Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 11

The noise at the fence made Scrapper sober up fast and he made a fast yet silent move towards the window. He quickly had the same realization I did , you couldn't  see out any part of it at all. I said in a whisper " If we kill the lights maybe we can crack the door to take a peek". He nodded approvingly and made his way to the fire and smothered it out , then put out the two candles by the couch. As he was doing all of this I was Getting the guns ready in case of complete and utter disaster outside the door. I handed him a shotgun and got mine ready we both made quick checks at the weapons and then I put my hand on the door and looked in his direction and nodded. He nodded back and lined his barrel up to the door. I leaned into the door and pulled it into my weight to control the opening and hopefully the noise. Centimeter by centimeter the door slowly cracked open and as my eyes fixed out the small crack of evening air I could not see a damn thing. While I was leaning into the door I felt Scrapper directly underneath my head pressing to look out as well and we both were staring into complete darkness. "Ching ching" the fence rattled and we both looked to the left and saw...a skunk rubbing against the outside of the fence.

"Jeez that will take a year off my life" I sort of joked . Scrapper had a half hearted smile and we both had a sigh of relief. Then we heard a moan another bang against the fence and we quickly peered back out to see three of those things all attacking the skunk. I shut the door and we both put our backs up against it." shoot that blocks our way to the truck" I exclaimed. Scrapper was staring straight ahead and said"we can go out the back way its woods for a good five miles, nothing back there". I was reluctant to do so I had worked so hard to get the truck out front the thought of walking again was not sitting well with me. The noise outside was getting louder, and we were both starting to eyeball the back door of the shed/garage we were hold up in. I asked him if the 12 foot fence was in any particular order back in the woods and he told me the fence was a good 75 yards around the shed and there was no gate in the back but it did have a few spots where it had huge gaps between it and the ground , we could probably roll under it. As much as I didnt want to do it I also didn't want to become supper for the "things".

We finally had to bite the bullet and make a run for the back , hating myself for leaving a vehicle that would get me to my brothers sooner I had to make peace with the fact that in the dark out here not knowing how many are out there taking the chance with our limited weapons and places to run we were doing the right thing. Same as before Scrapper unlocked the door and I put my weight into it while opening it and he made the security stance with the shotgun. Nothing was behind us and we had a brief sigh of relief." Lets go"  he said and went thru the doorway into the night. I was right behind him but luckily I wasn't too close because as soon as he made it into the night a "thing" jumped on his back, Scrapper yelled and went down , and I took a hard aim at the "thing".

Scrapper and the "thing" were rolling and scuffling and I couldn't for the life of me get a decent shot to take. I finally grabbed the thing by the shoulder and tried prying it off of him and as i did I realized he was teeth deep in Scrappers neck. "aaarggggg" Scrapper yelled in a very high pitched helpless way and threw it off as I pulled. As soon as the thing was clear of us I took aim and leveled his shoulders, to be honest I don't even know where the head went or if it was whole it was just gone in an instance. I looked over to Scrapper who was holding a garish wound on his neck and losing blood fast. " Man you OK what can I do here" I said in a helpless Oh crap way. He just looked up and shook his head no and then he collapsed. I grabbed his wound and put pressure on it pressing hard as I could, I didn't know squat about medical things but I knew pressure is what they always say. He wasn't going to make it both he and I knew it , he was losing a-lot of blood and who knows what a bite does to you anyway, these "things" came from somewhere and it wasn't the mall.

Scrapper tried to say something to me but he was gasping for air and making a weird sort of N noise. It came out as something like " get to somewhere high up " and he was gone. To my west was the front of the shed and the area of the fence now covered in "things" how this one got in I don't know and now I was on my own again, too bad Scrapper seemed like a decent fellow , one more lesson learned I guess , never assume anything is safe.I made my way to the back of the lot and started looking for the gap in the fence and when I found it I almost slid right into one of the "things " coming in from the other side.
I almost jumped out of my skin but between this and Scrapper getting eaten right in front of me I harnessed my inner child and shot over the fence like a champion. As soon as my feet hit the other side I was off like a cannon fired me , I was going to make as much distance in the woods as I could and fast.