Sunday, December 18, 2011

Entry 24

Having a smoke I coughed heavily and Fish smirked and remarked "not a smoker huh". I coughed a bit more then I said  with a little laugh to it "nope I wasn't a killer either things sure do change ". He got real quiet and it dawned on me that the comment may have hit him where it hurt after what had happened in the hospital and I felt that letting this sit would not make it any better. "Look I heard what was said up there and it is non of my business,  a lot of things that were wrong don't seem to be anymore and whatever was going on up there is non of my business." I hoped that would calm his nerves a bit and maybe it did his answer seemed to head that way. " It isn't what it seems , I know that looked bad and all but it is not what you may think". I looked back at him took a drag and coughed a bit then said sternly " OK but you should know that if you ever leave me hanging like that again I wont be as understanding you left me up there with a couple of those "things" and I damn near got, got". He looked at me shook his head that he understood and then sarcastically said with a hitch in his voice"so what did you do hide in the toilet?". We both had to laugh at that one then I responded "no I got dragged in the sewer by one and damn near got to be lunch but nailed em then sealed the sewer shut but upstairs after you left the "thing was taking a patient out then they both came for me". He apologized and then said he needed a minute and took off into the hospital. I stayed put with my eyes on the surrounding areas and finished the smoke I could just about handle.

Looking down at the pack of Luckies i remembered how they used to have green in the packs and during the war they used all the green dyes for military purposes and Lucky changed to white. All these years later still white, I wondered what color they needed now to fight this current war, camouflage was not a needed thing against these "things" they seemed to sense when yo were anywhere near them. I started to think of different zombie films while looking at the landscape, thinking about the movies and shows where the hero's would cover themselves with zombie parts and walk among them or just walk among them acting like them and going unnoticed. I thought jeez is any of the stuff they depicted over the years accurate at all? I wish something besides the head shot kill would be accurate but so far most of it was Hollywood's way of selling tickets. They didn't have the strength of you or me and they didn't have any ability to fear anything, I mean they would probably walk into a stream of lava if you were on the other side of it to get to you.

All the same I was fortunate to have a smoke I couldn't handle. So many people in their house's in their car's or just at work that were overtaken by these "things" and whatever cause all of this. I started to think about the military and how they seemed so hit by all of this so disheveled , so out of sorts. It made me wonder how if this was some sort of military thing or war thing they would have been better prepared or more apt to battle it. It looked like they were the keystone cops out here and didn't really know where to hit or with what. Like they were platooning and just shooting what they ran across. Then I started to wonder where the hell this all could have started? was it like Night of the comet, where something from space caused this? was it a chemical weapon in the food , water , or air? why was I fine and how did it spread so fast? And further more why the hell did Fish seemingly whack his dad in the hallway? I had even more questions today then I did yesterday and not a clue where this was all heading. I still needed to find out how my brother made out in his place with his wife and kids and I had hopes it was fine up there. But in the back of my head I continued hearing the General state they lost Boston and Washington and New York. It made me really nervous about the possibility of what was waiting up there and if I was actually letting it happen by being here and not there helping him.

Staying here at the Hospital and keeping the people safe who don't even know how to do basic things to help themselves seemed like I was waiting to not only watch them become victims but I would be joining them on the endeavor. If they stayed on the bottom floor it would be a matter of time before  some of the "things" got in somewhere. If we even went up just one floor it would be safer but it was like talking to a wall with the head of the place , he seemed ignorant to the facts. I put out the smoke , it was already my second one and headed back in.

I grabbed the nearest nurse and told her to spread word we were moving everything and everyone up one flight. If the head of the place wanted so badly to stay down here he was more than welcome to but he would be alone. I could not in good conscience leave these people down here with all these doors and windows when one flight up we had just 6 stairwells to blockade, we could jam 3 of them up with everything we could throw down the stairwells until they were impassible and then barricade the other three and guard them with our weapons , making one the main way up or down for other people and trips out for whatever we needed but if the things showed up and thought the place was empty maybe they would just move on. The nurse instantly started telling other nurses and heck maybe even they could see what I was saying because none of them were questioning anything about it they were all shuffling people up the stairs and packing things.

I told the head of the nurses to pack anything that they would need , anything at all and all the food , I didn't want anything down here that would cause the things to want to stay. Eventually one of the nurses must have went to the head of the place and blabbed because he came out of his office and started ordering everyone to stop what they were doing. Fish came over to me and I started giving him the lowdown and he was shaking his head agreeably. Then the head came to me in his prime and proper way and started barking to me about who I thought I was to make decisions around HIS hospital and blah, blah ,blah. I stopped him with my hand to his mouth and then started back at him with a ravenous yell."These people are not your property and neither is this Hospital, whatever you were in charge of is long gone, if you haven't noticed people are eating people and if you continue to think everything is fine by all means take a walk with me in town and then tel me what it is I don't know". He took a step back and fixed his tie. I then added " we are going up to the third floor not this floor not the second but the third. I don't want those "things" getting in here and having a buffet and I don't want them staying or hearing anything upstairs" . " You will help us get everything up two floors or so help me as soon as we are done getting everything up we will leave you down here to argue your point to the damn "things". The man turned and headed back to his office. A nurse cam over to me and said " I have wanted to tell him off for years". I told her to go ahead he cant fire her there is no more establishment to worry about.

We started the process of hauling everything we needed up to the third floor and in a few hours the task was done. I then instructed all the men guarding the outside of the Hospital to get to the stairwells and we proceeded to jam so much crap from the second floor down them the doors wouldn't even open into the stairwell from the lobby. Perfect I thought and we then went to the three stairwell doors we thought offered the best escapes and barred them shut , two of them we barred and blocked so it was impossible to open without a battering ram , but still could be accessed with a little work. The main stairwell we barred and blocked and the painted the unbreakable glass with a small peep hole to look through. That would be the door we would use in a pinch to go out of the hospital for whatever reason. This stairway was also barricaded on the second floor with a wall of crap we had to climb over. I haven't seen the "things" climb yet and figured if they cant climb but got in the stairwell they would go to the second floor or back down. Anyone who wanted a smoke the first stairwell we permanently blocked with everything and anything from the third floor all the way to the first lead up tot he roof and up there we were safe and had fresh air. For once I could relax even if just for a moment and me and Fish headed to the roof to see not only what it was like as a break room but if the view lent itself to and idea the scope of the situation.


  1. Seems like a good plan. And you do have to wonder where it all started, but it seems like anyone who could tell you would be lost already.

  2. The biggest uphill struggle would be being lost in this situation and not knowing who or where to go and what to do, the world is over so now what, love the idea but dread the thought of it happening.