Sunday, December 11, 2011

Number 15

I was on the very end with the other man by my side and an entire infantry after that , not to mention the rocket launching dude behind us all , randomly giving warning and taking out entire chunks of the cityscape. We were mowing them down and they were falling one after another, some permanently some to get up again and go down again. The pile of bodies was starting to build up almost like a sandbagged bunker and the shooting starting getting more difficult. In some spots you couldn't see past the pile , just bodies emerging from the other side that left little room for a missed shot. I said to the man next to me , "they just wont stop , they just keep coming". He said in response with a dry voice " yep and we don't seem to be making a dent." After a few more minutes and god knows how many empty clips from the giant wooden crate i brought out one of the soldiers yelled to the commanding officer," sir we cannot hold them much longer." With that little morsel of information me and the man next to me both stopped firing for a second and looked right at each other with an "O crap" look.

The commanding officer said " no matter what happens I am proud of you men". It was becoming more and more clear they were making peace with this being a suicide mission. I said to the man next to me " let's get more ammo and keep clipping". He nodded and we got up and made our way back to the truck all the while yelling "more ammo". The commander nodded approvingly, almost like a respect had been reached for the two strangers willing to take a side and fight as hard. We reached the back of the truck and all the people were gone, I shrugged it off thinking cowards, and we grabbed the next giant crate and a butt load of grenades and started back. We tossed the crate to the middle again grabbed as many clips as we could and passed out a few grenades then me and the man to my right took a few grenades ourselves pulled the pins and lit up the body bunkers made from the "things" piling up.

"Boom" the bodies flew everywhere and as soon as the piles were cleared the soldiers as well as the both of us seemed to gasp out loud. As far as we could see were just "things" elbow to elbow coming towards us as far as we could see. "fire in the hole" and "boom" the entire area as deep as we could see was obliterated and you could see fire and bodies fly through the air. We dropped back down and continued the target practice but this time i was aiming deep as I could to give it a bit more room before the pile up and the soldiers were doing so as well. I was no soldier at all but common sense was prevailing this time and we were all learning a lesson about hoards of fearless enemies.

It was starting to look for the better we were taking them out and the man with the rocket launcher was shooting into the crowd as far back as he could making it easier to not only see what was in front of the flames created by his explosions but to give us room to drop them. It was starting to look good alright but we had one problem, no one was watching our backs no one but a few "things". A loud wail was what I heard behind me and turned just in time to catch the man with the launcher being pulled to the ground. Just as he was being pulled down he fired the launcher and it went almost straight into the air. I yelled behind us and heads up" and everyone scattered , except the one soldier who tried saving his friend from the fiend on top of him. We all started hauling to the truck and behind us the missile had come straight down on top of the ammo box basically. It was like the fourth of July behind us and the two soldiers and the "things" that were attacking were getting torn apart by it.

Me the man from the back of the truck and three of the soldiers made it to the truck and when we looked back to the area we were fighting in we could see the bodies of the soldiers and the things laying there next to a small fire. Out from the bushes emerged the commander of the infantry and he looked towards us and yelled " get out of here and regroup". He hadn't finished the sentence when he was overtaken by the "things" . He didn't go down easy he pulled out a hand gun and started plugging away even as they started their meal. One of the soldiers was halfway out the door when another grabbed his arm and said "no don't it's just like the chief and we saw what that was". The other soldier stopped and got back in. We fired up the truck to the attention of the "things" and started it in forward. The "things" true to form stepped right in front of the truck and were just getting run down like leaves in the fall.

Once on the road we started to make some time and heard some yelling behind us, it was the people who were in the back and afraid to fight they were running behind us trying to get back in. I jumped out the back of the cab where the window used to be , I can only assume these men had done their share of battles that night and climbed to the back of the truck. The problem I found was no way to get into the back it was closed to the cab so I made my way around the box and into the back of the beast. Yelling run run I had my arm extended to try and help people make the jump in and grabbed the first woman's arm as her friend's helped her up. One at a time they all piled into the back and we were off . I collapsed into the seat on the side beat and looked over at a small boy who was being cared to by his parent's. They were tending to him and then I noticed it. The boy had a huge bite on his shoulder. Oh boy this isn't going to end well.


  1. Okay, so maybe the military wasn't a big help! LOL... Wonder how long it's going to take to have to off this kid?

  2. You have a good handle on how this is going lol