Friday, December 23, 2011

Number 30

We were awoken by a breaking window and it startled us to an almost instant panic. I hopped to my feet wiped my face off and tried to figure out where everything was. As me and Fish got the guns together we heard something in the building but it sounded like it was above us. I looked up and listened and then looked over at Fish who was looking up as well. It wasn't just me I suppose and me and Fish were staring a hole in the ceiling. My first thought when I started thinking what was making the noise was that , maybe while sleeping a "thing" broke in and went straight up never actually stopping at the floor we were on. If that was the case we were damn lucky or we would have awoken to the sting of bite.

We made our way down the hall to the stairwell and with our guns armed and at the ready we peeked into the stairwell. Nothing up or down so we started up the stairs. One step at a time was harrowing , in my head I was being tortured with what was waiting for us. I dreaded looking in the next floors doorway and seeing a hoard of the things. A few more steps and we would be right there at the door ready to see what it is ,was ,or could possibly be. My palms began to sweat and my lips were starting to dry up, I had no idea why I was getting this nervous but I was. Maybe it was all the crap we ate before going to sleep I don't know but I was getting the heebie jeebies. The snow had slowed to a flurry now and looking out the window I was in hope that nothing but a rat would be up there.

We reached the door and this time Fish took door duty and I got ready to blast anything that was either ready to attack or attacking. As Fish cracked the door open I peered inside and got a glimpse of the noise. It looked like a bad college horror film with a bunch of younger people arguing over what to do, and not one of them appeared to have more than a baseball bat on them. I looked at Fish and said "we better go check how they got in they do not look like they would be gentle about it, first let's introduce ourselves". We kicked the door in and yelled "on the floor" the kids all dropped and a girl started crying.

It's the little things in life you have to enjoy and this was one of them. A group of kids resembling newbies, trying to survive by being loud and obnoxious. I started addressing the kids "Me and Fish here have been fighting to stay alive among these 'things 'and how you numbskull's have made it this far is a damn miracle". I continued with " If you think stomping around and yelling at each other doesn't bring attention then please do it somewhere we are not in". Then I told them all to get up and tell us if they had been bitten or if they had any weapons. None of them had been bitten or armed aside from a bat and a few odds and ends. There were seven of them all together three men and four women and they were early twenties maybe. The three men were named Brent, Bob, and Rusty as he called himself he had reddish hair. The women were Deb, Jenn, Linda and Leeanne they all called her Lee. The seven of them somehow made it out of a hard party night and all fell asleep in the apartment the girls had rented next to the college and when they awoke they had what we all have seen.

They said they had managed to make it moving mostly at night but as they reached our city , coming from 20 miles up the way near the college the snow came in and they were dodging the "things" looking for a place to sleep. At some point last night because they moved in the dark they ran into this building and broke in and went as high as they could for the night. I tried explaining that if you break in you have to seal the way in off and if you just go up high and not inspect the building you are leaving yourself open for attack from whatever is in the building. They looked like deer in the headlights and it made me wonder how they had indeed made it this far. Bob who seemed to be the brightest of the bunch told us that it was a bit of a democracy and every time they decided something the best plan went by the wayside.

Fish looked at me and just shook his head with a look of complete disbelief. I talked with them a while and tried to explain that if they wanted to be a democracy by all means do it elsewhere. taking a vote on what to do is the way to get killed. You have to make a decision based on what will help you survive and do it but arguing over who has the best plan will get you all killed. They still looked lost , I then asked why traveling at night. They responded that they didn't want to be seen by the things and thought that night would be best. It confused me because the thought of traveling at night and not being able to see either was not the best plan. I apologized for the way me and Fish scared them but we didn't know exactly what we were dealing with and didn't want to have someone draw a hidden gun and get us shot, we had to act as police we had seen on cops or we would be in tough shape. Fish then explained to them this was what we meant by doing the best for survival. The girl named Linda asked if it would be OK for them to stay in a group with us, as we had weapons and a hard attitude for survival.

Me and Fish looked at each other then he whispered in my ear " It wouldn't be bad to travel with more people if they at least didn't give away our position by arguing and acting like idiots". I nodded in agreement and me and Fish told them it was cool to travel with us on two conditions. One not to start being argumentative and loud when we were trying to keep quiet and Two never touch our guns unless we hand them to them. Me and Fish fought to hard to be in the position we were in and we wouldn't be giving up the goods for the first pack of kids. They agreed and asked what we should do next . Me and Fish looked at each other and then I said "Fish here is going to lay it all out for us". Fish looked at me in a bit of surprise and then cleared his throat. He began to let them in on the plan to head to my brothers and see if it was safe there and if they were as well , after that it was to head to higher ground. Namely somewhere in Vermont where we could hunker down in a cabin in the middle of no where and just be ourselves until this all blew over.

Everyone agreed and then Jenn blurted out " my family is in Oregon is Oregon OK?". I looked at her and said" we have no way of knowing , but Oregon is a long way away so it is possible that it's fine on the west coast". She settled down and then Lee said her family is from Providence and she was almost positive they were dead she had called them and got a busy signal before the phones had gone out. She said her family never ever left the phone off the hook they were babblers who loved talking and when she heard the busy signal she had a melt down of her own. Everyone else was quiet and I asked them if they were from the area, apparently they had spent all this time going from one house of family members to another to discover what I had and so had Lee. We all stood there a moment and then Fish said"lets get this show on the road and cry later". We headed out into the snow hoping for a better day and many after it . We had a bridge to cross that was three miles long and covered in snow and then a long walk ahead of us.


  1. Well, at least they say there is safety in numbers. Right? Hope these newbies don't mess things up!

  2. Anything is possible I suppose in a world thats invented.