Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 10

The man talked with me while we drove to the food and had some interesting things to tell me. His name was Scrapper he was into demo work mostly junking cars as of recently he said and ran into the whole deal at a junkyard when he was the only one there and a few things in the office that went after him. He told me how it was a sad dream for him because finally the things he did through out life were helping him exist while everyone who had gone for careers and professional lives were being eaten or had become one of these things. We both went back and forth about things we had seen and done to the point we were at and neither of us had much of an idea why things happened the way they had, no answers as to why just more questions.

Just a few miles up the road it didn't seem far but going slow and being quiet as we could made it take longer . We made it to the house past the shopping area and he told me to turn into the driveway. Going past the house into the back yard he said to keep going but to stay to the right of the tree in the back. I kept on moving in the direction he told me to and we rolled right thru the back and thru some overgrown weeds. He said "kill the lights and engine and let it roll". As the truck came to a stop we listened, I guess we both have learned testing the waters is always best before jumping in.

We got out of the truck and I followed him a bit further into the overgrown weeds to a 12 foot high fence. He felt around for something and I heard a lock unclasp we went thru the 12 ft gate and he locked it behind us. "we should be safe in here, I've only seen one of those things this far in and it hit the fence and kept going". A safe place to stop I was totally stoked, I learned with some eyeballing this was his yard for towing work but looked as tho it had been unused for a while with all the overgrowth, a small out building was in the center of it." Cm on man lets gets some food" he said and we headed for the door.

Inside it had the feel of a large Home Depot shed with a small wood stove and a few lights and a couch and two old lazy boys. "I painted the glass with black paint you cant see the light were good to go man" he said.

Settling in on one of the lazy boy recliners I think I heard him say he had Dinty Moore stew but that's all and i was asleep, it had been a hard run and caught up to me, the man left me be and went for some grub I guess , I dunno , I was back at the beach in my head.

When I came to , Scrapper was out like a light , I guess it was his turn to black out. I looked over the pot on the wood stove and finished off the rest of the stew. It made me feel like the dog in The Road Warrior with the can of dog food, but I was too hungry and it was finished quickly. I made my way around quietly and found some water and took a bottle tearing off the cap and guzzling half of it down. My attention then drew to the windows and I slowly staggered over to the near one and tried my hardest to look thru the edge where it was painted. I gave up on there being any gaps and cracked the door open a hair to see if the coast was clear. Nothing just woods , the outline of the house out front in the horizon and the fence.

I moved back over to the lazy boy and sat back down, if it was safe to stay here I might as well rest up as much as I could. Closing my eyes I went back to the beach and had a moment in the sun. I dreamt I was on a beach in Cancun , the sea was true blue, the sand was white and the sun was dazzling. To my right were beers sticking out of ice in a cooler and to my left was a giant swimming pool that was full of people partying. Music was playing in the background and everyone was having fun. Then I heard a loud scream , people running everywhere in slow motion , diving over chairs and into the water, and "things with rot and blood on top of them everywhere. The whole time I say there in my chair looking back and forth not thinking of much more than "wow that is a bummer". In the background I heard someone yelling " hey , hey man cm ere". It was my buddy from as far back as I could remember and he was waving me to come closer. I walked over to him in slow motion for what seemed like five minutes and put my hand out to shake his.

He looked at me confused and when he put his hand out it was rotting and covered in blood , he looked down at his hand and as he looked up he slowly started to turn into a rotting bloody mess , he was breaking down like a corpse right in front of me at some fast rate only in time lapse. He said to me just before he fell into a pile of bones,"better get moving or well be hanging out again". I woke up instantly and said to Scrapper"wake up man we gotta get moving". He came to and was a bit dazed and shook his head yes, just then the fence started to rattle outside.