Thursday, December 22, 2011

Number 29

Despite all of our efforts the fire was not working out. The snow was falling at an unbelievable rate and building up fast. The wind was ripping across the rooftop now and if that wasn't enough to hold off our attempts to get this fire going the wood we had broken up to use as firewood was possibly non flammable. No matter what I did it would turn black and that was it. Fish was getting frustrated as well and was starting to kick the woodpile each and every time he thought he had something and then it would be gone. I finally became the voice of reason and told Fish through my chattering teeth I was going inside and trying to find a way to stay warm out of the wind and snow. He shrugged me off and kept on swearing and trying to light the pile of wood up but finally even he had to admit it wasn't going to work and headed inside. I told Fish that maybe the building had some form of heat somewhere, an electric radiator or something that we could hot wire to the emergency lighting. We went on our way each searching for something to benefit the situation.

I headed to the first floor mainly because despite Fish not running I couldn't bring myself to trust anyone else in plain view of a possible "thing " on the first floor. Maybe I was paranoid or just not very trusting but I figured I could look around on  the ground floor without being spotted but didn't want to hear someone else yelling and being trapped again. It's survival of the fittest and over the past few days I was learning the ins and outs of staying alive and I didn't want to become someone else's lesson of the day. I went to the first floor and immediately ducked down and moved very ,very slowly. The building was in a shambles as any would be from the battle that must have ensued here. I could almost imagine this place with people in suits feeling important and seeing the "things" out the windows and thinking the soup kitchen let out. Laughing and mocking them until one maybe strolled inside then it was the "get security" phase. I imagined security coming and trying to escort the "thing" out only to be attacked and that would be when hell broke loose. People in suits running to help and secretaries calling 911 or police or the girl on the 4th floor to tell what happened downstairs. Before too long they were all either running out the door or being trapped and eaten or turned into one of the fiends.

I half smiled thinking for whatever reason it was sort of funny that the people who looked down on people that would appear like the "things" were killed by them. Sick I know but it was a rough few weeks and we didn't exactly have a T.V. to keep us entertained. I found a small pack of M and M's in a desk downstairs and even though it felt wrong I started munching them while continuing the search for something to keep us warm. Wonder if Fish would want some? Nah he doesn't need to know about these little morsels from Zeus these are all mine, mine, mine,mine.The search was progressing as far as the search area but not in the inventory and I was figuring it was setting up to be a long , long day with maybe a chance for freezing to death in this forsaken city of dead people.

"THUMP , THUMP" Against the front door to the building I could hear something trying to get in to no avail. I tried to see if I could peek over the desk I was ducked down behind but my brain kept me from doing it thinking that whatever it was would see me and then I would become a supper for them. I tried to peek again but ducked back down before I could even get the door into my view. "THUMP, THUMP,THUMP" Again the door banged and my curiosity was getting the best of me. Finally I looked over the desk and there it was , a "thing" in a suit rapping on the door. I wondered again as I had done before if the "things" were still stuck in the useless ruts their lives had become and were trying to report for work still. Even dead we work our fingers to the bone I thought , a smirk crossed my face. I know the old me wouldn't be finding any of these remotely funny but the version of me left behind after everything I had seen and dealt with found a lot of things and "things" not only funny but down right hilarious.

I made my way around the desk away from it's view and towards the staircase, it wasn't going to get through that door and I didn't want to be the carrot dangling in front of the horse. On the second floor I had a little bit better luck, I found a blanket and a small pillow and a few bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey. I don't know about you but if there was ever a reason to tie one on it was now and it would also keep us warm. I took the bounty up stairs to the fourth floor and Fish was already there with his chest of gold. He found flares , god knows why they were in here, a few more snack foods from vending machines and last but not least a quartz heater. We spent a while wiring it hot right into the exit sign that was lit from some emergency power from somewhere. I was not sure if the place had an emergency generator but I was pretty sure the power plant wasn't running so it was getting juice from somewhere.

Downstairs we could hear the "thump, thump" still and I explained to Fish what it was . He just shrugged it off like it was a moth bouncing off the bug light outside on a camping trip. After a while you would be amazed at what you can get used to and what you can get done when the only limits you have are in your own head. Me and Fish huddled up next to the warm glow and wrapped blankets around our backs to trap the heat in. After a big meal of slim Jim's , small bags of chips, and bear claws we curled up and fell asleep to the warm buzz of the over juiced quartz heater and the thumping of the flesh chewer below. It was like a Christmas story without any of the good feelings.

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  1. Guess you can find small comforts anywhere, depending on the situation.