria" were in my head as me and the coffee shop woman stood there staring at this "thing" get up from under the box truck and start dragging itself across the door of the box truck hanging onto the edge of the window for balance to the driver of the truck who didn't look conscious and was wedged between the half rolled down window and the wheel.

I went in a motion like i was heading to the scene and the coffee lady grabbed my arm. "Don't , don't go near that , just stay here " she whispered and would not  release the death grip she had from my arm. And all too soon the "woman thing" that was at the box truck door grabbed the driver by his hair and proceeded to chew as best I could tell on his face. The driver a middle aged man who didn't appear to be aware and I believe even if he was it didn't look like he had alot of options he was stuck between his wheel and doors glass that was down enough for the chewing we witnessed.

I'm not sure if it was disbelief , fear, shock, or all of it mixed but me and the lady holding my arm stood not saying a thing in awe. Until the thing turned to us. It had part of I can only guess the forehead or scalp of the driver of the box truck hanging out of her mouth and the look in her eyes made me think it was enough to back away.

We both stammered and started walking backwards slowly , silly to think now with what we have all been thru but then it being so new , so unknown , so off- kilter , we actually couldn't fathom what at all was happening. The thing it turned out didn't even see us it was going for the truck that had the flood lights aimed in "its " direction, maybe hoping something was still inside. Just watching her try to somehow walk with the foot ankle situation was making my coffee come back up a little bit and I have a strong stomach.

By the time it was near the cab of my truck me and the lady were locked inside the D and D and trying every available means of phone , Internet, 911 connection we could think of. Nada , zip , nothing worked, and then ....the power went out, and I mean everything no emergency lights nothing. The lady curled up being the counter and started sobbing loudly, and i covered her mouth as she snorted and howled and said in her ear "shhhh we don't know wtf is going on lets not make any noise until we do." She nodded and i removed my hand, then I said" before it gets cold get those thermos' and fill them up with any coffee you have that is hot were gonna need it". Hoping to myself if I just kept her somewhat busy she wouldn't do anything to bring attention to us. All I could think was every horror movie I had seen and knowing how I would be yelling at the screen "quiet dammit".

As she started the process all i could see outside was the lights of my truck beaming off the accident and the "thing" crawling around inside the cab. I was sitting at the booth in the front of the shop staring out the window trying for the life of me to figure out what the next step was, what do I do. Do I go outside and start a zombie Apocalypse? What if this is a freak accident and boom powers back on and I'm the wacko killing some lady who got slammed by a box truck? I had to find out how deep I was in and what it was I was wading thru.

I got up walked to the counter and told the lady I was going to go outside and see what is happening and if the "thing" in my truck needed medical help. She begged me not to and said things like "undead" , "zombie", and "monster". I laughed a bit and reassured her that its not a movie something isn't right I'll be right out the window I'll see how she is and look up the road a bit to see what I can see , lock me out and only unlock if I'm back. Otherwise stay safe and quiet and out of site.

The lock turned and made a squealing announcement as I slipped out the door and "bam clank" locked by the coffee lady without a care for being sleuth. Walking across the lot I kept thinking what do I do? Do i brain this woman and leave? Do I drive her to the hospital? Is it even open? Wait ,wait, wait of course it is what hospital closes right? I got my self a bit straightened out and then said "excuse me miss are you OK do you need help?"

This thing , this grey eyed thing turned to me and I damn near hopped out of my skin. Her face was half gone , being this close gave me a much better look at her and i knew it was not just a few injuries.Her hair wet with blood smeared to her skull and teeth hanging by nerves from what was once a jaw. She started to drag herself out of the cab and head towards me and for once I didn't know wtf I was going to do. Kick her?, Knock her over? I was at a loss , until.. I heard glass breaking behind me.

5 to 7 other "things' were inside the coffee shop and the lady inside was once again screaming but it wasn't a fear wail it was a scream that makes you sick. Without so much as a blink i wheeled around and donkey kicked the "lady" coming out of my truck and jumped inside. Firing it up i shot out of the spot running the woman down and doing a donut to face the shop.As the headlights filled the interior i reached down for my "tire checker" a simple piece of ree bar and started to climb out of the cab , but stopped. There was no reason to head inside I could visibly see these "things" tearing her apart and she was no longer with the living she was grey and dismembered.

I got back behind the wheel and nailed the throttle and hauled out of the lot , and in my mirror the "woman thing" from the box truck I ran over was trying to get to her foot and stump in the lot right behind me. I was mortified what the hell is going on what the hell did I just see , have happen, what is going on? Am I sleeping and dreaming? Was that really happening? I headed down the road towards the hospital and hopefully some answers.


  1. Great beginning! I can picture it all. Can't wait to see where you go from here.

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